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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
Get over it!
Identity Crisis was one of the most critically acclaimed comic series ever published. It sat right up there with Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, and Alan Moore's Watchmen.

And then issue 7 hit. And the shit hit the fan. Big time.

Now fanboys are running amok, offended by this "travesty". They feel offended. Some are threatening to boycott DC Comics, others are just boycotting any issue in which any of these characters appear.

To which I say...

Get the fuck over it! It's a story!

And a good one at that! So good, infact, I'd say it's the best comic book series I've read since Kingdom Come. And that was seven years ago!

Now, I'm not ranting and raving about this because I happen to have a different opinion of the series. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, no matter how wrong they are :-). But these people are bitching because they don't like how these characters are portrayed. They didn't like the revelation behind the mystery. They didn't like a mature take on these characters. And some are going as far as to call it misogynistic.

  • The way these characters were portrayed

    These characters were portrayed with the same characteristics that DC's portrayed them with for years. The only difference is, here, they fucked up. And yes, they fucked up big time. They fucked up when they mindwiped Dr Light, and they fucked up when they mindwiped Batman.

    Yes, they're heroes. And no, those actions weren't heroic. But what Brad Meltzer showed us is that even heroes can fuck up. They're not infalliable, especially when they're running scared.

    And when the Flash found out about what they did to Batman, did he tell him? No. Why not? Because it would serve no purpose. Yes, he disagrees with the decision. He has to look Batman in the eye. He has to accept that his uncle Barry isn't as infalliable as he once thought (and that's what fans have to do as well. Think of him as the fanboy reading the book). The simple fact is that if he told Batman, it would have caused a huge rift within the Justice League, and it's something the DCU can't afford.

  • The revelation

    People don't like it when a good guy turns evil. Fair enough. They're fine when a villain turns good, but they don't like the corruption of an "innocent". Now, it's not like it was the Atom who killed Sue. Yes, it was his ex-wife. His crazy ex-wife.

    Something that fans are forgetting is that Jean has suffered from mental problems earlier. It is part of the reason that she and the Atom never worked out their problems before (that, and she cheated on him). So Brad Meltzer never covered this fact in the miniseries. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe he thought that would be too big a giveaway. Whatever the reason, that remains a fact in DC continuity.

    Many also found it anticlimactic, which is understandable. However, at it's core, Identity Crisis is a small, personal tale. A small personal tale about larger than life characters, certainly. But it doesn't require that a supervillain be behind it all, with a huge DCU spanning battle ensuing.

  • The mature take

    It seems that people only like mature takes on characters when they don't do anything to develop them further. And yes, it's a comic book universe, and the rape scene was harsh. But it was meant to be. You feel for Sue. You feel for the Justice League when Dr Light threatens their loved ones.

    Maybe fans are scared that the DC Universe has lost it's innocence. But look at Outsiders, Green Arrow, and what David Lapham is doing in Detective Comics. These are mature takes, and they're not pissing people off. They're good, solid stories. But when it comes to a crossover event, it's not allowed...?

    Comics may be perceived as a kids medium, but it's not. The people who are tearing Brad Meltzer a new one for this take are the very same people who keep telling everyone that it's not a kids medium. Maybe DC needs to create a more mature imprint. Not like Marvel MAX, but one where they can let people know that these titles aren't for kids. Warn people ahead of time.

  • The misogyny

    Yes, the victim was female. Yes, the perpetrator was female. Does this make the story misogynistic? Apparently so. This series hardly presented only women as victims. Robin's father, Jack Drake, was also a victim.

    The fact that both Sue Dibney and Jean Lorring are female is because the majority of comic heroes are straight males. And since it's a story about heroes' families, they're wives are female. Huge stretch there.

    Zatanna's the one who did the mindwiping. Now, is that misogyny? I mean, she's female, so that should be empowering, right? Or is it because she was the only one evil enough to do that? Oh, the male members of the Justice league convinced her to do it? But she acted out against Batman all on her own. To call a story misogynistic with no real basis is just... dumb.
In a nutshell, Identity Crisis is the comic of the year. It's a damn shame that people aren't giving it a fair go, on the simple basis that it takes readers outside of their comfort zone.
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Cool ass DVDs (January '05)
Ah, January. It's the time for post Christmas sales, and recovering from the New Years hangover. And as such, not a great deal's released on DVD. Still, there is a bit of cool shit coming out. And with me heading off to Sydney for a few days for the Big Day Out and other shenanigans, a lack of DVDs'll help me save money - theoretically, atleast...

January 7

Smallville - Season 2

Okay, I never bought season one on DVD. It's one of those shows, that, while I enjoyed, and while I would like to own, it was a little overpriced to worry about (only about the same cost as most TV shows, but there's stuff I'd rather spend the cash on). I do intend to grab it though, just like I intend on buying this second season. The episodes I saw of this are far superior to season one. And it shits me that they never finished airing season two on TV, while they're currently showing season 4 in the US... Somebody save me...

January 12

Alias - Season 3

Bugger, I've still got to pick up season 2. Can't believe time got away from me like that. Season 2's the best season of Alias ever. Well, of the first three, anyway. Season 4 may prove me wrong after it starts airing. And Season 3's the worst. I'm hoping Season 4 doesn't prove me wrong in that respect. That said, it's still better than most of the stuff on TV, by a long way.

The Ladykillers

A movie I haven't seen, but I'll atleast be hiring it. I really enjoyed the original with Peter Sellers and Alec Guinness. And I really dig the Cohen brothers. So, it should be a funky film. A very funky film.

And that's it. Three whole DVDs of note! Well, 13 when you consider that the first two are six disc sets, but that's it. Not a huge month of diggable DVD goodness. Though, there is one more release worth my noting, only because it's something I'm dreading.

January 13


I'm a huge Batman fanatic. Huge fucking fanatic. And yet, with everything I'd heard about this film, and everything I've seen from it, I couldn't bring myself to go and see it. And there wasn't even much competing with it, either! A moment of weakness and morbid curiosity could end up making me hire this, but I highly doubt it'll be a purchase - and I own Batman & Robin, for crying out loud!!

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Sunday, December 26, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Thu 23rd)
And not such a token post. Why? Because comics excite me more than Christmas... Kinda sad, I know. But Christmas, really, while a nice day, is really catching up with family. Comics, on the other hand, are an addiction. Especially when you buy a ton, two days after buying another ton. But, this week's actually shipped!

And since today was Christmas, tomorrow's Sunday, and there are two public holidays, I wouldn't have been able to get them 'til Wednesday. And that'd suck.

Before I get onto I the books I got, I'll mention those that I thought were coming, but didn't. No Astonishing X-Men #8, surprisingly, the Marvel website fucked up. The DC site also fucked up, listing both Teen Titans and Superman/Batman...

But the ones I did get? Read on...

Astonishing X-Men #7

Marvel had both this and issue #8 listed for this week, which is pretty odd. They didn't both ship. Would've been nice if they did though. A good friend of mine also reads Astonishing X-Men. A complete detractor of Buffy and Angel, but a fan of X-Men, he feared for what Joss Whedon was going to do to the night. When I saw him Wednesday night, he was quoting it. I'm the exact opposite - love Buffy and Angel, never got into X-Men. I too dig the title. In a nutshell, the first part of Whedon's second (and final arc) Dangerous, is shaping up to be brilliant. Humour, emotion, and a great cameo by the Fantastic Four make this a great read.

Black Widow #4

Stephanie returns to Russia for the first time in years, discovering new (not to mention shocking) information about her past, and the Black Widow Project (nothing like the Blair Witch Project, thank God). An entertaining read, though the interior artwork by Gordon Parlov and Bill Sienkiewicz has absolutely nothing on Greg Land's beautiful cover. And one minor quibble with the plot - Stephanie has been out of the KGB for years, yet she's stayed within the espionage game. How the hell is it that she's shocked to learn that there have been Black Widow's before her...?

Catwoman: When in Rome #3

Tim Sale's art is so pretty... And it's a shame that Jeph Loeb's script isn't. As much as I've been enjoying the miniseries, this issue hasn't done anything much to develop the story, and seems as nothing more than an excuse to sell an extra issue of the miniseries. The Riddler has no point being in this story (so far), as he just plays a one note wanker constantly trying to get Catwoman naked. The issue does have it's moments though, such as the blonde hitman playing dumb about the Catwoman/Selina Kyle connection. And Cheetah makes an appearance. Next issue: Catfight!

Green Lantern: Rebirth #3

When reading this issue, I could almost hear GL fans everywhere asking a collctive "What the fuck?". Personally, this is my favourite issue of the miniseries so far, and it's building up into an awesome tale. The thing that'll piss of a few fanboys however, is the revelation that Hal Jordan was posessed by a demonic force of fear, when he snapped. It's name? Parallax. So, writer Geoff Johns has now exonerated Hal Jordan of any responsibility for what he did. A quick fix solution, maybe, but it doesn't change the fact that this is a brilliant read that's heading towards an explosive climax. We're treated to some great characterisation, and one brilliant scene where the Spectre and Parallax are fighting over Hal's soul. Sweet...

Jingle Belle #2

And there I was, thinking Paul Dini can do no wrong. Well, I guess he didn't really do any wrong here, but it just didn't live up to #1. By a long way. The first story was good, following a guy who once met her, trying to track her down. What follows is a series of vignettes - some funny, some poignant - from other guys she's affected over the years. Not too bad, though it doesn't feature much of Jingle. The second story, however, doesn't feature ANY Jingle whatsoever! It's a mildly amusing tale of a Christmas party in the town of Mutant, Texas. Um... yay?

JLA: Classified #2

Message to Grant Morrison: THIS IS NOT THE FUCKING SILVER AGE. JUSTICE LEAGUE ROBOTS ARE NOT A COOL, HUGE IDEA!! Luckily, they're written off pretty quickly, and we don't have to suffer them for too long. But they have no place in this story, nor the DCU. The entire concept of them stinks of corniness, and severely hurts an otherwise entertaining issue. Batman can't reach the JLA, and uses the robots to attack Gorilla Grodd. Definately not Morrison's finest hour.

Solo #2

Okay, who the hell is Rochard Corben? He's sone barely any comics work (yet has been around for ages), and somehow DC feel justified in dedicating the second issue of Solo to him...? His art's okay, but nothing spectacular. Corben also felt the need to write all but one of the stories in this issue. They're not bad reads, and all have a moralistic core. However, the John Arcudi-penned Spectre story blew these away.

Space Ghost #2

The fourth #2 this week is awesome. This issue chronicles Space Ghost's "recovery" from death, as he trains on the ghost planet to avenge his, and his wife's murder. The issue is slow, but the pacing works well. Next issue, Space Ghost takes flight, and features... Zorak. Now that's cool.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #19

Now this is fucked up. It's the first issue I've read in this volume of TMNT, and I was thrown by how odd it's become. An entertaining read, but I'll have to give it a few issues, because: a) I have a lot of catching up to do; and b) I'm not sure I like the direction it's taking. A few examples are: Splinter's dead; the Foot are (apparently) good; aliens are commonplace in New York now; Michelangelo knocked up some alien lizard woman; Raphael's raging anger's transformed him into a lizard monster. Fucked up, I tells ya! But it had Fugitoid in it, and he kicks muchos arse.

Next week (maybe, possibly, with any luck):
  • Batgirl
  • Batman
  • Elektra: The Hand
  • Iron Man
  • Outsiders
  • New Avengers
  • Superman
  • Wha... Huh?
  • What if Karen Page Had Lived?
That'll be the first time I get more Marvel than DC...! Unless ofcourse, Superman/Batman and Teen Titans ship... That'd be my safety net!
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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Token Christmas Post
It's Christmas day. For another fifty nine minutes.

Oh, Merry Christmas by the way!

Each year I find it harder and harder to get into the Christmas spirit. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm getting jaded. Or maybe I've stopped giving a fuck.

Though thanks to all night Christmas shopping at Westfield, and a Christmas Eve dinner with friends, it managed to infect me once again. And I remember, the meaning of Christmas is quite similar to most guys' opinions on sex: It's always better to give than receive.

Thursday evening was fun. While I had finished most of my shopping, possessed by the spirit of ol' Saint Nick,I felt the need to buy more presents. Yay! Costs money though. Not such a big yay there. But hell, Christmas comes once a year.

Friday night was fun. More so than Thursday night. The dinner was great, and there were kids. There's nothing quite like seeing kids excited over getting presents at Christmas. Kinda (but not really) makes me want to have some of my own. Maybe one day, way way way down the track.

And then, there's today. Christmas day. It was also fun. Quiet lunch with the family, nothing overly busy. Which's cool.

And there it is. My token Christmas post.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Tue 21st)
Sometimes I hate this fucking country. Australia: The lucky country. The sunburned land. The other side of the world where comics turn up late. Not only have I been waiting for weeks to get my hands on Detective, Deadshot and New Avengers, this week's shipment turned up late... Stupid shipping. And there's no guarantee that the next too weeks' worth of books will make it on time either. So, this could be the last lot before Christmas...

Oh yeah - and while there's a bit I wanna post on, I haven't gotten to them yet (for various, dull, reasons). Hopefully tomorrow. Just wanted to do this while it's fresh in my mind...

Adventures of Superman

Ho fucking hum. The Parasite was never a great Superman villain. So I don't know why we need to see two of them. It's a shame that this issue was so boring, it's usually a great read. But unfortunately, this one just sunk lower than the average Action Comics. On the plus side, we do get teased with the prospect of Superman finally confronting Ruin next issue. Let's hope Greg Rucka can give us his usual quality.

Batman: Gotham Knights #60

Last time AJ Lieberman wrote Gotham Knights, it was for Pushback, the surprisingly not-crap sequel to Hush. Well, Hush is back in this issue, though it looks like he'll be playing a recurring role for a while, as opposed to having another story dedicated to him. And while the character's cool, I am getting sick of him. Flavour of the month villain who'll end up getting so overexposed that everything I liked'll be stripped away (guess I can't complain, come June next year we'll be getting way too much Ra's al Ghul and the Scarecrow...). Basically, Hush kidnaps Alfred and we get a taste of some mystery to come.

Birds of Prey #77

This issue is testament that a shit cover does not a shit comic make. After reading #75, I really dreaded the new direction this title's been taking. And when it's really too soon to see if it'll reach it's earlier heights of glory, it ain't turning out too bad. This issue, they confront a witch/demon/whatever the hell she turns out to be, who judges those who've gotten away with murder. So yeah, you can imagine that Huntress'll be in a bit of trouble. Oh, the issue also features a bar room brawl. Sweet...

Catwoman #38

Paul Gulacy is a brilliant artist. Brilliant. While Scott Morse is an awesome writer, and his art has a certain style to it, I'm sure more casual readers'd pick up the title if Gulacy supplied the covers too. This issue introduces us to an all new villain - Wooden Nickel - and a plot to extort Gotham's vigilantes, which is nowhere near as corny as Wooden Nickel comes across. A pretty funky read, but not spectacular. Though this story could develop pretty well over the next few issues.

Deadshot #1

Floyd is a crappy name. Especially for a tough as nails hitman. This is pointed out to Deadshot with amusing results. DC's most awesome B-grade nihilist gets his miniseries, where the mission statement is simply "give this dude something to care about". And this thing to care about - a daughter. We also catch an (I think) unseen glimpse into Deadshot's back story, and it's not a pretty one. I'm not sure if this issue lived up to the three week wait, but it's still not a bad read in the slightest. I am hoping that it lives up to it's potential over the next four issues.

Detective Comics #801

Now this issue was worth the three week wait! I'm not familiar with David Latham's work on Stray Bullets, but his work here is nothing short of spectaculr. The first part of the 12-part City of Crime, Latham sets up a mystery worth delving into, and shows us Gotham as it has been rarely shown before. Quite often, the creaters crap on about how Gotham is it's own character, and Latham is one of the few writers who have pulled it off brilliantly. He shows us what a hard, horrible, hell hole Gotham is, through the many crimes perpetrated in a single night. The old man who picks up a 16 year old (yet thinking she's 13) is a surprisingly adult take for a mainstream Bat-book, and really demonstrates that DC should have a "mature" range of superhero titles. And I'm not talking like Marvel MAX, where they wanna get away with shit cause they can.

Identity Crisis #7

And so it comes to a close. The comic event of the year, and one of the most powerful superhero stories ever told. And I mean ever told. While I can see people bitching and moaning about it being an anti-climax, it's nice to see that Brad Meltzer wasn't out to top himself ith more shocking plot twists. Instead we get a simple resolution, with heartfelt emotion. We care about these characters, and even though the killer is brought to justice, the resolution is still only bittersweet. And yes - Atom being ID'd as the killer was a red herring - I'd picked that easily enough, but still didn't get the real (and pretty fucking obvious in hindsight) killer.

New Avengers #1

Ah, Brian Michael Bendis. He tends to drag stuff on a bit. Or really, quite a fucking lot. It's only the first issue of New Avengers, and by the issue's end, the team isn't formed. Hell, we only get two of the Avengers making an appearance here, Captain America and Spider-Man. That doesn't mean we don't get superheroes, Matt Murdock is throughout the issue (sans Daredevil costume), as is Luke Cage. We get some great dashes of humour, such as Peter Parker refusing to watch a Hugh Grant movie with Mary Jane, and Matt constanty trying to deny he's Daredevil after his recent outing in the press. A funky read, and should develop into a cool title.

Robin #133

Yikes, #133. I forgot how long I've been reading Robin (well, on and off) since the first issue. Part three of the crossover with Batgirl sees the duo taken hostage by the Penguin, and a shitload of extra muscle. Not a great deal happens from here on, but the issue's really funny, from the bidding war over who gets to unmask them, to Robin goading Penguin into having everyone bet over who'd win in a fight between Batgirl and himself. Amusing stuff, while not brilliant.

On Thursday, I'll be grabbing the following... Providing they ship, ofcourse:
  • Astonishing X-Men #7
  • Astonishing X-Men #8 (hey, Marvel recons they're both coming out this week)
  • Black Widow #4
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth #3
  • Jingle Belle #2
  • JLA: Classified #2
  • Solo #2
  • Space Ghost #2
  • Superman/Batman #16
  • Teen Titans #19
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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Covering up
Yesterday, DC unveiled their March solicitations. And among them, were some awesome cover images. Friggin' brilliant. These are those.

Adventures of Superman #638
By Carlos Meglia

I can't say I'm overly familiar with Meglia's work, but this cover's made me an instant fan. Wacky. Funky. If DC ever decides to restart the Harley Quinn book, get him onboard.

Batgirl #62
By Ale Garza and Jesse Delperdang

Garza and Delperdang are both brilliant artists. This is well above their standard work in this haunting piece, where Cassandra is visited by the spirit of the only friend she ever knew.

Batman: Gotham Knights #63
By Cliff Chiang

Okay, okay... this is a lot weaker than the other covers posted here. But I still dig it. It reminds me of the beautiful covers Brian Stelfreeze used to do on Shadow of the Bat. Wonder what hapened to him...

Batman: Tales of the Demon
By Neal Adams

Neal Adams is one of the greats. I'd even go as far as to say the greatest comic book artist of all time. And that was 30 years ago. Classic imagery from a classic artist.

DC Countdown
By Jim Lee and Alex Ross

DC's big summer event. So, they combine their two most popular artists, who render this beautiful piece. I'm waiting for the poster... and just who is Batman holding?

Green Lantern: Rebirth #6
By Ethan Van Sciver and Prentiss Rollins

Simply put, this is what Green Lantern should be. This image captures the Corps. A majestic image for a majestic mythology.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #1
By Lee Bermejo
A completely different take on Lex Luthor, and the Man of Steel. Superman, in this image, isn't portrayed as the beacon of light, nor the world's saviour. Instead, something to fear.

Space Ghost #5
By Alex Ross

It surprises me that Alex Toth's character can be taken seriously. It amazes me that he can be rendered so beautifully. This is not the Space Ghost I saw on TV...
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Sunday, December 12, 2004
Just watched a few teaser trailers online, and feel the need to comment on them. All funky, all adaptations.

Be Cool

Okay, so this isn't technically a teaser. But, it still whets my appetite and makes me want to see it now. And as far as I'm concerned, it's teasing. John Travolta's reprising his role from Get Shorty, as does Danny DeVito. However, this time they're joined by Uma Thurman, and it's looking like we'll get some more of that Pulp Fiction chemistry, albeit with slightly less cocaine. Oh, and it also features Vince Vaughan, Cedric the Entertainer, Andre 3000 (why is it that black dudes love the weird names?), the Rock as a gay bodyguard, Harvey Keitel, and Christina Milian who'll ensure that Uma's not the only stiffener in the film. This is one cool cast, and I'm a huge Elmore Leonard fan, so Iexpect this'll be "cool.

War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise didn't win me over. Steven Spielberg didn't win me over. HG Wells' novel didn't win me over. But this teaser is a-fucking-mazing. It looks like that this entire trailer was filmed sperately (if not, it's brilliant editing), and acts as an intro to the film (it actually uses a slightly modified intro from the original novel). We're not subjected to Tom Cruise in it (not that I hate the guy, but I am glad they're not ramming it down our throats), we just get a teaser that builds suspense. Nice...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is one tripped out, fucked up teaser. As it opens up, we get an annoying, yet incredibly catchy song about Willy Wonka, along with some of the wackiest footage I've seen come from Tim Burton this side of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. That aside, the always brilliant Johnny Depp portrays an eccentric Willy Wonka, and thoroughly steals the trailer. This will be one wacky ride, and something to see. Let's just hope Burton's not going to end up giving us another Planet of the Apes. Though, Depp's Wonka is leagues ahead of Gene Wilder's.

Batman Begins

Okay, so it officially hits online tomorrow. And I'll watch it then. But til then, I'll settle for the crappy lo-res version I managed to download today. I've watched it a few times, and it is bloody sweet. Most of the new teaser focuses on Bruce Wayne's training at the hands of Ducard (Liam Neeson). We catch a glimpse of Ken Wanatabe as Ra's al Ghul, as well as Bruce fighting the league of assassins. We also get to see him working on the Bat-suit before we get a montage of brief shots of Batman in action. The teaser ends with a freaked out looking dude yelling "Where are you?", and Batman dropping down directly behind him, hanging upside down "Here". Beautiful stuff. And all new footage, apart from a young Bruce falling into the cave for the very first time...

And speaking of beautiful stuff, the international teaser poster's also hit online. Much as I loved the US one, the international one is even better. A shot of Batman, in the Batcave. Ominous, dark. Lovely. This movie had better not disappoint.

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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 11th)
Bloody hell... those books still haven't shipped! I want my Detective, I want my Deadshot! And although the thought of New Avengers scares me shitless, I want it to. I didn't get Batman/Danger Girl in my box this week either... I'd better make a call tomorrow and see if it arrived (if so, I atleast get it free).

But this is what I managed to pick up yesterday:

Action Comics #822

Just when I was starting to sing the praises of Chuck Austen, he churns out more of his typical crap. While the issue doesn't sink as low as his previous wrestling matches for issues, it's no where near the level of the other Superman titles. The issue does have a couple of nice moments, with Lois suspecting Clark of cheating on her with Lana (would DC sink that low to make Supes "relevant"?), and the awkwardness between the two, but it's all muted by the issue's villain, a redneck who can turn into a 25 foot monster. Um... yay?

Gotham Central #26

I was expecting a great issue. I got a good one. And I'm dreading the next issue. Catwoman's been framed for murder. Cool. We got some great dialogue between the cops. Cool. We hardly see Catwoman. Not so cool, but understandable - it's a cop comic, not a costumed hero comic. The thing that worries me is, it's all build up. Which is usually pretty cool, except it's a two part story. Which means we can expect a super fast resolution next issue.

JLA #109

Part three of eight, and still not brilliant. It's getting better, but I don't think we'll be getting anywhere near classic Busiek territory. Last issue ended with a promise that we'll actually see the Justice League this issue, and we did, albeit briefly. Atleast now with the Crime Syndicate making their move and impersonating the JLA, the arc should start going somewhere.

JSA #68

It's the crossover of the century! JSA/JSA...? With the slaughtering of the Star Spangled Kid... sorry, Stargirl's family early on in the issue, I was pulled right in. Through a convoluted time travel plot (though, this is coming from someone who finds any time travel more indepth than Back to the Future convoluted), the JSA is transported to the past to convince the old JSA to reclaim their mantles, after being framed for being commie spies. Corny as it sounds, it has a ton of heart, and actually carries a bit of weight.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #9

It was on a mate's recommendation that I picked this issue up. I didn't find it enthralling, but he's a Spider-Man fanboy. Me, I'm a Batman fanatic. He's inlove with the Marvel universe. I have a hard on for the DC universe. I still enjoyed the issue, but found the startling revelation that supervillains were originated as part of a governmant conspiracy incredibly fucking hamfisted. Though, even though this is my first issue of the series, I am caring about Peter's plight with Aunt May being abducted. Though, Petey's way too nice - he has so much to worry about, and he still lets the little foreign kid sucker him into tutoring him. Fuck that Petey - just bitchslap the kid.

Nightwing #100

And the most misleading cover of the... week goes to: Nightwing! Instead, we get a far more interesting issue, with Dick feeling so guilty about his part in Blockbuster's murder (ie standing by as Tarantula kills him), that he turns himself into the local authorities. I loved Dick and Barbara's phone messaging over in Birds of Prey, and this issue shows it from Dick's perspective, adding a ton of emotion to it. We're also treated to Dick's disgust at the corruption in the Bludhaven PD, as it gets him off the hook for the murder, and a description about his ethnicity being "other - not white enough to be white". It's nice to see Devin Grayson focus on his gypsy heritage, but I wonder how long until DC starts billing him as Nightwing: The "Other" White Meat!

And thats pretty much it. I lay-by'd the Hush series 2 figures... Sweet. So very sweet. I'm also waiting for DC's March solicitations to hit... Looks like Countdown's the big event that Wizard's writing up about next issue.

Oh, and Marvel - if you guys really want to stop your covers from being downloaded, you really need to do more than give a pop up message. You're a big company, hire a web developer who knows what the fuck they're doing.

Next week:
  • Adventures of Superman
  • Batman: Gotham Knights
  • Birds of Prey
  • Catwoman
  • Identity Crisis
  • Robin

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Saturday, December 11, 2004
Went to the work Christmas party last night (recurring theme after the last post?), and I was going to dedicate the post to that. But really, as fun as the night was (and it was really fucking fun), there wasn't much interesting stuff happening.

A couple of tidbits, but that's about it. One such tidbit is the girl who fucked me around. She was there. I think it was about midnight, and a few of us are standing outside, chatting. She stands in front of me, and starts rubbing up.

The following transpires (me in the blue text).




"Why not?"

"You're drunk. I'm drunk. Don't."

And that was the end of that... She's probably not going to talk to me for a while, which is probably for the best.

It was after the Christmas party that a few of the boys decide to head out to the pub and drink some more. Now, this is the pub where the chick from the foam party last month works. In that post, I neglected to mention that she's moving to Orange (just didn't seem relevant). So I never pursued anything further, much as I would have loved to.

And last night was her last night at work. We chat a bit at the bar (after she jumps me ahead of the queue), and she lets me know that she gets off on a break soon. She must have an odd conception of soon though, it was over an hour! When she finally gets her break, we catch up. I buy her a drink (a cocksucking cowboy, no less!), and we have a chat.

She mentions that she really wished that events had transpired earlier, before she knew about Orange, and that she would have liked time to get to know me better. But when it's all said and done, she's wasn't willing to put that on hold.

And good. I like the girl and all, but we barely know each other. And wouldn't I feel like a royal shit if she did her change plans.

I just told her that I didn't pursue anything for that very reason, and wished her good luck with her studies there.

And on that note, she kissed me goodnight.

All in all, yeah, it was a bit of a bummer. And not something I'm too hapy about. I am lucky though that we decided to go to the pub, and I had my chance to say goodbye. And I know where I stand/stood/whatever.

Oh, and the Christmas party was cool. Three course meal, free drinks 'til 8, and for only $10! Had to pay for drinks afterwards though... Last year they were free all night :-( So my night was really depressing!
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Christmas is good for four things: Parties, food, presents, and... emails. I got the following pics of Santa and Rudolph in my email, and well, they made me giggle.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Not a country song
Man, what a crappy 24 hours...

I get home from work last night, to find that the modem isn't working. There was a huge storm last night, and there's a possibility it got fried. I called my ISP, who advised me that it's a definate possibility (no shit), but I should uninstall the driver, and reinstall it.

Now, that makes no sense to me whatsoever. I still did it. And what do I get for my efforts? A modem that still doesn't work, plus, at no extra cost: the blue screen of death! Each and every time I try connecting to the net.

So, I reformat my hard drive, and reinstall Windows. Thinking that the modem may have been conflicting with something after I reinstalled it, I tried it again. And, I get more blue screeny goodness.

Royally pissed off, I head to bed. Now 4am. I set my alarm, and get to sleep.

I wake up. Now 9am. Great, except I have to get to work. So I rush through the shower, hop on a bus, and it breaks down. Don't get in 'til 10 fucking 30.

Now, this is sounding like a crappy country song, except for the fact that I didn't lose my job, and my dog didn't die. Lucky me,

I get into work, and it is incredibly busy. Partly because I'm late, partly because it's a busy period, and partly because I had to waste yesterday putting a spreadsheet together. Not that any of those reasons matter, because I'm busy.

So busy in fact, that I stay until 7:15 tonight, and still don't get everything I want done. I finally finished gathering the previous week's statistics, but I only just started on a report, which I was promising I'd have done by the afternoon. With any luck, that shouldn't take too long tomorrow. But I'm getting in early, just in case.

In my short little lunch "break", I run across the road and grab a modem. I get one, shelf price of $100, but I score it for $83, since I get cost + 5% through work. Finally, I catch a break.

When I finally get home, it installs perfectly fine. It runs well, for all of five minutes.

It seems my computer's clogged up with spyware and viruses (and yet by this point it's only been reformatted for around 20 hours with no net access to catch anything), so I spend a couple of hours trying to make it work, then just installing Norton and seeing what happens.

It finds a couple of viruses (my little brain still doesn't understand how), and fixes them. And now I can post my blog.

(But I still can't download the new Batman Begins trailer... Thought it was meant to be online already?)
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Unprofessional Professionalism
Okay, I admit it: I'm a Foxtel addict. I rarely watch free to air TV, not because I'm a pay TV snob, but because in the latter half of the season, there just hasn't been much to keep my interest. Alias and 24 finished for the year, and Angel finished for good. Pity me. Oh, I did watch Six Feet Under on free to air towards the end of the season, and I'll watch Nip/Tuck when it returns, but that's beside the point.

My point is that I like my Foxtel.

Which is why they get away with being such unprofessional fucks.

Ya see, a little over a week ago, they disconnected me. Sure, that'd be fair enough if I didn't pay, but the thing is, I did. I paid over bPay at the beginning of the week. But it was paid into the wrong account. The wrong account they gave me.

And yet, it's still my account. A couple of years back, I had Foxtel, got shitty (they didn't have anywhere near the range they do now), and unsubscribed. The bPay account details they gave me were for this account.

So, on that Monday, I paid $150, with a view to pay a further $100 this pay. That would have had me ahead. In credit. End of story. Works well in theory... Until they fucking well disconnect you regardless.

So, they disconnect me. I explain that I paid. Too bad. I give them the details I paid this into. Too bad again. I query this, and it turns out they gave me my old account details. They're bad - not mine.

Now, one would think that when you screw a customer over, you apologise for any inconvenience caused, and rectify the problem immediately. But no. They advise me that:
  1. Once it's been paid into another account, they can't do a thing about it. I'd need to contact the bank and sort it out;

  2. I still need to pay $270 - the amount "owing" plus the disconnection fee. They make the mistake. They charge me for it.
So, I contact the bank to see what they can do. They give me an option. Either they can refund it to me, or they can credit it back to Foxtel under the correct account number. The only snag - this will take four to six weeks. No matter which option I take.

So, like the little bitch I am, I pay Foxtel the $270. It was the only way to get this sorted out.

I mention to them that since I subscribed in June, I have yet to receive a bill, no matter how many times I've requested it. I still haven't.

And to make things worse, I just noticed today that I am unable to watch the pay-per-view movies. And I'm supposed to receive two free ones a month...

Fucking arseholes.
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Monday, December 06, 2004
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 4th)
Not just DC this week... And there's more than Marvel. Yup, I *gasp* bought a Dark Horse comic, and a Mirage Studios one!

This lot kinda comprises two week's worth of reading. I didn't grab any comics last week, because, well... they didn't ship. Stupid Thanksgiving... Has to ruin my week's reading. Also, a few of my titles didn't ship this week (apparently nowhere outside the USA got 'em... grr) - Deadshot, Detective Comics, New Avengers... Three books I was really looking forward to.

But fuck it, I guess - I'm hoping to see 'em next week, and besides, I had 10 comics to read.

Batgirl #58

Continued from Robin #134, which I found a little disappointing. But this issue kicked it's arse... big time. While continuing the plot laid out in the first issue, we get a ton of humour, some very poignant moments, and a touching explanation as to what Batgirl's doing in Bludhaven. I'm really hoping the editorial staff keep Robin and Batgirl in Bludhaven for a while, the two characters work with each other well... Really well.

Batman #634

Yet another War Games epilogue. But this one actually had War Games Epilogue in the title. Guess that makes it official, or sells more books or something. Despite my sarcasm, I did enjoy the book. Much as I love the "Batgirl and Robin" team, I love the Batman and Nightwing team. Not that we get to see much of it, the issue was more Bruce explaining to Dick what's happened since War Games came to a close. A nice read, with some great characterisation.

Black Widow #3

I'd be inclined to call this issue sexist, and anti-male, except it's written by one. It's a great read, even though it does point out what arseholes we are. The issue has a fair amount more humour than the previous two, including a middle aged guy who's been cheating on his wife with a 17 year old. Add to that the mystery, and the intrigue, and all the other spy stuff, and it's a cool issue. And Greg Land's cover fucking rocks.

Elektra: The Hand #4

The penultimate issue of this samurai tale ups the ante. Big time. Kangenobu finds that the Hand is growing stronger, so much so, that he can't contain it. The organisation is attacking Japanese people - those it was originally meant to protect from foreignors - as well as himself, who is seen to have betrayed the ideals of the organisation.

Jingle Belle #1

As if Paul Dini hasn't proven his brilliance a million times before, he's somehow felt the need to do so again. The issue features two stories, the first of which is by far the better of the two. It's a piss funny take on Christmas specials, television networks and creative freedom. Oh, and it also has a healthy dose of Christmas spirit, too. The second story is an amusing tale about Jingle's witch friend with a family so greedy they force her to keep creating stuff for them... and this gets multiplied tenfold at Christmas - until she gets her "sweet" revenge, that is. The worst thing about this series is that it's a four issue miniseries. And with all the crap that Hollywood churns out at Christmas, someone really should look at greenlighting Jingle Belle for the big screen.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #2

I was disappointed by the first issue. Not bitterly so, but I just didn't figure it was worth the hype. Not all comics can be Identity Crisis. This issue isn't, either. But it's still a great read, and is building towards something - call it a hunch, but could it be the return of Hal Jordan? Surely not... :-| Though DC's made absolutely no secret of his return, we're treated to a nice, forboding mystery as to how this is coming about. And it ain't going to be easy... for anyone!

Outsiders #18

This issue was sickening. But in a good way. Continuing on from last issue (and it's revelation that Grace was held in a child pornography ring), this issue really drives it's point home, to great effect. The Outsiders rescue a group of kids from a child pornography ring. It's only a drop in the ocean, and they figure they haven't done much to stop it. In one of the most powerful cliffhanger's I've read, Arsenal gets home to find his daughter's baby sitter dead, and writing on the wall: You took my children, now I've taken yours. Say hi to Grace for me... Well worth the read, and it doesnt come across as edgey for the sake of edgey.

Superman #211

Superman and Wonder Woman fight. Superman disappears. For Tomorrow's actually building into a great story. Yeah, it's a little slow, but as much as anything, it's a character study on the Man of Steel. I'm just having trouble believing that it's already two thirds through!

Superman/Batman #15

Superman and Wonder Woman fight. It seems to be a recurring theme, but in this issue, Superman strangles her with her own lasso. Yup, he's still ruling the world... and avenging Batman's death. Wonder Woman and Uncle Sam *groan* unite the B-grade heroes that weren't killed before having a chance to develop powers to take on Supes and Bats. They fail. Until the future Superman previously seen in the series (and looking remarkably like the Kingdom Come Supes) makes an appearance. Odd, fucked up stuff. But odd, fucked up stuff that actually works! I'm even enjoying Carlos Pachecho's art!

Tales of the TMNT #6

And finally, the one issue I found disappointing. Much as I love the Ninja Turtles, and have done for years, I stopped collecting the comics for ages. I got interested again when I picked up #5 of this series, and it was a brilliant fucking issue. This issue, isn't quite so brilliant. It's too bogged down in the current continuity, which wouldn't be so bad if I'd kept reading it for all these years. It was nice to see Chris Allan and Dean Clarrain from the old Archie series come back for an issue, but I think they were wasted here, on a fairly dark story about honour. I would have loved to see a story set in the Archie Ninja Turtle's universe, or atleast one keeping the same tone. Hell, this is an anthology series after all. Oh, and there was a back-up story about the resurrection of a Utrom (Krang type alien but not as annoying).

Oh, and on another note, I've been meaning to write something about how cool the Daredevil Director's Cut is. Still wanna do that, and write other fanboyish posts.

But I'll save those for some point over the next couple of days...

Comics I'm due to grab next week:
  • Action Comics
  • Batman/Danger Girl
  • Gotham Central
  • JLA
  • JSA
  • Marvel Knights Spider-Man
  • Nightwing
Plus, hopefully (providing they ship this time):
  • Deadshot
  • Detective Comics
  • New Avengers

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Sunday, December 05, 2004
And I'm not referring to Alicia Silverstone's nipple free outfit in Batman & Robin.

I'm in a real fanboy mood right now - I picked up two weeks worth of comics today, though a few didn't ship (hopefully next week), and just watched the Daredevil Director's Cut. I'll write more on both of these tomorrow (technically later today), after I've gotten some sleep.

But, I am hyped over the Batman Begins teaser poster. It's a simple poster, and doesn't scream "big budget blockbuster". But it does scream "Batman".

It's a simple image, a silhouette of Batman. The orange background helps Batman stand out, and while disconcerting at first is a wonderful shot of dusk. With the night comes the Bat...

Click the thumbnail below for the full version.

Fucking sweet stuff... We may get a great live-action Batman movie yet!
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