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Sunday, October 31, 2004
Where does he get those wonderful toys?
The latest issue of Toyfare had an article in which they surveyed toy collectors on which action figures were better: the Marvel Legends or DC Direct. The Legends ones came out better in most areas, though I'd have to say that the DC Direct ones come up way better. But as a DC fan, I could be a little biased.

Having said that, I figure I'd chuck on here the upcoming action figures I intend to get. An expensive hobby, yes, especially with the comic and DVD collecting. But these figures fucking rock.

The majority of these are Batman, but for two reasons: First off, I'm a Batman fanatic, moreso than any of the other heroes. Secondly, the majority of the upcoming figures are Batman related...

Batman: Hush Series 2
Released Oct 04 (apparently)

The first lot of Hush figures were awesome, and reinvigorated my obsession with action figures. These are apparently out now, but I'm yet to see them anywhere. Each of these are nice, and the Catwoman one looks to be the greatest Catwoman figure ever. The Superman one's great (he appeared in the Hush storyline), and has a clear stand to give the impression he's flying. Harley Quinn also rocks, and would make a great companion piece to the Joker released in Series 1. The Riddler figure is way greater than a Riddler figure has the right to be, and the Nightwing one's cool, if a little bland in comparison to the others...

First Appearance Series 2
Released Nov 04

I completely missed the boat on the original First Appearance series, which included Batman, the Flash, Shazam! and Wonder Woman. I've gotta hunt down the Batman one, but don't overly give too much of a shit about the others. This series has four figures in it, though I'm not a Hawkman fan and won't be picking it up. All of these figures are exact representations of their respective first appearances from the Golden Age of comics, and hence have a certain sweet retroness about them.

Batman: Hush Series 3
Released Apr 05

The third series based on Jim Lee's art for the Hush storyline from the Batman comics has some very sweet figures in it. A perfect example of action figures tailored for the specialty market, this features both Alfred and Commissioner Gordon, two figures that you'd never be able to sell to the kiddies. A minor disappointment is "Stealth Jumper Batman" which in any other set would look like it's aiming at the kids who only want a Batman toy. Additionally, we have Ra's al Ghul, the greatest Batman villain ever. This is only the second action figure based on him (after the crap Batman: The Animated Series one), though I'd bet my soul that this'll change after Batman Begins hit cinemas...

First Appearance Series 3
Released May 05

And the award for Most Fucked Up Action Figure of the Year goes to... Composite Superman! This is the only non-Batman related figure in the series, but in many ways, it is - based on a Silver Age issue of World's Finest where a villain who's kinda a cross between Superman and Batman is born. The Riddler figure is great, and to see how much comics have changed over the years, you just need to compare this with the Hush Series 2 Riddler. More modern are Nightwing (the original Robin) in the only action figure to feature his great '80s costume, and the new Batgirl, introduced only a couple of years ago. This shit is brilliant (not to mention the only First Appearance series where I'm after the whole wave)

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A year wasted
This post is being written as a follow up to Women: Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. Now, this shit went down Monday, which is pretty much a week ago. Which means that I've had a week to vent, a week to get over her since then. Which is probably safer than if I just jumped on here and started writing away.

(Though probably not as funny...)

I'm at work Monday morning, when I receive an email from the girl in question. This email tells me that somebody mentioned that I liked her on Friday night. Apparently she believes that there is something between us, but she's unable to offer me anything at the moment.

And I'm like What the fuck??? I mean, either you have something or you don't, and you don't screw people around. Or maybe I'm just old fashioned...

I called the people we were out with and chatting to that Friday, and apparently she let slip that she has a boyfriend, who she's living with. I mean, we've only being friends for a year, so I can see it slipping her mind. Even that email she sent was playing the pronoun game, and no such boyfriend was mentioned.

Everyone also assured me that they didn't say a word, which leads me to believe:
  • They're lying; or more likely
  • With everything coming to a head last week, she figured she needed to get out of the siuation
And it's not exactly like I was hiding it...

I proceed to start typing out an email, telling her that honesty goes a long way, and you really don't fuck with people if you have no intention of taking it anywhere.

But I delete it, and start again.

I give her the easy way out. It just wasn't worth it.

Shortly later (within an hour of me receiving the email), I get another email asking me if I want to go to lunch some point over the week. Thanks, but no thanks - some kind of grace period would be nice. A little audacious, don't you think?

Everyone has their differing opinions about the situation, but none of them are at all kind to this girl. Some say I should just be rude, others say I should ignore her, and a couple of people have told me to just go and fuck her best friend.

And that's the kicker: Everyone seems more bitter than me about it.

Yes, I wasted a year on her.

Yes, I was really pissed off.

Yes, she could have handled the situation way fucking better than this.

But so could I. I don't blame her for handling things the way she did.

And when it's all said and done, she's a great girl. Somebody I still want to keep as a friend...

... but only if she gives me access to her best friend :-P
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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 30th)
This was a big week for comics. So big in fact, that I only picked up about half of what I had waiting for me. And to be honest, I was expecting a little more from what I grabbed...

Batman: War Games

I love this story. Plain and simple. But I found it a little anti-climactic, which is probably a result of loving it so much. Catwoman, while always a great read, should not have been the penultimate chapter. This story focuses on Batman, but the book (naturally) focuses on our favourite pussy. Still an entertaining read, but the overall story seems to stagnate a bit.

The final chapter - Batman - was an excellent read, however it seemed to wrap up too quickly. It featured the final battle between Batman and Black Mask in Oracle's clock tower. With his spirit broken, Batman just wants to end the war, regardless of whether he lives or dies. To save his life, Oracle destroys the clock tower, forcing him to save her. Unfortunately, the Spoiler, after her torture in previous issues isn't so lucky... Which is a shame - she was a funky character - a kid who so wanted to be part of the Bat-team, but couldn't live up to their standards.

Birds of Prey

A fairly slow issue, reeling from the events of War Games. And a big 75th issue. What does this mean? A new direction for the title, and a new character, a pilot named "Lady Blackhawk", who was transported from World War II to today, thanks to Zero Hour a few years back. I'm not familiar with the character, but suspect she's floated around the DCU since ZH. Could be interesting, but I'm not sure if I like the new direction the book's heading into. Time will tell, and I should have a better idea by the next issue, part one of Hero Hunters.

Green Lantern: Rebirth

Why was I so looking forward to this? Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad read. But I was expecting so much more. And a really high fucking coolness factor. Instead, we get a fairly slow issue, setting up the events to come in the following issues. Which is probably a better thing in the long run...


And speaking of set-ups, this issue is just one big, long boring set up for the Crime Syndicate of Amerika storyline. This is supposed to be part one of a story arc, but plays out more like a standalone issue (and a boring one at that) with a final twist ready for the next story. Kurt Busiek's a great writer (still one of the best working in comics today), but this issue was a major disappointment. I can't figure ou what happened here, but it seems like DC wanted six parts, and Kurt only had five in him...


When is this book going to pick up? The art's nice, but the pace is agonisingly slow. Each issue threatens to build up, but is followed by yet another slow issue. I'm reading this, waiting for a payoff, but if the storyline doesn't pick up, it ain't gonna come. Having said this, the exchange between Superman and Batman, while only a couple of pages, makes this issue worth reading. Great stuff.

The Arkham Asylum Anniversary Edition is also out now and is really worth picking up. It's Grant Morrison and Dave McKean's psychological take on Batman, and this 15th anniversary special comes with a ton of extras. This really is a brilliant Bat-tale, which stands up with the likes of The Dark Knight Returns.

Next week, I'll pick up the comics I left waiting yesterday. And hopefully these'll be more rewarding... Outsiders, Solo, Elektra: The Hand, and Black Widow. And hopefully Catwoman: When in Rome, but I don't remember seeing it in my standing order or on the shelf. It had better bloody be there, the first issue was brilliant.

Oh, and stuff out next week - Detective #800 and Grant Morrison's return to JLA in JLA: Classified #1... And anythign else I'm forgetting.
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In the immortal words of David Bowie, I've made some more (sing with me) "ch-ch-ch-changes..."

I wasn't happy with the last "new" template, but quite like this one. It's a little more personalised with the Batman image on the top left, and I'll probably change that around occasionally.

I have to play to get the comments field available again (the real Blogger type, not the crap that was on the last template), but I'll look at that at some point when it's not 10 to 1 in the morning...

I'll write up some posts in regard to the last week tomorrow (technically today - but I need sleep first)...
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Friday, October 29, 2004
It's amazing what boredom can do to a man.

I was surfing the net, and checked out the always cool UGO site, and found a little something called HeroMachine 2.0.

What does HeroMachine 2.0 let you do?

Create superheroes (and villains), ofcourse!

And since boredom struck, I give you...


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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Who's afraid of the big black bat?
For months now, images have been circling of Christian Bale in the new Batman costume. Problem is, the majority of these images haven't been of the greatest quality. And, since Batman's a figure of the night, it's been dark, and hence, difficult to make out the detail of the costume.

Until now, that is.

A recent high quality image of the new costume has surfaced online, and gotta say, it looks pretty sweet. Not as fucking awesome as I would have liked, but pretty sweet.

My biggest beef with the new costume is the eyes. In the comics, Batman's eyes are white. And while I understand that not everything that looks good in comics looks good in screen, if they can make the white eyes work for Spider-Man, they should be able to do it for Batman.

Also, the cape is looks too separate from the rest of Batman's costume, right to the point where the material is obviously far different from that used in the cape and cowl. While it doesn't look too hot in the image, hopefully in the film, where it's all dark, this won't be so apparent. And the reasoning for this is understandable - the cape needs to be mobile, and it needs to look fucking awesome when Batman swings through the air. And it definately has the potential for this. But what the hell's up with those clips? They looked shit in Shumacher's films, and they'll look shit here.

The rest of the costume is cool, and reminiscent of Burton's films. The cowl is very similar to the one used in '89's Batman, and the body has an armoured look reminiscent of '92's Batman Returns, without going as overboard as the costume designers did there.

The utility belt is awesome - stylised, while looking like it has a purpose. More of a gold colour, rather than the bright yellow we're used to. And no corny Bat-logo on it, either.

The bat-symbol on the chest is also nice. Very stylised, while being reminiscent of the one in the comics (the original, that they're thanfully using again). Very sweet indeed.

Click on the thumbnail for the big fucking view:

Since I'm such a Bat-fanatic, it's quite odd that it's taken me so long to write a post about the film. But I'm sure this is just the first of a whole ton to come...
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Sunday, October 24, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 23rd)
I read quite a few comics, most of which are wirth it. Yesterday morning, I went into the shop and picked up three weeks worth (I go in fortnightly, but the previous week's shipment adn't made it yet)....

Oddly enough, everything I read was DC. Not that everything I read is through this company (just the majority), but it panned out this way...

Here are my thoughts on the books I read:

Batman: War Games - This is the best Batman crossover I have read in a long time. And thank fucking God for that because I'm having to buy the 24 parts of this in three months! An all out gang war has broken out in Gotham City, and naturally, it's up to Batman and his compatriots to save the day. This story has seen Batman outed on TV and revealed to be more than an urban myth, him taking control of the police force, and therefore pissing them off to the point where they're shooting to kill anyone in a mask. Two more parts to go, and they're changing the status quo big time.

Identity Crisis - Quite simply, this is the best comic I have read since Kingdom Come. This series is far more than a murder mystery - the heroes are running scared as a serial killer is taking out their loved ones. Last issue Lois Lane was threatened, and this issue, we saw the most excruciating comic book killing ever - Robin's dad. Powerful stuff, with Robin on the phone to his father as it happened, he and Batman racing against time to reach him. They're too late. This series is powerful stuff. Any comic fan needs to read this.

Superman/Batman - Finally, after months of waiting, this issue is out! It was supposed to conclude the Supergirl storyline, but is continued into the next issue (s no doubt another 6 months for a chapter there wasn't meant to be). This book is always great, and resolved the mystery of the new Supergirl to depressing effect. I'm just wondering if next issue's going to undo it all because DC sees potential marketing with her...

Action Comics - I'm not a fan of Chuck Austen's writing on this book. I'm not a fan of Chuck Austen's work at all. I'm persisting on the basis that it's a Superman book alone. That said, this issue, reintroducing the new Silver Banshee (just in time for Halloween, oddly enough) is great. Hopefully Mr Austen has some more decent writing left in him.

Adventures of Superman - I remember enjoying the issue, but it wasn't memorable... at all. Which is a shame, the ongoing storyline's been pretty good, and Greg Rucka's a great artist. Oh, Lois is recovering from her bullet wound.

The Batman Strikes! - Pretty bad. But not fucking terrible. But all that really means is that it was better than the first issue. I'm waiting for the new Batman animated series to start airing here, but this series has me worried about it.

Justice League: Elite - I generally like Joe Kelly's writing, but this series is like torture. So slow, so painful. I really need to quit it. Four issues down, and it's a third of the way through... But it all seems endless. Just so fucking boring. His run on Space Ghost had better be good.

Teen Titans - Sweet stuff, in a scary kinda way. After the shitful Teen Titans/Legion of Superheroes Special, the Titans return to Earth 10 years in the future. The twist? The future Titans are evil. Yeah, this has been done a million times before, but Robin - now Batman - taking a gun to his enemies and shooting them point blank, and Superboy - now Superman - torturing his enemies by burning off their limbs is just eerie...
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Cool ass DVDs (November '04)
I'm a DVD fanatic. Plain and simple. And it looks as though the next month has some sweet DVDs coming out, so I figure I'll write my thoughts on some of 'e

November 3

David Bowie: A Reality Tour

I saw the show, and it was fucking brilliant. And this DVD boasts thirty live tracks. So sweet. So very very sweet.

Shrek 2 (2 disc)

Hmm... Apparently exclusive to EzyDVD. Also apparently exclusive to Sanity. And oddly enough they're both giving away a Shrek bobble-head with pre-orders... In either event, this movie is sweet, the features are sweet, and the extra disc looks sweet. Sweet, eh?

November 10

Return to Oz

Okay, this is not to be compared to The Wizard of Oz, nor was it ever. But, as far as the source material goes, this is way closer to the mark than that other one... Very fucking funky.

Super Size Me

A dude eating nothing for McDonald's for a month? That's just fucked up. So no, the side effects he suffers aren't really a twist...

November 11


River Phoenix. Ethan Hawke. Wacky aliens. A kids classic...

Fire in the Sky

Based on a true story? Maybe... Probably not. But still an awesome alien abduction movie.

November 15

Astroboy Deluxe DVD Collection

The original Astroboy toon. The whole run. That's a shitload of episodes on 11 discs. Sweet...

November 17

Spider-Man 2 - Limited Edition Gift Box

The first movie had a special 4 disc set. This one only has cool. But you get a ton of sweet shit with it, including an artwork portfolio, postcard set, a comic reprint, and other stuff.

November 18

Flight of the Navigator

What are they gonna release next? The Boy Who Could Fly? I loved this as a kid, but not as much as...

The NeverEnding Story

As a kid, this was my second favourite movie, right after Labyrinth. Sing after me: "NeverEnding Story, aaaaahhhh.... Storeeeeeeeeeee..."
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Less than Magic
Okay, after the vent on my woes with women I just typed out, I'm gonna keep this one short.

With my depressing week, I was really looking forward to seeing Magic Dirt live. Really fucking looking forward to it. I'd caught them live at Stonefest last year (Stonefest again next week!), and really enjoyed them. I was always a fan of their music, but they put on a great live show.

So yeah, I was really looking forward to seeing them play at the Holy Grail on Thursday.

So much so, I'd hyped myself up a bit, I think.

While they're one of my favourite bands, the gig was by a long way the worst I'd seen this year.

The first support was shit. Completely shit. So much so, that Magic Dirt's sound test was better than their entire set.

The second support was okay. Nothing remarkable, but decent music, and okay background noise.

Then Magic Dirt came on stage. It was a decent set, but the shitty weather kept people away, and the Holy Grail was only about half full. Very disappointing turn out.

To make matters worse, the sound engineering was fucked. Completely and totally fucked. Adalita (the lead singer), requested on multiple occasions that they turn down the sub. And if they did, it sure as hell wasn't noticable.

And finally, "Could you please turn down the sub? It's making me fucking sick!"

Still no change. The other band members mocked it amongst themselves, but they gave up trying. Adalita had to yell just to be head over the instruments...

The songs they performed were done well, despite the problems. But shitty with the whole situation, we didn't get an encore. They finished up on "Plastic Loveless Letter", which no doubt was intended to kick of an encore, but they just performed it because people wanted to hear it.


I went to the store also quite disappointing - they had lots of stuff for the supports, but only the only Magic Dirt t-shirt on sale was for chicks - and bought a signed poster for $5. Can't complain about that.

I sat back down with my friends, and sunk a couple more drinks.

Half an hour or so later, I saw Adalita, and stumbled up for a chat. Lovely girl, and she mentioned (direct quote) "There's no way I'm ever coming back to this fucking place again". We chatted for a few more minutes, and she told me that they'll be back in Canberra during the second quarter of next year to promote their new CD that they'll be recording over November and December.

I wasn't so much that the night sucked, but it was disappointed, just because I was expecting better - and have seen it. Magic Dirt weren't off their game, but Holy Grail was. Next time a band plays there, I'll think twice about going, no matter who they are. It's a nice bar, but a shithouse venue for live music.
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Saturday, October 23, 2004
Women: Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em
Allow me to vent. I think I'm allowed. While the title may seem kinda sexist, it really only refers to one such woman. But since I'm your average guy, it's easy enough to use her as a means to generalise about all women out there... Especially when I'm shitty.

Generally speaking, I'm not too bad with women. Except, unless, I actually have feelings for her. Then I have great pains in getting my shit together, and working something out. And, well, this is one of those situations.

One Year Ago (give or take a month)...

I slept in. Ya see, my crappy clock radio isn't the most reliable thing (yet, I still haven't gotten around to replacing it yet), and I was meant to be up early for a new starters program at work. I rock up at this thing at around 10ish. I'm about an hour late, and need to find myself a seat, and they're few and far between. I track one down, and sit.

An hour or so later, I'm bored shitless. In my battle to stay awake, I notice that the girl infront of me's kinda cute (and by "kinda cute", I mean really fucking hot). I lean in towards her, and make a couple of smart arse remarks about the whole thing. She laughs agreeably.

That lunch time, I chat to her, and we get along pretty well. Yay me.

Work Christmas Party 2003...

I've chatted to this girl a few times since the new starter day, and while she seems nice, I hadn't given her much thought. In fact, I'm spending the evening flirting with another girl, and that's going okay.

I run into the subject matter of this post a couple of times, and we chat. The second time I run into her, she asks me out later that night. I play it cool, though I'm really about to blow my load. I tell her it sounds good, and I may show.

A couple of drinks later, I let slip to this other girl that I had been asked out, and try playing the two off against each other.

Another couple of drinks down, I start chatting to another young lady. Just like a kid in a candy store, I didn't want just one. I wanted the whole fucking shop! And that was the biggest mistake of my life (well, not the biggest... but as far as romantic faux pas go, still pretty terrible).

I don't get out to meet my girl.


A month or so later, I'm still trying to recover from the Christmas party efforts. I organise a dinner with work people, and invite the lovely young lady across. Excited, she agrees. She asks me out for drinks with a few of her work colleagues first, and through no fault of my own, I'm unable to attend...

So the group of us head out to dinner. By the time she rocks up, we were half way through our meals. She's with a friend, and not entirely sober. Not at all. We chat, and then we all head out to one of the local clubs.

Aware of the situation, my workmates respond in a variety of ways. Some simply try to get me alone with her. And others, once we are alone, come up and drunkenly ask for updates.

We seem to be going really well. People tell me that we're going really well. But when I chat to her the following Monday, she's gone cold. I mention this to a couple of my better friends at work, and they told me that I wasn't paying her enough attention. Funny, if anything, I thought I was paying her too much attention.

The following months (and months)...

The same shit. I catch up with her a lot, we chat a lot. And we get really close. We try organising for a "date", and somehow something always gets in the way. The only times I manage to get her out is with a group of people, and again, I get the same cold reaction afterwards.

I just wish I knew what was going on in that pretty little head of hers. I really do.

Months pass, and we get closer. By now, I'm a confidante for her, and listening to her problems, whether they be family, friends or work. It was working both ways, she helped me through my shitcanning from work, when my section got abolished, and helped me get my mind into gear to turn it into my promotion.

We work well like that. I'm cool with that, and am always willing to be there for her. And now it seems, that could be my problem. But honestly, I dunno...

The last week (aka "What the fuck???")

We've been seeing more and more of each other, and she's been seeming keener than ever. We have lunch on Friday, and I mention that I'm heading out with a couple of friends. She mentions that she's going to the same place, and is really keen to catch up. She also mentions that I looked hot in what I was wearing, and that I'm not allowed to pick up.

That afternoon, she calls me twice about the night. Why? Just to give me updates as to what time she'll be making it (first off, she'll be at work late, and hence, will be late). The second time, she calls me to let me know that she'll be there early.

Great, this is going well!

Or not.

She shows up later than what she was originally going to, but that's cool. The thing that shat me - and I mean really shat me - was that she only popped by twice. Really briefly. The first time was to introduce me to her friends, the second time was in passing.

I figure it's odd, and my friends figure they scared her off, or possibly, her friends were being a little possessive.

Cut to Tuesday, when I receive a call from her. I'm still shitty about the Friday previous, and instead of asking point blank about it, I act like a prick. She asks me if I'm still heading to the happy hour at work on Friday, and although she told me last week that she's not going, she is now.

I see the previous week happening all over again, and I'm quite short with the girl. She calls me on it, and instead of apologising, or even explaining why, I just get snide. She tells me I don't sound please, and I respond in a highly sarcastic tone:
"Yes I'm pleased. So pleased, I'm doing my happy dance. Can't you hear my feet tapping? That's my fucking happy dance".

And not surprisingly, for the rest of the week, it's no talkies. I'm still pissed at her, but more pissed with myself for being such an arsehole over it. But I can't bring myself to make amends.

Atleast yesterday, we're talking again. A bit more restrained, but we're talking.

We catch up at the happy hour, and chat a bit, though we got a bit short with each other. Everyone was pulling me aside, asking me what the fuck's going on, and I explained Tuesday to them. I also explained that I'm in no mood to rectify the situation that night. And while I did (and still do) feel guilty about Tuesday, I'm still shitty about last Friday, and really wasn't wanting to give her the time of day.

Hell, I wasn't sure that I even want to pursue anything.

But, today I do. Again.

If I manage to come back from Tuesday, I'm sure there'll be more shit. And I'm sure I'll ut up with it.

And I mean... how fucked up is that?
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Funny stuff
I like stuff that's funny.

Occasionally, I get some photos that really make me giggle (and I'm not talking about those Fantastic Four ones *groan*).

Without further ado, here are three images which I hope'll make you giggle. Click the images to see them in their full glory...

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004
A couple hours of annoyance...
Sometime's it seems I need a life. Well, I have one, but obviously not enough.

Ya see, exactly one month ago, I played around with my template and added a logo... Ooh, a logo...

Well, for the past couple of hours I've been fucking around with a new template. And here it is. It's based off one I found at

But then I spent two hours fucking around with it... Let's hope it's worth it.

I don't know if it's the blog, or if it's my connection - but it does seem a little slower. Or maybe I'm just growing impatient in my ripe old age. I think it's the comment box, but while it's cool, it comes from a different server. When I can be stuffed, I'll take a look at it.

I was going to write a couple of posts tonight (other than this, and the test message that posted twice earlier this evening), but as they (don't) say in the vernacular...

Too much to say, too little time

That, and I'm rambling.

Hopefully I'll be awake enough to write something tomorrow. If not, the weekend'll be the earliest - Magic Dirt on Thursday, hitting the piss on Friday...
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This is a test to see if the new template will save newly created posts under the new template.

If so, yay... I just need to figure out how to do my old files in-duh-vidually (Scott Adams talk).

Not really worth reading, was it?
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This is a test to see if the new template will save newly created posts under the new template.

If so, yay... I just need to figure out how to do my old files in-duh-vidually (Scott Adams talk).

Not really worth reading, was it?
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Monday, October 18, 2004
Three comic shop town
I'm a fanboy. Let's just get that out of the way.

But as a fanboy, I was pleased to have the opportunity to visit a new comic shop, House of Heroes yesterday. And even better, it's on my side of town, which is way more convenient than having to travel to pick up my books.

And now, Canberra is a three comic shop town. A month ago, it was a one comic shop town.

Ya see, up until a few months ago, we had two comic shops - Dee's Book & Comic Shop, and Impact Records. But after 27 years, Impact was bought out by JB Hi-Fi. Goodbye to the small business...

This was particularly disappointing, not because I lost a comic shop, but because after 27 years, Impact was an institution of Canberra, and the only place here to support our local music industry (and it's a fine one, despite all the cover bands here).

But about a month ago, the dudes from Impact's comic counter opened up Impact Comics, as part of Revolution CD, creating a funky comic shop. And with House of Heroes opening, Canberra is a three comic shop town again. One in Woden, one in Civic, and one in Belconnen.

And House of Heroes is looking like being a great shop. They don't have a huge amount of stock yet, but they will soon. They sell all of the standard stuff you get in comic shops, and they also have the greatest selection of imported DVDs in Canberra (but lets be honest, that ain't fucking hard).

The nice thing is, it'd a big store. It looks like a real store. Not quite like the really fucking awesome Minotaur in Melbourne, but as far as Canberra (ie glorified country town), it's awesome.

While I keep my standing order at Dee's, I'll be shifting to House of Heroes. I kinda feel guilty for shifting my business (it equates to around $100 or so a month), but House of Heroes is way more convenient, and a little cheaper to boot.

I'm just wondering if Canberra can sustain three comic shops. It used to have four, but the Phantom Zone stores couldn't compete, leaving us with two. And other shops have been and gone, such as Gotham City Comics a few years back.

Let's hope this fair city can sustain them. Let's hope that the respective owners of House of Heroes and Impact Comics have enough business sense to know what they're doing. Let's hope that enough people are interested in comics (a slumping industry, but the surge of comic book films - and quality ones too - are helping, atleast to some degree).

Impact has the support base of Revolution CD, so hopefully that'll be okay.

House of Heroes is situated opposite Video Ezy and The Art Store, so hopefully there'll be some crossover customers.

With any luck there will be. And hopefully all three stores will thrive.
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Sunday, October 17, 2004
Chirping little birdy
While watching tonight's ARIA's, it hit me: It's been a good year for music.

Not so much a great year for Aussie CD releases (though there have been a few - though the ARIA's would have you believe that Jet, as cool as they are, are the be all and end all of the Aussie music scene this year), but more a good year for live music.

And yes, I've missed some great acts this year.

But I've also seen some awesome ones.
  • David Bowie
  • A Perfect Circle
  • Grinspoon
  • Tim Freedman
Next week, I'm seeing Magic Dirt again, and next month, the always fucking brilliant Machine Gun Fellatio.

Wednesday night, I caught another great act - Little Birdy. Prior to seeing this act, I was only familiar with their music which had received radio play, but after they supported the Dissociatives earlier this year (one of the acts to say I'm sorry I missed), I heard they put on a great show.

And they did.

A great, great, show.

Supported by the excellent Evermore, and fellow WA band The Panda Band (who weren't too bad), the amazing thing about Little Birdy is lead singer Katy Steele's vocals. To put it bluntly, this chick has one awesome fucking voice. For a band which played their first shows in early '03, Little Birdy is quickly making a name for themselves.

With my bank card going missing, and money spent on alcohol that night, when the show finished, I only had $25 on me. I was tempted to pick up the CD ("Bigbiglove"), but instead settled for a t-shirt, since I wouldn't be able to grab that in stores at a later date.

And I'm glad I did. The very next day, I ran out and hunted down the CD, and for $3 more than the tour price, I picked up the limited edition CD with a bonus disc including five live tracks, recorded at the Enmore Theatre (three of which don't appear on the regular CD at all).

And I am so fucking impressed by this CD. Incredibly fucking impressed. It is brilliant. I can't recommend it enough. Now I just have to hunt down their two previous EP's - a self titled one and "This is a Love Song", and their single "Beautiful to Me" (simply for the B-sides).

Oh, and I have to pick up the new Machine Gun Fellatio CD, "MGF On Ice" since that was released today (yes, on a Sunday).

Little Birdy was nominated for an ARIA - Brakthrough Artist: Single, but lost out to Jet. Which was disappointing. Much as I enjoy Jet, I think they were the least deserving of that particular ARIA.

But oh well, such is life.

If you get the chance to catch Little Birdy's Bigbiglove Tour, do it. They're the most original new Aussie act out there, and well worth your time.
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Monday, October 11, 2004
Rest in Peace
Superman himself, Christopher Reeve passed away of heart failure yesterday, after falling into a coma on Saturday. He was 52.

While best known for his role as the Man of Steel, it was after being left paralysed from the neck down when thrown off his horse in 1995 that he proved to be a true hero. While pushing for funding to help others like himself, Reeve proved to be an inspiration the world over. "I refuse to allow a disability to determine how I live my life. I don't mean to be reckless, but setting a goal that seems a bit daunting actually is very helpful toward recovery".

Christopher Reeve
25 September 1952 - 10 October 2004
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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Grr... Batmite smash!
Okay, it's only a fairly minor issue as far as this blogger goes. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't really bug me...

My profile doesn't update regularly!

Why the hell is that??

Stupid fucking profile...
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Potentially Excess III: Return of the Jedi

Previously in Potentially Excess:

I got the job... yay me!

And now: the latest chapter...

As I write this, I am about to start week #4 of the new job. All's been going well, though between losing two days because of a workshop, a long weekend, the monthly reporting, and my supervisor leaving (only to be replaced by my old one, which is pretty sweet), I've fallen a little behind with my regular duties. It ain't too bad though, I should be up to date soon enough...

Friday October 8: As if scurrying to get myself back up to date with my work wasn't annoying enough, the fact that I am still in the talent pool is. I have a new job, but because it's not permanent yet, I'm still technically part of my old section. And since that section no longer exists, my permanent job doesn't either, which means I'm in the talent pool.

Which wouldn't be so bad, except work has to look for something for me.

And I'm supposed to take it.

Since my current job's a promotion, and they only look for stuff at my old level, if I do take something, it's a demotion.

And on Friday, I got that damned call.

Now, as part of that call, I was only told that there's a position for me. I was given a very fucking brief overview, and that's it.

I explained my situation - I'm currently at a higher level, and I committed 'til March. After that, I would take the position.

She got really uppity with me.

Really fucking uppity.

"March next year?"

Kinda pissed off, I responded with a sarcastic "No, March next year".

She told me that I'll be considered for the job, pretty much ignoring my situation, and proceeded to hang up.

I explained this to my supervisor, and let hm know that there could be a problem there - if I'm forced to take the job.

Later that arvo, he gets a call for a referree check. He asks about the position, reiterating the fact that I was never given the info, and proceeds to tell her that my skills are too advanced for the position, and I'd get bored in the role.

So hopefully that's enough back up for me.

If not, I'm fighting it. And heads will roll.

Work got me into this mess, and they can damn well let me work it to my advantage.
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Been a while...
It's been a couple of weeks since my last post. Not because the novelty's worn off, but because it's been one fucked up week.

Totally fucked up.

Well, not totally, but pretty fucked all the same.

The major craptastic thing about the week is my computer crapping out on me. And as I need a computer to post here, it does make a slight difference.

It got a couple of viruses, which are enough to piss anyone off at the best of times. More annoying still, is the fact that the virus scanner may have identified them, but it couldn't do anything about them. I mean, when my computer started placing pop-up ads on my desktop, I'd kinda figured that much out.

I looked on the net about how to remove them, but in the long run it's easier to reformat the PC and start from scratch.

Works well in theory.

Since my PC's not set to boot from CD (not even floppy), I went to change this in the BIOS.

Except it's fucking password protected.

I call the manufacturer to see what the deal is, and they basically tell me that it's standard practice.

Fair enough, but what's the password?

The wankers have no idea what the password is, and over a few telephone calls give me a couple of passwords to try.

Which are both wrong, surprisingly.

With a busy week at work ahead of me, I leave the reformatting to this weekend, so I can open up the computer, reset the BIOS and start from scratch. Luckily after all the shit, it's fairly straightforward (though I still haven't reinstalled everything yet).

Aside from the whole computer thing, my powerboard my TV's connected to blew up, so I had to replace that yesterday. Annoying.

Made more annoying by the fact that my ATM card's gone walking. I used it Thursday, and somehow lost it. Noticed it missing yesterday. I came home, figuring I'd left it in one of my pockets, but nope.

So I call the bank, and report it missing. They cancel it, it's all good. Except can they send me out a new one? Nope, I have to call Monday and request it. That's effiency for you, huh?

So, for a few days, I'm going to have to withdraw my cash the old fashioned way. I just hope the tellers are hot. They'd better be, to make up for me not being able to access cash all weekend.

By my figuring, I lost my card a couple of hours before my date with the model Thusday night. The date de-evolved into a quick chat - she couldn't even hang around for one drink since she had an eight hour drive ahead of her.

I can't hold that against the girl, though. We've made arrangements to try the whole thing again after her return.

Besides, I got a kiss goodnight - the highlight of an otherwise crappy week...
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