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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
About an hour early...
Tradition dictates that you put up your Christmas decorations in the beginning of December.

Well, I'm about an hour early. And I'm not much for tradition.

Take a look to your left, and you'll notice I've replaced Batman with Yoda. Yes, Star Wars is overrated, but I like the pic. It's kinda funky.

And besides, I had to get rid of the Batman image... It's been there for ages, and with the Batmite image below it, it looked like this is an entirely Bat-centric blog.

Oh, and I've changed the blog description too... I pretty much hated the old one.

And yeah, this is a pretty pointless fucking post. I was going to write about how pissed off I am with Foxtel, but I'm hot and tired. And I want to go beat people to a bloody pulp before killing them in an amusing fashion. And by that I mean play Mortal Kombat: Deception. Yeah, that game's cool...
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Go west...
First off, I'm not a fan of The West Wing. I've only seen a couple of episodes, and it never grabbed me. But that's beside the point...

Anyhoo, I just found this article about a recent episode of the show, which was quick to jump to defend the blogging community. It seems that blogs got a bad wrap in the episode.


The episode apparently had the opinion that blogs are "quick to respond but lack the ethics and rules that journalists play by".

Well, no shit. There's no governing body for blogs, and bloggers don't have worry about ethics in a professional sense. Yes, the blogger in the episode was an arsehole, posting an "off the record" conversation.

Is it unfair to show this on TV? No. There are arseholes out there. It would be naive to think not. Does that mean that every blogger's one? Not at all. Sure, many would describe me as an arsehole, and well, I probably am.

I'm just sick of people having a whinge and a moan because someone showed a negative aspect of their hobby. I like blogging (obviously), but I have more going on in my life than other people's perception of it.
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Sunday, November 28, 2004
I finally watched it... twice
Just a quick post before I go to bed...

Morbid curiosity finally got the better of me. I downloaded the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith teaser, and well... it actually looks cool.

The teaser starts with Luke Skywaker, and a couple of shots from The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones, with Obi Wan's speach about Darth Vader from A New Hope. It then goes on to show some footage from the new film, most of which focuses on Anakin. There are a few reaction shots of other characters, and one of Darth Vader, followed by some sweet looking action sequences.

The trailer closes with Star Wars Episode III in red, with the subtitle Revenge of the Sith appearing with the Imperial March playing in the background.

Could George Lucas finally give us a good Star Wars prequel? Probably not, but you never know...

I also downloaded the House of Flying Daggers teaser, Zhang Yimou's follow up to Hero. And this movie looks even more breathtaking... Let's hope we get it here in Aus soon.
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Friday, November 26, 2004
The real Gunners

MGF Left to Right: 3k Short; the Widow Jones; Bryan Ferrysexual; LoveShark; Chit Chat von Loopinstab; KK Juggy; Pinky Beecroft

Machine Gun Fellatio... the real Gunners. Or that's what I named this post, because a fellatio joke would've been too easy.
  • A night of fellatio
  • I love fellatio
  • Fellatio rocks!
You get the idea...

Now, Machine Gun Fellatio (or MGF for short), isn't the greatest band in Australia. They fucking rock to be sure, and yes, they are one of the best bands...

But not the best band.

They are, however, Australia's best live band.

By a fucking mile.

MGF were supported by the Spazzys (great band, but had little crowd to work with), and Butterfingers (not so great, but had some cool lyrics, and knew how to work the crowd). The former band ran for about half an hour, while the latter ran for around 45 minutes.

After these, however, we were in for a treat. I was worried how Academy (indie cinema turned into funky nightclub) would carry live acts, but after the supports the worries were killed. While we were waiting, the cinema screen lit up with a dirty cartoon, Asian pornography, some naked dude, and then some dancing girls.

Yep, it's official: we're definately at an MGF gig... and one far bigger than what Canberra has seen before. The t-shirt I bought carries the slogan The Circus is Back in Town, and it's right - this show was one big fucking circus. Both finely tuned chaos, and not so finely tuned chaos (the band members went out of their way to stuff each other up), this show was amazing.

KK Juggy changed her outfit for every other song, and attempted to throw hoops over a dildo, and we were treated to a dancing girl with fire. Pinky climbed the sound system early on, and Chit Chat drunkenly tried the stunt later on, and proceeded to molest his microphone and the lights.

These guys know how to work the crowd, and with seven of them, have the perfect opportunity to do so, especially during the encores. They played a great range of songs (many of which are from the brilliant Machine Gun Fellatio On Ice), and KK Juggy got her gear off as always (during Mother Fukka on a Motorcycle), "complaining" that they started the song as she was in the middle of a costume change. Better yet, this strip show came complete with cartwheels. Lucky for us, we weren't subjected to Chit Chat and Winnie the Pooh this time round.

On a slightly off topic point, I was surprised to see an ex of mine on stage. Yup, she was up there in a pillow fight with the dancing girl as they played Throw Me On The Bed. It spun me out. A lot. And yet, for the first time since we broke up, I kinda regretted breaking up with her (more off topic again, it's been a weird few days as far as women are concerned... I'll do a post on that at some point over the next few days).

The only disappointing this about the show - no (I Want to be your) Dirty Fucking Whore, however all the other classics were played - Unsent Letter, Rollercoaster, Pussy Town, My Ex-Girlfriend's Boyfriend, The Girl of My Dreams is Giving Me Nightmares, the aforementioned motorcycle song, and the grand finale - Not Afraid of Romance. I'd forgotten all about that song until I heard it again, and it went off!

Upon leaving, I grabbed my t-shirt, which I got signed by Chit Chat and Loveshark, both great to chat with, though I have met them before. We were going to wait for the others, but my mate's girlfriend was bitching and moaning (yet again) about it being too late (then why come out, I ask). I also grabbed the Christina Hughes (aka KK Juggy) EP, which I have to admit, haven't even put on yet (the Widow Jones one's great though). Would have loved to get that one signed..

All in all, between the main set and both encores, MGF were on stage for around an hour and a half. A chunk of that was them goofing around - and while that cost us song time, it's what makes MGF the brilliant live act they are. Everyone needs to see them (unless, of course, they have no sense of humour).

Check out
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Cool ass DVDs (December '04)
I wasn't planning on writing another blog tonight. I went and signed up for a few webrings, and am waiting for authorisation for those, hopefully the links'll be up and running in the next day or two. But, I'm still up (and I have to be at work by 7:30... grr), listening to Machine Gun Fellatio, in preparation for the gig tomorrow night (it'll be sweet!), so I've decided to write up a bit on cool DVDs coming out next month...

December 01

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

And to think that when Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone came out, I refused to see it. I finally bit the bullet, and dug it. Prefered The Chamber of Secrets, and Prisoner of Azkaban kicks it's arse. Still haven't read any of the books though... My major worry is that this'll be released in a plastic case instead of the cool cardboard ones that the first two movies originally came in.

Jersey Girl

Come on... it's fucking Kevin Smith! I maintain that the only reason this didn't do too well is that it's not Kevin Smith enough for fans, and it's too Kevin Smith for non-fans. A great movie. I was ripped off on eBay with a bootleg (good quality mind you... but it was missing all the Roadside Attractions stuff). Bring on Clerks 2!

King Arthur - Director's Cut

Admittedly, I'm not a fan of this movie. But it's the director's cut, and I'm sure much of the suckiness was due to the need to make it kiddy friendly. Besides, who doesn't have a Keira Knightley fetish?

December 02

Red Dwarf V

Quite possibly the funniest show. Ever. Anyone who's never seen it should be shot. There seemed to be a long break between the DVD releases of the fourth series and this, but when you're waiting for Red Dwarf it's worth it. Jut another three seasons to go...

December 06

The Evil Dead - Collector's Edition

It wasn't that long ago that The Evil Dead got it's original DVD release here. That one sucked features wise. But since I love my features, I'll be grabbing it. And I'll need to import Bubba Ho Tep at some point. All hail the mighty Bruce Campbell!

December 08

Hellboy - The Director's Cut

Over-priced, but not as bad as the Spider-Man 2 special edition. Also available in a 2 disc version with the cinema release of the movie, but I'm a sucker for extras. Pity the packaging isn't as cool as the US version.

December 10

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - Special Extended Edition

Is it just me, or did these movies keep getting worse and worse? But it looks pretty, and like King Arthur, I hope the director's cut fixes the film's flaws... Atleast we're promised some Christopher Lee in this version.

December 13

Donnie Darko - Director's Cut

Another fucking director's cut? What is this? The original cut was awesome, and I never got to see this version in the cinema. Even if it's not great, I'll hold on to the original and keep the featurs - finally the version that Donnie Darko deserves.

December 15

The Bourne Supremacy

I never got to catch this movie. But I fucking love (read: fucking love) the original. And everyone seems to like this more. Everyone except those who get sick from all the shaky cam that is... Anyhoo, who would ever have thought that Matt Damon would make a great spy? And who would have thought that Franke Potente could look hot? Oh yeah, anyone who saw Run, Lola, Run...

Chris Rock: Bigger and Blacker

Chris Rock is the funniest comedian around these days. Bigger and Blacker's a few years old, but still hilarious. I still can't believe the Academy has the balls to let him host the Oscars next year.

December 30

Eurotrip - Uncut

And another director's cut of sorts. But this has nothing to do with artistic integrity, and everything to do with added T&A. Which is fine by me. I've never seen Eurotrip, but I wanted to. I only really added it to this list because there's nothing coming out of interest for two weeks, and it'd make this post look incomplete. I'm a finnicky fucker, ain't I?

Perfect timing... my CD's just about over. Time for bed!
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Silly Telstra
I was going to write a post bashing Australian Idol, writing what a piece of crap it is, and how it's only a karaoke contest to find someone who can pander to the easily amused. But really, what is there to say that hasn't already been said?

Instead, this news broke yesterday (click here).

In a nutshell, Telstra, always the corporate money making fucks, placed an ad congratulating Casey Donovan for winning. Yeah, they want it to seem like a gesture, but it's all part of selling overpriced phone contracts.

This "congratulations" included a link to

It should have included a link to

The difference?

The "other" Casey Donovan is a gay, male, porn star. Not an Australian Idol.

Heh... This is the best fucking thing Telstra's done in years. Imagine all the complaints from concerned parents...
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Oops, forgot one...
I realised today, that when writing about the comics I grabbed on Saturday, I forgot one. Yes, I'm a dick head. I wasn't going to bother writing about it, then I figured I'd either update the last post or tack it on to next week's. But then I just thought fuck it... when Blogger finally gets it's profiles fixed, it's just an extra post for my stats.

So without further ado... That extra post!

Superman/Batman #14

Jeph Loeb rocks. He's a genius. He's fucking awesome. He's proved time and time again that he knows and loves these characters (Batman: The Long Halloween and Superman For All Seasons being two prime examples). And I'm sorry I doubted him. The solicitation for the issue made it sound like shit - Superman and Batman now ruling the world. Even crap for an Elseworlds title. But Jeph made it work. He came out with with a reason (while far fucking fetched) for this new world order, and managed to keep working on the relationship between the two. I'm not a fan of Carlos Pachecho's art, and unfortunately need to read another four issues of it (unless they tack an extra issue on this arc as well), but I'll make do. I'm just hopingwe'll get Tim Sale on an upcoming arc...

And that's it. My extra post.
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Sunday, November 21, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 20th)
To summarise this weeks comics: All DC. All good reads. Very sweet.

Adventures of Superman #634

Okay, this issue is royally fucked up. Superman is attacked by the two Parasites, and Mr Mxyzptlk comes to his aid. Naturally, wackiness ensues. Mxy's always fun, and this issues no exception.

Batman: Gotham Knights #59

This issue features an incredibly striking cover of Batman, crouched down, freezing, with Mr Freeze looming over him, poised to attack with an ice pick. While the issue doesn't get as tense as the cover would indicate, it is a great introspective take on both Batman and Mr Freeze, and what drives them. The current comics have borrowed from Batman: The Animated Series for Mr Freeze, and this issue does it wonderfully.

Birds of Prey #76

I was really worried about the new direction for this title. The Birds have left Gotham, and are now going where they're needed. This issue, part one of Hero Hunters sees them come up against a teen witch, who is able to invoke the powers of DC's greatest mystics. The highlights of the issue, however, are the phone messages to and from Oracle and Nightwing.

Catwoman #37

This title's always great, and this issue's no exception. Another small tale, post War Games, finds Catwoman wondering whether fighting crime's really worth it, or whether she should return to her cat burglar roots. She finds her answer when her new "family" throws a surprise party for the birthday even Catwoman forgot about. The issue includes a touchng cameo from Batman...

JLA #108

As with Birds of Prey, I was scared for this issue. #107 sucked. This issue was far better, and it didn't even include the JLA. Instead, we're treated to the Crime Syndicate of Amerika's adventures in the anti-matter universe. Yes, we're still waiting for the big blow-out, and this issue's gearing up for what could be one of the greatest stories of the title.

Robin #134

Probably the most disappointing title of the week, but still not too shabby a read. Unable to stay in Gotham, Robin's moved to Bludhaven, Nightwing's old turf. He sets about making a name for himself, discover Blockbuster may not be as dead as Nightwing thinks, and runs into Batgirl. Continued in Batgirl next week, which will hopefully give us more (and it is generally a superior title).

Space Ghost #1

This title could have gone a couple of different ways. It could have been corny cartooniness, as most people remember, or it could have been tongue-in-cheek, akin to Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. Instead, it's a gritty superhero space opera, with beautiful art by Ariel Olivetti, and a brilliant script by Joe Kelly. DC has said that iof this is successful, they'd like to spin it off into a series. Fuck, I hope it's successful. I never thought I could feel for Space Ghost, but this issue did it.

Teen Titans #18

Fun, silly stuff. It's a corny issue, but it's a corny title. Seeing Tim as a Batman who is darker, more brooding and far nastier than Bruce Wayne could ever be is eerie stuff, especially considering how dark the character's getting in his own title. The last page made me laugh out loud, with the appearance of Titans West! Heh heh...

Wasting my money on next week:
  • Astonishing X-Men!
  • Batgirl!
  • Batman!
  • Black Widow!
  • Elektra: The Hand!
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth!
  • Superman!
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Musical pornography
"Meanwhile in Debbie's mind..."

I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to see Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical. I figured I'd find it funny, but in the weeks leading up to it, I was concerned - what if I paid $50 for a cheap rip off, made to shamelessly to cash in on the porno.

One of my mates pulled out, unable to make it, which just left myself and one other. The two of us headed out there, and I have to say that I was thrilled. And it didn't even include nudity! Yes, there was sex, and naturally, being based on a porno, lots of it. But, this was handled as interpretive dance.

The music was great. Songs ranged from mellow, dramatic, musical fare, to saucy, dirty and down right fucked up. Songs included one about masturbating with candles, and how much money our heroine is getting for particular "services".

The musical's sense of humour is completely off the wall. The plot revolves around Debbie (naturally), a high school cheerleader / virgin who dreams of cheering for the Dallas Cowboys. Once accepted, her parents don't approve, so she, and her cheerleader friends, decide to advertise "teen services", and get jobs to pay Debbie's way.

Shortly thereafter, these "teen services" become "teen services", when Debbie learns that she can name her price, by giving men what they really want.

The musical had some great laughs, including subtitles, the narrator saying "Meanwhile in Debbie's mind" before we get her internal thought process, a letter floating from the sky (standard stage play trick) - "Oh look - a letter from heaven", and a great disclaimer as the end reading along the lines of "All events are purely fictional. No characters are based on any people, living or dead. Any likeness is purely coincidental... and kind of funny".

When it's all said and done, Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical is a great laugh, has some great music, and has a slight anti-hooking message. As much of a send up of teen movies as porn, it's a great laugh.

So great infact, that I'd like to see this adapted to the big screen. Not a porn film, but a legitimate musical comedy. It would work.

Funny, I've seen two musicals this year, both of which are based on movies. I started the year on the G rated The Lion King, and ended on the X rated Debbie Does Dallas. Both great musicals, and both worth your time.

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Foam and lingerie
Or more accurately, lingerie and foam... Or lingerie then foam... Or simply an interesting night...

But really, foam and lingerie is just phonetically cooler. Or not.

I'm a guy. A straight guy. And as with most straight guys, I like chicks. Attractive chicks. And when said attractive chicks wear lingerie, well, they're even better. Which is why when my local pub holds their lingerie nights on Thursday, I like to go.

Not that I go alone. Hell, I don't even go each week. That'd be pretty fucking sad.

Anyhoo, I went with a workmate, who had to leave by 6 - an hour before the lingerie girls come on. That's cool... I'm meeting another colleague there around 6 or so.

But alas, 6:30 rolls on and he's not there. I have another couple of mates in the pub, so I catch up with them, and watch the women.

One in particular... the last time I saw here here, she kissed me when I said goodbye. I figure it's because I asked about her kid... it seems to be every single mother's Achille's Heel. Or maybe not. Anyhoo, I order a drink from her, and she does it again. Square on the lips. And, not as shocked as last time, I kinda kissed back.

With that, I downed my last drink, said goodbye, and headed towards Woden where I'm meeting a friend to head out.

Head out where, you ask? Big fucking foam party.

It occurs to me - after typing it all out, naturally - that when it comes to this night, the lingerie aspect is irrelevant. I head out to those regularly, and really, it was nowhere near as cool as the foam party.

We get there at around the 10ish mark, and I'd told myself (and my mate, very fucking firmly) that I was only going to stay until 1am - I was aiming to be at work by 7:30 the next morning. But, the queue was long. Real fucking long.

So fucking long infact, that we lined up for two hours. Yup, we didn't make in until 12. Yes, it's stupid. But the line moved quickly at first, and there was no way on this Earth that I was going to give up my place in the queue. No fucking way.

Oh, and lined up just infront of my mate and I was the hot manager from my local pub (she doesn't work Thursdays, the male manager prefers it). So, a bit of eye candy always helps. We chatted in the queue, and the time didn't go that slowly.

Midnight comes up, and we head in shortly after. This is swee. Foam everywhere, people covered in foam. And everyone's having a great night. Literally. Some cops even popped in, looked around and had a laugh before leaving. People weren't drinking as much because the foam pit didn't allow for it, and everyone loved playing in the foam.

And by foam, I mean as in bath foam.

I caught up with my "friend" from the pub, had a quick chat with her and her (equally cute) friends, before my mate and I went down into the pit and danced. We watched a bikini contest (maybe I should have called this post bikinis and lingerie...), and then it started: The big fucking foam jet!!

As if there wasn't enough foam around in the pit (we were around knee deep in foam), the jet was shot at the croud, dosing us in foam. Yes, I copped it on the face, and even swallowed a bit. I couldn't see. I couldn't breathe. It was cool.

This happened a few more times, and I staggered around, as I tried to clean my face somewhat before copping it again and again.

I ran into my "friend" again, we played, and got into an awesome foam fight. So awesome, my hands got to wander as I attacked her with foam. 'sall good, her hands got to wander as she attacked me with foam.

Foam fights and shenanigans went on throughout the evening, before I decide to leave at 2:30 (only an hour and a half behind schedule). I say goodbyeto my friend, and we decide to catch up Saturday (as in yesterday now).

So, yesterday rolls on, and we catch up briefly at her work. She "buys" me a drink, though I suspect she just poured it without telling anyone... When I tell her I need to pay her back with one, she simply tells me she's sure I'll get my chance.
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Saturday, November 20, 2004
I am getting sleepy........
I logged in here to write a post, but it occurs to me that I'm too tired to concentrate.

I've had some amusing adventures over the last couple of days (which has led to my lack of sleep), and I was wanting to write about them.

But it ain't fucking happening.

Tomorrow, I will.

But til then, I need sleep...
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Monday, November 15, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 13th)
This week's comics were a bit of a mixed bag. Nothing that I'd say was a bad read, but a couple of titles I was hoping for more from. And then there was brilliance...

Action Comics #821

Wow, this title's actually getting good. I've never been a huge fan of Chuck Austen's writing, but he has displayed the odd bit of talent. This is one of those issues. The comic reintroduces Preus, the villain from Michael Turner's Godfall story arc, an aryan Kryptonian wanting to clense the universe of lesser species. Additionally, we get what looks like a bit more of Gog (costumeless); Metropolis in fear over Doomsday's return; and hintings of rape - rather harsh for a Supes comic. If Austen keeps this up, this will build into a fantastic Supes title.

Identity Crisis #6

Two words to sum it up: Fucking brilliant. Another two words: As always. The best comic series of the year is getting better, and with this being the penultimate issue, I'm already finding myself missing it. Two big twists in this issue - first up, back when the JLA mindwiped Dr Light, Batman busted them - they panicked, and did the same to our favourite Dark Knight. Second up, is the revelation - or the one last red herring of the series - as to the identity of the killer - the Atom. Yup, on of the DCU's finest heroes - scarier still, it makes sense. And then there was the opening, adding to the pain you felt for Robin at the end of last issue...

Iron Man #1

Okay, this is the name the title's being solicited as. The title on the comic is actually The Invincible Iron Man - fuck, don't you hate Marvel's hard on for alletetration? The majority of comics I get are DC, because, well, I'm primarily a DC fanboy. Which could be why I found this issue slow, and boring. I'm a huge fan of Warren Ellis, and will stick with the title for that reason, and the expectation that he'll build towards something great.

JSA #67

I love the Justice Society, and have no idea why it's taken me this long to pick up the title. This is the first issue I've grabbed of the title, and I hope it'll keep my interest, but this issue wasn't great - and it was an Identity Crisis tie-in! It was nice to see how the heroes rally together in times of crisis, but it didn't offer anything that the miniseries doesn't...

Nightwing #99

As with Iron Man, Nightwing is written by a favourite writer of mine - Devin Grayson. And similarly, the issue was disappointing. My guess with this though (while not being an excuse), is that this is filler between War Games and #100 next week. We see Nightwing wrestling with his guilt over his part in Blockbuster's death, and a beautiful scene where Alfred tells him how worried he is about his current lack of optimism. The series looks set to take an interesting turn, as it appears that Nightwing's returning to Batman's side...

Next week's funny books...
  • Adventures of Superman #634
  • Batman: Gotham Knights #59
  • Birds of Prey #76
  • Catwoman #37
  • JLA #108
  • Robin #132
  • Space Ghost #1
  • Teen Titans #18
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Friday, November 12, 2004
I've been neglecting my blog!
Crap, it's been about a week since I posted here... If the Blogger profile stats ever get up and running properly (and let's face it, I'm not holding my breath), it won't do anything for my average posts per week.

But I have an excuse... I love the box!!

And no, I'm not being crass (well, a little, that was a double entendre).

Ya see, I bought me an XBOX on Sunday, and it fucking rocks. Between my PS2 which is stuffed and will only play CD based games, my Gamecube which doesn't have many decent releases, and this PC which I hate playing games on, I was considering buying an XBOX.

So, while in Tuggeranong last Sunday, I saw one on the shelf, and figured fuck it - why not? I could have stuck one on layby, but that'd just result in more procrastination about ever picking it up.

The package includes two games:

Top Spin Tennis - Fucking awesome. Addictive. Like a narcotic. The matches are cool, and you can play demonstration matches and tournaments, ranging from tennis clubs to grand slam tournaments. There are a ton of characters to choose from (both male and female), and really, where else outside of computer game magic can Anna Kournikova win a grand slam? Add to this the career option, which I have been working on... Currently #50 in the world.

Halo - What can I say about this? Haven't played it that much...

Why not? Because a mate owed me some cash, and I got a cheap deal on

Halo 2 - Best game ever. Seriously. I've played a few first person shooters in my time, and this is seriously leagues above any of them. Mindless violence, cool cut scenes, and over the top action - just like an action movie! I'm stuck trying to find the library at the moment, but I'll get back to it at some point.

I also bought

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - To be honest, I'm sick to death of Star Wars. Love the original trilogy, but I'd like to see George Lucas go before a firing squad for the shit he's been churning out lately. I'm not a huge fan of RPG's either, they take far too long to play, and my attention span wanes easily. But this game is awesome. Fun, meticulous, and all round cool.

Unfortunately, not everything on the XBOX is awesome.

Alias - I'd heard this was a great game. It ain't great. It ain't even good. It's slow, it's difficult, it's fucking boring. And to think I almost hired the Ninja Turtles one instead (by Konami, who are responsible for the awesome original arcade game way back...)

I'm the first to admit I'm a geek. I do geeky things, I like geeky stuff. But I'm not alone. I picked Halo 2 up at the midnight opening EB had for the games release. There were around 150 other people there for that, too. Think about the small population of Canberra, and all the stores opening at midnight for it. That's a shitload of people per capita...

The sad thing isn't that I went at midnight. Not that I preordered it (albeit that same day). It's the fact that I had three friends there with me, who did exactly the same thing. Yup, I do move in geeky circles...

Despite the awesome games, another brilliant thing about XBOX is XBOX Live. Yes, you can play PC games online, but XBOX live only costs $100 per year, and lets you play every one of their enabled games. Not too shabby. I'm running on a 256K ADSL connection, though with people using the net at the same time, I would probably be looking at lag times, which isn't ever fun. My ISP offers 512K for an additional $25/month, bringing my monthly total up to $75.

I figured that should be enough to get me through. But, I figure, if I'm paying $75 each month for 256K, why not spend an additional $25 a month, and almost triple it? So, once I hook up (possibly my next pay day), I'll be running at 1500K... Which would fucking rock.

Now, I've been ranting and raving (and about nothing really worthwhile in the grand scheme of things), so I'll say goodbye. Probably won't post a thing tomorrow, will play the XBOX in the morning, then heading to a mates for networked HALO 2 action.

May post Sunday or Monday (took it - and today - off to play games... sweet!)
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Saturday, November 06, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 6th)
This is my third post for the night, and makes three for three on geeky subject matter. Obviously, it's a Saturday night and I have nowhere to go. Pity me.

This was a funky week for comics, and there was a bit of variety in my standing order...

Astonishing X-Men #6

In my book, Joss Whedon is a god. The final chapter of Gifted concludes the tale of the "cure" for mutants, as well as prophesizes that one of the X-Men will destroy a planet, triggering an intergalactic war. Lets hope Joss stays around long enough to give us that...

Black Widow #2

Stephanie Romanov is an awesome character. Unfortunately, thus far, this miniseries has only been entertaining. It is building towards being a cool murder mystery, and hopefully it'll develop from here.

Catwoman: When in Rome #2

Now, this is a murder mystery! Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale know how to tell crime noir and don't faulter at all here. It's a smart, funny and sexy read, and the mystery builds throughout the issue. The only disappointing thing about this book is that there are only four issues left.

Detective Comics #800

This isn't what you'd expect from a big anniversary issue. Sure, it's oversized, but that's it. No huge event, nothing. Instead, it deals with the ramifications of the big event that Bat-fans have read over the past three months. Batman's at odds with the GCPD, the Spoiler's dead. Birds of Prey readers would now know that Oracle's left Gotham City. Now, Jim Gordon sees no reason to stay, and Batgirl and Robin are both leaving town... This really is heralding a new era for Batman (even if it only lasts a few months).

Elektra: The Hand #3

This miniseries isn't an Elektra tale. Instead, it's the origins of the shadow assassin group known as the Hand. This issue chronicles another couple of years of Kagenobu Yoshioka's life, as the Hand starts to hold a firm grasp over Japan. Cool for Elektra fans. Cooler for ninja/samurai fans.

JLA: Classified #1

DC were smart cookies when they brought Grant Morrison onboard to write the first arc for the new JLA series. Though, I'm not a fan of Ed McGuinness's art, Grant Morrison is a brilliant, brilliant writer. From this issue however, it doesn't seem up to the level of Morrison's run on JLA, and seems a little light hearted. Though a mystery is building, and by the looks of it, this story will have a huge fucking scope. Which Morrison is best at.

Outsiders #17

John Walsh of America's Most Wanted guest stars. Yes, it seems gimmicky. When Nightwing recommends that the team asks him for help, it seems incredible corny (right in the league of the '70's Fantastic Four Meets KISS). But underneath all that is the first part of a powerful tale of child abduction and abuse. Definately worth a read.

Solo #1

Oh. My. God. This is one awesome book. Expensive, but it's a 48-pager with no ads, so it's worth the extra expenditure. Solo is a new bimonthly anthology from DC, each issue focusing on a different comic creator. This issue: the great Tim Sale (yup, two Tim Sale books this week). Sale proves he can write, and he is joined by regular collaborator Jeph Loeb, as well as Brian Azzarello, Darwyn Cooke and Diana Schulz, in varied tales, the highlight of which is a Linda Lee Supergirl adventure.

Superman/Batman #13

And speaking of Supergirl, this issue picks up from where #12 left off, with the new Supergirl apparently dead. It's not spoiling much to say she survives (the issue ships with two covers - one of which is a beautiful Michael Turner rendition of Supergirl), and the reasoning for this in the issue redefines "flimsy plot device". I had my reservatins about this issue, as The Supergirl from Krypton was meant to end last issue, but this is an excellent conclusion to the tale. I am dreading the next story arc though, but hope I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Stuff I'm grabbing next week:
  • Action Comics
  • Identity Crisis
  • Iron Man
  • JSA
  • Nightwing
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Year One
Before Christopher Nolan began work on Batman Begins, director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream) was working on a Batfilm of his own, Batman: Year One, based on the brilliant work of Frank Miller (also of Sin City fame - check out tonight's previous post for more on that).

Below are some concept sketches, some of which are better than others (really, they range from great right down to shit), but all of them interesting. And a huge departure from what we saw from Tim Burton and Joel Shumacher, and even from what Chris Nolan's giving us. There are also a couple of logo designs in there as well.

While I'm really looking forward to Batman Begins, I am disappointed that Aronofsky won't be giving us "his" Batman. It'd be interesting to see what his Batman film would be like.

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Sinful imagery
To put it bluntly, Sin City looks like it will be one a-fucking-mazing movie. Back in September I posted a few images (click here) from the movie that popped online (shortly after seeing some great footage), and now a couple of posters have hit the net.

Bruce Willis is Hartigan

Rosario Dawson is Gail

There isn't much left to say about these, except they rock. This is one movie I am looking forward to...
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Tuesday, November 02, 2004
"I'm sexually frustrated..." she tells me as she tears up the little glittery horse.

Today is Melbourne Cup day. I went to the club with my colleagues at work, and return to the office just wanting more. I convince a few of the guys to head across the road to the pub for a couple of quiet drinks (really not a difficult task).

As we wander across, a certain girl (of Women: Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em and A year wasted infamy) pulls up next to me, and invites herself along. After the last couple of weeks, I wasn't particularly in the mood to do anything with her, and to coin the most overused phrase in the Star Wars universe, I have a bad feeling about this.

Nt wanting to be a prick, I don't argue, and she comes along with us. Which is fine. No awkwardness, a friendly chat.

Which is the problem. As stated before, you'd think that there'd be some kinda period where, while being friendly, we wouldn't be wanting to spend time together. But I guess I thought wrong.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet, because I'm tired, and was really wanting to write a different post tonight (but this is what's on my mind, so here 'tis), but the young lady did a couple of things to confuse me:
  1. She spent her time there rubbing her foot against my leg... Not the first time, but you think she'd be wary of that with someone she doesn't want to be with;

  2. She made a few pointed statements, one in particular where she said that people are able to make one mistake in regards to who they go for in their life. This made me think that she meant one of three possible things:
    a) I made a mistake by going for her;
    b) She made a mistake by going for me; or
    c) She made a mistake by being with her boyfriend (a possibility that was pointed out to me later this evning)...
Now, all this just leaves me wondering what the fuck is going on?

Is she confused herself?

Is she some kind of sadist who takes some kind of pleasure in fucking with me?

As one of my mates mentioned after tonight - if this keeps up, I'm gonna go insane. Or moreso, atleast...
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