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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Full of Whitlamsy goodness
As I write this evening's post, I'm listening to a CD called Mad About Disco, by Jak Housden. Jak, as any Aussie with any taste in music should know has prevously leant his vocal and guitarist talents to The Badloves, and more recently, The Whitlams. Check out his website here.

Last night I was fortunate to catch Mr Housden supporting for a fellow Whitlam (well, the Whitlam), Tim Freedman, as part of his current solo tour. Jak played an acoustic set, of tracks from his new CD. The tracks were great, however a little raw. Didn't stop me buying the CD though, and I'm glad I did. For such a strong guitarist, the CD itself features very little guitar, and instead carries a very unique sound. Brilliant stuff.

Much as I loved Jak's support, Tim's show was brilliant. As a huge fucking Whitlams fan (and I mean huge fucking fan), I am glad I saw this show. This was, literally, the best Whitlams gig I'd ever seen (and I'm approaching 10 of them) - and it only featured Tim.

So what made this so good?

  1. Tim's a great vocalist and piano player.

  2. The lyrics are brilliant.
Okay, so that's the same with any Whitlams gig. What makes this one specialer (and I'm aware that specialer isn't a real word - yet)?

This performance was a retrospective of Whitlams history. Every track that Tim played from the previous five was accompanied by a story, explaining why he wrote it, along with anecdotes. These ranged from the humourous (like inadvertantly destroying the bus from Priscilla), to the depressing (the deaths of fellow founding Whitlams Stevie Plunder and Andy Lewis). Tim told these stories with honesty and emotion that I have never seen in a live show before. Beautiful stuff.

In addition to the Whitlams history, Tim road tested 5 new songs, which may or may not show up on the 6th CD. It's hard to get an impression of what the CD will be like. The songs were beautiful, smart and funny, but so's the majority of his stuff. They were however slow and laid back, but with just him and his piano, so were most of his songs last night (and Jak did an acoustic set for a CD with a bit of electronica). Either way, I'm looking forward to it.

I was expecting the set to play for around an hour or so... It's Tilley's, a small venue, and there was a support.

Boy, was I wrong.

Tim performed two sets. Two full sets.

And two and a half encores (his original second encore was played with the first... then came back for requests).

Jak played from 8:30 - 9:15.

Tim played from 9:30 - 11:50.

A great night's entertainment. Even my non-Whitlam fan friends dug it, which is something.

Another mate decided that this was the best live show he'd ever seen. Ever. I wish I could say it was my fave; I can't even say that for the year - unfortunatey everything pales in comparison to Bowie earlier this year. But I would go as far as to say it's the second best ever - and definately the best I've seen at a small venue.

After the gig, I thanked Tim for the show (and he remembered me from the last time we'd met about four years ago - big fucking thrill for a fan like myself).

Afterwards, I met Jak, and got my CD signed. Great, sincerely, nice guy. We chatted for 5 or so minutes, and the dude wasn't bored. Obviously the novelty of signing shit and chatting with fans hasn't worn off yet (playing the CD for the second time now, btw).

I finally got home a little after 12:30, which isn't too bad, except I had to be at work by 7:30 this morning. I made it, albeit sleepy. But it was worth it.

So fucking worth it.

If you get the opportunity to see Tim's live show, do it. Seriously. Check out the dates here...
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Sunday, September 26, 2004
Let's Get Animated!
I've recently seen two brilliant episodes (technically four I guess, with them being two parters and all), of Justice League. The show has really come into it's own as an animated series right up there (Cartoon Network here hasn't started airing Justice League Unlimited yet, nor the season 2 finale, Starcrossed).
  • Fury
    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, the proverb goes, and this is the basis for the episode. In many ways, this story is an indictment on feminism gone to far. While it doesn't denounce feminist ideals, it does illustrate how it can be taken too far - when equality is no longer the point. The plot of Fury revolves around one of Wonder Woman's fellow Amazons raised on Themyscira, complete with the feminist ideals of the nation. But these ideals get taken too far when she engineers a virus to kill the male population across the globe. And hell, it has Hawkgirl telling Wonder Woman not to knock men 'til she's tried them!

  • Legends
    As a fan of comics from all eras, this story was a particular delight. The plot is simple enough - the Justice League gets transported to an alternate universe where the heroes are cheesy do-gooders. Originally this team was meant to be the Justice Society (as also featured in DC comics), and thankfully DC told WB animation to fuck off. Much as I love the JSA, it would have been a waste to include them in this tale. Dedicated to the late, great Gardner Fox, this is an episode that all fans of the Silver Age of comics should see.
While watching about these episodes, I got thinking about other great animated series', past and present. And no, I'm not going to mention The Simpsons and South Park (well, I just did, but you know what I mean...)
  • Batman: The Animated Series
    This show started 12 years ago, and still the animated DC Universe continues, keeping the continuity outlined here. And still, my favourite animated series ever. I'm waiting for the box set to arrive (I've just ordered it - yay, me!)

  • Clerks
    Though fucked around by the network, this is highly amusing, and shows that Kevin Smith can be funny without the vulgar language (though that doesn't mean he should stop altogether!)

  • Family Guy
    Pop culture referencing at it's finest. Not to mention it's witty and acerbic.

  • Futurama
    From Matt Groening, way funnier, and often more intelligent, than the Simpsons. It just appeals to that niche audience of nerds, which is probably why it didn't last.

  • Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
    An ex-Superfiend, now a lawyer. Represented Apache Chief after having having coffee spilled on his groin and lost his super ability to grow. Also represented Scooby and Shaggy after being brought in on possession charges, among others.

  • Johnny Bravo
    God's gift to women, in his own mind. On network TV here, it was shifted to 5am to keep the kiddies away from this kiddy show. I mean, really - are kids even going to understand lines like "Hey baby - wanna see the royal seal"?

  • Lain
    The only anime on this list. But this show is brilliant. It screws with you, yet you still like it.

  • Powerpuff Girls
    The movie wasn't great, but this toon is fast, frenetic, and chock full of pop culture references that'll go above the kids heads. Originally titled "The Whoop Ass Girls" until they had to tone it down...

  • Samurai Jack
    Why do you need anime for action when this show gives it to you in spades? Beautifully animated, and endearingly amusing, this is beautiful kids programming for adults.

  • Space Ghost Coast to Coast
    "What's your superpower?" A fucked up animated series. An even more fucked up talk show.

  • Spider-Man (the MTV one)
    I liked the Spider-Man movies. I hated the comics. More than anything, I was intrigued by the animation, but ended up with a cartoon with more maturity than either of these. Well worth it.

  • Stripperella
    Yes, Stan Lee is obviously senile. But it's still funny! A great piss take on superheroes and spies, complete with double entendres and Pammy Anderson. The only US cartoon (I'm aware of, atleast) to come complete with nudity.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the new one)
    Much as I dug the old series, and have only seen a few episodes of this one, it's great. More like the Mirage comics, and with a real reverance for the source material. Sure it's toned down for the kiddies, but that really ain't an issue.

  • Teen Titans
    Despite myself, I found myself digging this series big time. I'm addicted. Very anime influenced, right down to the theme occasionally being played in Japanese, and the stories have more depth than you would imagine.
I'm sure I'm missing some cool stuff that's escaped my mind at the moment, but I think I've made my point.




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Fantastic sin with Jessica Alba
Recently some photos have popped up online of two upcomic comic adaptations. And since this is my own personal place to write about shit I wanna write about (regardless of whether anyone wants to read it), I will.

To check out the full pictures, click the thumbnails below to open 'em in a new window.

Fantastic Four

First up is Fantastic Four. I've never really enjoyed the comics, in part because I'm a DC kid, and also in part to the fact that they just suck (and Marvel's been known to occasionally publish a decent comic - and not just when it's written by Kevin Smith or Joss Whedon).

The Thing
Aah, Ben Grimm. I must say that I was surprised that the powers that be didn't decide to CG the shit out of him, and go for a guy (Michael Chiklis) in a suit. It's better than he looked in the previous unreleased FF movie (if you get a chance - definately worth a laugh), which isn't saying much. Atleast he doesn't look like an orange Ninja Turtle any more.

The Human Torch
Oh, the humanity! It looks as though nobody's even given any thought to Johnny Storm! Hey, even the $1m giggle fest did better. Yup, you know you have a quality production when you get a fuckin' Freddie Prinze Jr wannabe in there,

Mr Fantastic
He doesn't look to fantastic to mee, either. They atleast went to the effort of the grey temples, but it looks like about the only thing separating him from the Fuckwitted Torch... Right down to that same crappy pose.

The Invisible Woman
Hey, Jessica Alba's hot. And she surprisingly looks the part. It's such a shame she'll spend a portion of the movie invisible. My only real concern here is whether she can act...

Final thoughts: The costumes are okay, and are really as decent as you can expect. Johnny looks nothing like Johnny should, and just makes me want to hit him. Aside from that, passable. Let's just hope the movie is.

Sin City

I've read a couple of Frank Miller's Sin City graphic novels, and I must say that I have been very impressed with what I've read. I downloaded the footage reel that was shown at the Sandiego Comicon, and well... I like it.

These screencaps manage to capture the essence of the comic, and don't sacrifice a thing for mainstream appeal. And yes, Jessica Alba's hot in Sin City too. So are Jaime King, BrittanyMurphy and Rosario Dawson. That's Mickey Rourke and Marv, Nick Stahl as Yellow Bastard and Bruce Willis as Hartigan.

This movie should rock.
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Thursday, September 23, 2004
Mmm... Model... *drool*
I got a date with a model...

I got a date with a model...

I got a date with a model...

I got a date with a model...

Just a quick post tonight - I've just gotten home from a night out and a few drinks, and I have to be at work by around 7ish, so sleep will do me good. But...

I got a date with a model...

Whatever you've heard about models only going out with models is bullshit. Just a myth, like the bigfoot and honest politicians.

Ya see, I finished work around the 6:30 mark, and a couple of guys and I head to the local watering hole, like we do on many a Thursday night. The funky thing about Thursday nights is that they have a lingerie night, where you get drinks served to you by attractive girls in lingerie.

Did I get a date with one of those girls?

No. Well, I've been out with one of them a few times, but that was over and done with months ago.

Tonight wasn't the standard affair, because:
  1. The chicks weren't wearing lingerie (D'oh!)
  2. The chicks were actually real models (Woo hoo!)
These fine young ladies were there promoting their 2005 calendar (very nice indeed). After a few bourbon and cokes (a beautiful work out for my liver - and who says I don't excersise?), I decide I want to buy one, and get some signatures from the lovely models.

I chat to two of them (very friendly - not as vapid as you may think - another model myth debunked!), and get my calendar signed. At that point, a third model comes up and asks "How are you, Allan?".

First thought: Oh crap, how does she know my name?

Second thought: She must have overheard them asking my name... But from meters away in a crowded pub?

I look down (at 6'3", I'm a little taller than the average model), and see it's an old friend I went to highschool with.

Ah, crap. Busted.

So we start chatting, and catch up over what we've been up to over the past 8 or so years. I say goodbye, and return to my table.

Another couple of drinks down, it's time t go. I head across to my model friend, and say goodbye. And with that - and a little added liquid courage - ask her to have some drinks next time she's in the area. She mentions that she'll be back in a fortnight's time - Thursday, August 7 to be precise - and accepts.

It's a date!

And I get a hug goodnight. From a model. A hot model.

So, excuse me for chanting, but...

I got a date with a model...

I got a date with a model...

So yeah - I'm feeling like a god right now... Even though I have known her for years.
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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Getting old...
Ya know, when you've known someone since they were a kid (in your eyes, anyway - the age difference doesn't have to be huge), and they start getting older, it scares you shitless.


Not just because they're getting older - because you are.

This was drilled into me last night at the said "kid"'s birthday.

His 21st birthday. A double-21st birthday for him and his now-fiancee.

As if my recently hitting the quarter century wasn't bad enough already, this just drives the point home.

Not only am I 25, and single (let alone nowhere near getting fucking engaged!), it seems that at this ripe old age, I just don't have it in me to party hard any more. There was a time when I'd be out, pissed as a newt, four, five times a week.

Now I'm settling for two or three nights a week with a few quiet drinks. Last night, big celebration, and yet I only had three beers. Three fucking beers. That's it. And to make matters worse, I arrived home slightly after 11:30. Even Cinderella was out later before shit started turning into pumpkins!

Wasn't a bad night, though. Got chatting with a few people I hadn't seen in a while, and some I see regularly. I even met some people.

Nice, attractive, girl-like people.

And 20 years old. It wasn't so long ago that such an age gap was illegal. But now, it's perfectly fine.

Being the Buffy fanatic I am, I chatted to one of the lovelies at great length about the series, and it's music.

And upon leaving, I met the second lovely, and chatted to her for a few minutes while my lift home waited in the car patiently.

It's nice to chat to meet people, and feel young again. And if that doesn't do the job, having a mate calling out at you to "get into it" surely will!
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Potentially Excess II: Electric Boogaloo
Previously in Potentially Excess:
  • Tuesday, 2pm - I'm hungry. To make matters worse, I'm informed that my section at work is abolished, and I have no job. Lucky me!

  • Wednesday - I type out an application for a new job.

  • Friday - I have an interview for said job. It goes pretty well, and I am asked to meet with the manager Monday morning.
And now the saga continues...

morning, 10am rolls by. I'm prepared for my interview with the big manager dude. I wander towards his office, get lost, walk around in circles for a few minutes, and find it. Pop my head in, introduce myself, and he informs me that the time he had was 10am.


One hour later. Still prepared for the interview. I wander towards his office, get lost again, and walk around in circles for a few minutes again, and find it. Pop my head in, and we get to the interview.


We chat for a few minutes, and Mr Big Manager Dude, tells me that he knew me as a kid. I come up with a complete and total blank, and try not to let on. Other than that, he doesn't give me much of an indication as to my chances, other than that the lady who interviewed me on Friday was really impressed.

I return to my desk, far less confident than I was a few short days ago. I tell a few people that he knew me when I was little, and they all agree that it's probably a bad fucking thing.

Come Tuesday morning I get a call - obviously him knowing mini-me wasn't too bad - I have the job!

My current supervisor lets my section manager know, since the two of us aren't, um, that close. He also lets her know that I'd like an early release. He comes back and tells me that I can't be released for two weeks - two fucking weeks - because I have a report to finish.

Now, I don't mind finishing my work, but this is ridiculous:
  1. It is pointless - the section is dead, nothing is going to be actioned
  2. If it was going to be actioned, nothing was found that's worth anyone's time
  3. It's 23 pages - 23 pages of crap
  4. The programming required for additional info stumped our most experienced Guru
So I slump back into my desk, and begin to complete this report, feeling dejected.

Wednesday comes by, and my section manager comes in and asks when this report'll be finished. I tell her Friday this week, and she starts ranting and raving about paying me for an extra week.

Now I'm being released the coming Monday.

Thursday morning is spent in my new section for a handover - my first indication of how this job will go. It seems okay. Not brilliant, not terrible, just okay. It'll take me a little while to get the hang of it, but when I do, it'll be easier than my current position. And I get more cash.

Ah, $$$money$$$.

And Friday. A busy fucking day. I spend the day finishing off the report, and saying goodbye. Friday evening, I clean out my desk, and move all my crap to my new desk. Woo hoo, I'm outta there!

Yup, this was a fairly short, and no doubt boring post. Why? It's about 1am, and I just got back from a 21st. Not terribly exciting, but I'll write about it. But tomorrow (technically today) at the earliest. When I'm awake.
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Li'l bit of updating
Last night I did some minor renevating to this blog.

  • Updated the Bat-Mite pic in my profile (and no, I'm not gonna chuck my real pic there - the little imp's way hotter!)

  • Added a logo. When I figure out how his whole thing works properly, I'll redesign the template and make it mine...
- Bat-Mite
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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Potentially Excess
"Nobody will lose their job. We have a position for all of you".

This was the advice given on three separate occasions by three separate managers regarding a branch restructure at work.

And to that, I say "Bullshit. Complete and total bullshit".

Advice was given to our section on Monday morning that at some point during the week, we would each have a private meeting with our section manager, branch manager, and an HR rep about this restructure.

A HR rep? Why would we need an HR rep if we're not losing our jobs? The answer is pure and simple: It's all lies.

Cut to Tuesday, and we're told that the meetings are today. We're also told not to go to lunch until we've had this meeting. Fair enough, but when I had my meeting at 2pm, I'm hungry. Fucking hungry. And I didn't even have breakfast!

I finally enter my meeting, weak from hunger, and sit in my branch manager's office. The HR rep is missing. Okay, this can't be too bad - I'll still have my job, I think to myself. I thought wrong.

I sit there stunned, responding with "Okay", "Uh huh", "Mmm hmm", "Yes", and the like, as I'm told that as part of the restructure my section is now abolished. I now have no job. My (former) branch manager informs me that I have a job until the end of the month, and then I will be added to the "Talent Pool" for a month afterwards, where they will help me find a new position internal to the organisation.

But is it just me, or does "Talent Pool" sound like a condescending name for retards who can't hold down a job?

If nothing's found from the Talent Pool, then I'd be offered a "voluntary" redundancy. I make a snide remark about this, and walk out.

Wednesday - It took everything I had in me to show up to work. Yes, Tuesday sucked. I was shocked. Stunned. But today I felt worse. Depressed. And kind of out for blood. I made a call to the lovely lady I've been chasing for the past 9 months (herein referred to as "The Goddess"), who talked me down, and really made me feel... adequate. Which is more than I'd been feeling after this crap.

I attended a group meeting with the others who also lost their jobs and a HR rep, who explained (very vaguely... she's pretty bloody useless) that we have been identified as "potentially excess employees", and work will attempt to find us something within our month in the Talent Pool. If we find nothing, we will be identified as excess (really excess) employees and will be offered a redundancy package. The package ain't great, but if we accept immediately, we get decent bonuses and shit - but not a job. Alternatively, we can hang around work for a further four months, to buy us time, but lose the redundancy cash.

I return to my desk, type out an application, and bludge the rest of the day.

Thursday rolls around, I sit at my desk, type another job application and bludge. Try calling the Goddess, but she's off sick (I guess deities are only human, too).

Now, I'm not a bludger, but I'm pissed off. I've lost all motivation to work, and if the section's abolished, it's all for nothing - it will go nowhere.

I rock into work Friday wearing a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and I haven't shaved in a while. I read an email from the Goddess who's checking to make sure I'm okay, and I respond, and we send a few emails back and forth.

Come 10:30, I receive a call.

At 11:00 (in just half an hour) I have an interview for one of the jobs I applied for. Gee, thanks for the warning.

I rock up to the interview in my t-shirt, jeans and sneakers - not really appropriate interview attire. There, I'm bombarded with praise for my application letter and CV. We discuss the position, and it actually seems interesting. Really interesting.

I get back to my desk just in enough to warn my supervisor that he's going to need to act as a referee, before the phone rings. They chat for about half an hour, before he gets off the phone and just says "It's looking really good".

I get a call, which informs me that I have a meet and greet with the manager Monday morning (mental note: Shave. Wear a suit) before being offered the job.

Best of all - if I get this job, it's a promotion.

So next time your work bends you over to fuck you up the arse with an 18-inch dildo, don't panic. Wait it out, see what you can do: You may end up with some lubricant, yet!
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