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Monday, January 31, 2005
Kickin' women
And after what seems like buttload of posts this month, my final post for January!

Oh, and by the way, I don't mean that I go around kicking women. I mean that as in arse kicking women.

First up, I finally saw the first episode of Desperate Housewives. Amusing, silly, and a decent giggle. I'll check out a few more episodes, but I can see the novelty wear off after a bit.

And now, the real reason for this post: while in Sydney, I managed to grab myself a copy of The House of Flying Daggers on DVD from Chinatown, and after fumbling my way through the Chinese menus, it's pretty damn cool.

That is, once I managed to get past the fact that for all intents and purposes, it's a love story between a gorgeous girl (Zhang Ziyi) and a dude that tries to rape her (Takeshi Kaneshiro) - it's okay, he was drunk!

Riddle me this, Batman: Where outside of Asian cinema is "I was drunk" an acceptable excuse for rape???

Once I finally got past this point, I thoroughly dug the movie. Sweet action, pretty, and a nice love story with shades of Romeo & Juliet. Zhang Yimou does seem to have a couple of recurring themes in his movies - war (for action movies, not so bad), and sexism - with Hero, only men see the "greater good", and with this, the general attitude to Mei, Zhang Ziyi's character (hell, the movie's completely about her, yet she only gets third billing...?).

This bitching aside, it's definately worth seeing. I'm not sure it's as pretty as Hero (I'll have to see this on the big screen, or Hero on the small screen to compare), and the action doesn't revolve around one uber martial artist beating the crap out of hordes of enemies. Sure, the action does lead greatly towards the heroes, but not ras ridiculously so.

Ziyi's performance is great. Excellent stuff as the film revolves around her (the first lead role I've seen her in). Women feature strongly, and are portrayed as strongly as Zhang Yimou is possibly capable of. But it still doesn't seem t stray too far away from the sentiment that all women need to be rescued.

The war aspect is handled completely differently than Hero. While that film completely made it's sentiments known, the war is a background piece to this love story. So much so, that no side is portrayed as being right - both the Government and the House of Flying Daggers send their soldiers into battle with little or no regard for their lives.

After seeing The House of Flying Daggers, I was surprised that this was more popular with fans than Hero - it just doesn't seem as big, and doesn't strike with the "wow" factor. What we get instead, is a smaller, more personal tale. Maybe someone in Hollywood should take note of this...

On a site note, I also grabbed My Wife is a Gangster on DVD (they didn't have the second one there). Haven't gotten around to watching it yet, but it's a fine example of kickin' women. A very cool movie, which is apparently going to be remade in Hollywood - starring Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman (according to the DVD case atleast). Now, while some US adaptations of Asian cinema work, and I quite like both actors, you cannot remake this film with that cast. It just doesn't work. So, Hollywood, don't look at what movies are popular - look at why they're popular. Casting these two (Meg as a hard as nails warrior, Hugh as a goofy dope completely incapable of standing up for himself), just will not work.

Over and out.
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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 29th)
Wow, I really have got to stop believing official websites. Apparently, new issues of Astonishing X-Men, New Avengers, Usagi Yojimbo and X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong were all meant to arrive. They didn't. Three of these are Marvel, which means that 75% of what I was expecting was wrong! I'll be a little easier on Dark Horse, because, well... they're not Marvel!

I did grab one unexpected comic though (see below!)

Oh, and one last thing: I've given up on fucking around with tables within this template, so I won't try it anymore. This post should be a little easier to read than last week's.

Army of Darkness: Shop Till You Drop Dead #1

I'm a huge fan of the Evil Dead movies, in particular Army of Darkness. I missed the boat on the previous AoD miniseries (Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes), figuring it'd be a cheap cash in on Sam Raimi's brilliant films. However, a recommendation got me picking this miniseries up. And yes, in a way, it is a cheap cash in. But it's so fucking funny! The plot is simple: a whole ton of deadites attack Ash at the S-Mart. Violence and wackiness ensue in equal portions. Ash's one liners are as cool as the Evil Dead trilogy, and far superior to those in the computer games. Two words sum this up: dumb fun. Hail to the king, baby!

Batgirl #60

Batgirl gets her own snitch! Woo hoo! After moving to Bludhaven, Batgirl sets out to make her mark on Gotham's sister city. And to do so, she decides to make her war on crime more Batman-esque, as it were. A fun issue, though it has no real gravity to it. That said, it does move towards a great direction, and hopefully we'll be seeing some great things to come. That, and it had Alfred in it, leading into an amusing gag with someone thinking he's her sugar daddy...

Batman #636

For a story arc called Under the Hood, this issue features the bare minimum of the Red Hood. He does appear for a bit, as Batman and Nightwing meet him for the first time, though the issue features more on Black Mask. Which is fine, we know we won't get the identity until the final issue of this arc. Oh, Mr Freeze is in the issue too, and gets a new costume, reminiscent of that seen on Gotham Knights. Thank God they didn't base his "new" look on that seen in The Batman...!

Black Widow #5

Natasha loses her temper. A lot. Which is understandable, after last issue she finds out that all her childhood memories are fake, and she's basically been fucked with her entire life. The series seems to be departing from it's over the top uberfeminism (which is cool - much as I appreciate feminism in comics, you don't need to enforce it by bashing men), and Natasha confronts the woman responsible for her conditioning. Very funky indeed, and I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

JLA: Classified #3

Man, it really feels as though Grant Morrison phoned this story in. Much as I love the majority of his work, his story arc here really feels forced. Methinks DC paid him a shitload of cash to write the opening arc to this series, and well, he really doesn't care. Pretty much, the JLA helps the Ultra-Marines take care of Gorilla Grodd and the inhabitants of Gorilla City. And Batman almost gets eaten. Man, I hope Morrison hasn't just given up altogether on his mainstream work, 'cos All-Star Superman and Seven Soldiers are going to be really fucking arduous if he has.

Nightwing #102

Okay, I'm not too sure if I like the revelation that Krypton had a legendary superhero (albeit centuries ago) named Nightwing, inspiring Dick to use that name (though that'll come an issue or two down the track). Aside from that, the issue's cool, with Superman helping Dick through his "firing" last issue. And there's some great use of Lois in "snoopy reporter" mode, trying to figure out how Clark Kent knows Dick Grayson. Gotta love these flashback stories, huh? Next stop, Hayley's Circus, complete with... Deadman?

Robin #134

From the original Robin, to the new Robin. A fairly introspective tale about Tim setting up shop in Bludhaven, and trying to move past his father's death. Bruce offers to adopt him, much to the delight of Tim. And this was my problem with an otherwise great issue - Tim was over the moon with this offer. You'd think that in light of recent events, he'd still be too busy mourning the loss of his father, to be so ecstatic over the prospect of this offer? Aside from that, the issue was very fucking enjoyable - even though not much happened (aside from the revelation that he has an uncle he's never heard of).

Maybe possibly coming in next week if the official sites have any credibility at all...
  • Daredevil: Redemption number one
  • Deadshot number three
  • Detective Comics number eight hundred and three
  • Superman number two hundred and thirteen
  • Superman/Batman number seventeen
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Sunday, January 30, 2005
The winner is Sydenee...!
And what a cliche'd title for this post! But there was something charming about the pronunciation of Sydney when it won the right to host the 2000 Olympics. Not to mention the fact that I went there for the Big Day Out at Olympic Park - so it was a reasonably appropriate reference.

So, in the following paragraphs I will write about my three awesome days in Sydney (which also meant an awesome week of work - no way I was working Monday and Friday).

Tuesday: You gotta love this city for it's body and not it's brain.

At around 11:30, my mates finally turn up for the trip up to Sydney. Personally, I was wanting to leave at 9:00, but you can't argue with the driver and owner of the transport. We jump in the car, and arrive at around the 2:30 mark at the hotel - Holiday Inn, Darling Harbour (literally across the road from the Entertainment Centre, which'd be really convenient if we were seeing a show there).

We kill a bit of time in our room, relaxing before heading out to Fox Studios, to see Tom Rhodes play at the Comedy Store. One of my mates called and make the booking (which is fine by me - I'd seen bits and pieces of Tom's act on the Comedy Channel, and he's really fucking funny). We head around Fox Studios, which has really declined over the past couple of years - not so much a tourist attraction as a wannabe yuppie shoping area - hell, even the Fox and Sony stores have shut down!

We arrive at the Comedy Store and grab a drink. I manage to piss off the bitchy barmaid by making a smart arse remark to her not knowing what Wild Turkey is ("I work here, you know" she snipes - well then, you should know what Wild Turkey is!). We head into the theatre, but when my dickhead of a mate made the booking, he figured he'd ask for somewhere near the front and centre. And we were placed front row, centre. We were the only group in the front, and copped a lot from the supporting acts. Which is funny.

Speaking of supporting acts, there were quite a few. First up, we had amateur acts, and these were followed by a couple of established Sydney comedians. The show was compared by Justin Hamilton, a really fucking funny comedian. Between all this and Tom Rhodes, the show ran for about three hours. All for $15. Not too shabby at all!

After the show, Tom Rhodes approaches me at the bar, with "Hey, front row guy!". We chat for a bit, I thank him for the show, and he thanks me for sitting at the front, saying it's a great help to have people right up there. Good guy, but clueless about Australian geography, having no idea where Canberra is! After Tom, I met Justin Hamilton, another great guy. I tell him about the lack of comedy in Canberra, and he lets me know about an upcoming act here around mid February at one of the universities. He also said that the comedians are up for a meet and greet after the show, they're really friendly, and tell them he sent me so they'll look after me. I'm not sure what he meant by "look after", but I'm hoping it's chatting than slipping me something and taking advantage of me in a drunken state!

After the show, we head back to the hotel for an earlyish night before the Big Day Out. I'm not tired, so wander off for an hour or so. Nothing eventful happens whatsoever.

Wednesday: Roasted Batmite!

After a huge breakfast, we brave the congested railway system (which, really, was pretty fucking efficient - just had to line up a while to get our tickets), and head towards Olympic Park. Woo hoo! I've been waiting ages for the Big Day Out, and I'm finally on my way. The police hang around the train station, "randomly" checking people for drugs.

And the randomly is in quotes, because of the five cops I saw checking people for drugs, they were checking the long haired hippy types. I'm not saying that they were singling them out, but it sure looked that way. I mean, fuck - just because someone wants to see the John Butler Trio, are they automatically trying to get pot on the premises? Guess so...

We arrive a little after 11:00, and get in around 11:30. Considering the thousands of people heading in, they got us in quickly with no hassle. The cops were out with sniffer dogs, but quite a few people managed to get pot (and no doubt other drugs you can't smell) in. The process was so quick that security didn't even tear my ticket.

I can't stress the efficiency here enough. After getting in, you have to line up to get a band for alcohol. Stand in the line, show your ID on your way into a room, get your armband, and go. Really quick, which frees up the grog vendors.

After missing Frenzal Rhomb, I saw quite a few acts, most of which were great:
  • Theredsunband - Enjoyable, though I'm not a huge fan
  • Sarah Blasko - I enjoy her stuff on Triple J, but was a little disappointed
  • The Donnas - Very fucking cool. Only caught the second half of their act after Sarah Blasko, which was a little disappointing.
  • Eskimo Joe - Great. Very diggable.
  • The Spazzys - I departed from my mates who wanted to see The Hives and The Music. Very enjoyable indeed. I was a little disappointed with them after they supported for Machine Gun Fellatio here a while back, but they proved my theory about that being due to a lack of audience. When they have a crowd, they rock.
  • Little Birdy - One of Australia's top bands. Caught them a little while back, they were brilliant then. And they continued to be brilliant here.
  • John Butler Trio - I saw a bit of their act (probably around 20 minutes), and would have loved to have seen more. Next time they're in town, I really need to get there.
  • Nude Rodeo - The only side act I caught at all, and I didn't see much of it. Pretty much this was a few cute chicks dressed up in wild west gear, doing faux lesbian stuff. They took off their tops (and got girls from the audience to do the same) for donations to the tsunami appeal. Really not as cool as it sounds.
  • Grinspoon - Again, I only caught them briefly. What I heard was good, they were great when I saw them live a few months back, and would have liked to see more if circumstances dictated.
  • Slipknot - Two words sum this up: Fucking shit. More bitching about this below.
  • System of a Down - Better than Slipknot. I actually enjoyed a couple of their tracks.
  • Powderfinger - Very awesome. One of Australia's great bands, and I can't believe this was the first time I'd seen them live.
  • Beastie Boys - These guys were the highlight of my night. They put on an amazing show (especially for a music festival), came out in the green and gold outfits for an Aussie audience on Australia Day. I got a little crappy with the fake encore (when you know how long their set is), but they used that to run off stage and get amongst the audience, which I respect.
  • Chemical Brothers - The final act I caught, and a decent chillout. But only decent. Some tracks were brilliant, others not so. Really average. Technically superb, just not that enjoyable. Really disappointing because I missed Regurgitator for them.
Yup, I also missed a few bands I wanted to see.


Because that's what circumstances dictated, whether I was eating food, shopping (first purchase of the trip: "I Did Paris Hilton" T-shirt), or just seeing other acts. Just quickly, the following acts would have been cool, had I seen them:
  • Frenzal Rhomb
  • Bexta
  • Evermore
  • Spiderbait
  • Polyphonic Spree
  • Butterfingers
I mentioned above that I had some bitching to do about Slipknot. Well, apart from their overall suckiness, it's not so much about them, though they were playing at the time. The only reason I saw them and System of a Down was so I could get in to the mosh pit ready for Beastie Boys. The only thing is, there were a ton of other people trying to get in, many of whom were dickheads, presumably Slipknot fans, which meant:
  1. They were really desperate to get in there
  2. Slipknot was riling up the audience
And these fuckers were getting violent. Really violent. Pushing, shoving, and you had to fight to stand up. One girl had to grab me just so she didn't get crushed, which atleast gave me a bit of a chat with a cutie (and half arsed pick up attempt on my part), before she and her friend had to get out of there. I made a decision to stay in the "queue", and never saw her again :-(.

To rub salt on the wound, the guards couldn't handle the siuation and had to get the police involved - a dozen of them to break this whole thing up. So I stayed in the queue for nothing, lost the girl, and got dragged off by the cops. After Slipknot, I lined upp again, this crowd was subdued and I made it in the mosh pit okay. But no sign of my cutie.

All in all though, it was a great day. Despite the SPF 30+ sunscreen, I still got cooked, but it was worth it. We headed back to our hotel, flirted with the idea of heading out for an hour or two, but crashed. Hell, we were on our feet for over thirteed hours!

Thursday: And on the third day, He rested.

We slept in til around 8:30, chilled for a bit, then went down for breakfast. After this, we checked out, and wandered through the shops. Nothing eventful, checked the Sydney comic shops, got disappointed with them having nothing I wanted (or for that matter, nothing I was willing to pay the asking price on); and also got disappointed with there being no Warner Bros stores to shop in.

One of my mates wasted an hour and a half in a roleplaying store (a hobby I don't think I'll ever understand), but afterwards I got to make a couple of purchases. I wandered around to a great little store called Astro Hobbies, and made my second purchase of the trip: two randomly packaged Batman miniature figures, both of which are cool, if overpriced. But hell, I can't get them in Canberra. Got me a Batmobile and a Harley Quinn.

The mate who wasted our time in the roleplayng shop dragged us back in there, and I grabbed my third purchase of the trip: Batman vs The Joker - VS Game Starter Kit, something I'd been thinking about collecting for a while. I've only skimmed the instructions since then, but it looks awesome.

Afterwards, we head into Chinatown. I find a great store that sells imported DVDs (all Asian cinema) at great prices. And here, I made my fourth purchase of the trip: The House of Flying Daggers and My Wife is a Gangster on DVD (I'll write more on the former later, watched it tonight - but alas, I've been writing this post for over an hour as it is).

After our shopping excursion, we grab meals at the food court. For under $10, we get brilliant fucking Asian meals. Beautful quality, great portions, and really cheap. Way better Asian food than Canberra has to offer.

With our bellies full, and feeling really fucking tired (not to mention being a couple of hours behind schedule), we head back to the car to depart. I get inside at about 9ish, only to be catching up with some mates later that night...
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Monday, January 24, 2005
Cool ass DVDs (February '05)
This is probably my last post before I go to Sydney. I figure I'll write it out now, because when I get back, I'll be posting about the trip, write up about the comics I grab after I come back, and probably rant about something that seems like a god idea at the time.

As for DVDs - Feb looks way better than January (and way more expensive)!

February 2

The Terminal

Okay, I haven't seen it. But I want to. So, I probably won't be buying it, but it's definately worth a hire. I like Steven Spielberg movies. Even his feel good stuff, and Catch Me If You Can is a perfect example of cool, feel good Spielberg. Really, my only problem with his movies is that he doesn't know when to finish them half the time. And yeah, I've seen some pretty por reviews of the movie, but I still wanna see it!

February 9

The Fifth Element: Ultimate Edition

I really fucking dig this movie. Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Milla Jovovich who somehow manages to get her gear off in a PG movie! Smart, funny, and oh so pretty. I own the standard edition of the movie, which is basically feature free. This version's two discs, and has a shitload of features.

The Final Cut

If a Robin Williams movie doesn't get a cinema release here, it's pretty shit, right? Not necessarily, I really enjoyed Death to Smoochy. I'll be hiring this because Robin Williams has been doing some great stuff lately, Mira Sorvino's oh so hot, and the plot looks intriguing.

February 16

Alice in Wonderland

Some say it's about drug use, but I always saw Alice as just being insane. In either event, the Disney version doesn't hint at either. But, hell, it comes from the era where Disney consistantly made awesome movies. And, just like Snow White and so many others, it still stands up today!

Alien vs Predator

When I saw this movie, I was incredibly drunk, and still didn't manage to enjoy it. I hate Paul WS Anderson movies with a passion. But I own all the Alien and Predator movies, and I'm a completist. And part of me hopes that when I'm sober I might actually find something enjoyable about this one...

Fahrenheit 9/11

The one movie I really wish I saw last year. Really wish I saw it. But I didn't. I'll hire it, and see what I think (I mightn't agree with George Bush, but Michael Moore's one tubby propaganda machine).

February 17

Erik the Viking

Three words some up Erik the Viking: Really. Fucking. Funny. This is a great movie I can see over and over again, and still dig the hell out of. Witty writing, and a brilliant cast including Tim obbins, Eartha Kitt, Mickey Rooney and John Cleese. Classic stuff for $15!

The Green Hornet

Also going at the $15 mark is The Green Hornet. While I'd prefer a box set, this's a cheap way to get my hands on a few episodes. I do find the fact they're just marketing it as a Bruce Lee DVD insulting though - the show was funky in it's own right!

February 23

Angel - Season 5

Fina-fucking-ly! I have been waiting forever (well, around six months) for them to release the final (and best) season of Angel on DVD. Once I've rewatched the entire season, I'm just going to get depressed about it being the final season...


I own a pretty plain, VHS-looking DVD of Labyrinth that I'd imported from the States. But this one has features! It's widescreen! It comes with a booklet! And it's only... $47??? Yeah, this movie's drastically fucking overpriced, but it's my favourite movie I ever saw as a kid. Ever. I'd include Dark Crystal on this list too, but hell, it's also $47, and I also own it. But I don't dig it like I dig Labyrinth.

February 25

George W Bushisms

Billed as "60 minutes of George W Bush's accidental wit and wisdom", this should be a good laugh. Not sure about repeat viewability, but definately worth a giggle.

And, that's all for stuff due out next month. Having said that, I should be getting Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2 and Superman: The Animated Series Volume 1 on import next week, and they fucking rock!

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Sunday, January 23, 2005
Well, that was a failed experiment!
Hmm... Playing around with embedding tables in this blog template (as per the comic post) turned out to be a mistake...

I'd go and play with it, but I really can't be bothered right now.

I know, I'm lazy.
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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 22nd)
This week was another relatively small one. Not as small as last week's, but not a huge, expensive mother fucker of a week, either. And thank God for that, becuase I won't be spending all my money for my Sydney trip this week! But the money I did spend was well worth it.

Adventures of Superman #636

Okay, first up, this is one of two
Identity Crisis tie-ins that I picked up this week. If you can rwally call them that - more accurately, they deal with ramifications of the miniseries. This issue has Superman in a panic - he's finally faced Ruin, a villain he can't stop. A villain he knows nothing about. But, Ruin knows all about him. Everything. And he's threatening everyone close to Superman. Supes calls in some help from Wonder Woman and Batman, and lets slip that he found out about the mindwiping of Dr Light after the event. Wonder Woman takes the high road on this, about how wrong rewiring somebody's brain is. When asked what she would have done, the answer was chilling - "Kill him". From here, we get an interesting debate as to what is more moral - stealing somebody's personality, or murder. Oh, and this is one of two issues this month to have the same "shock revelation" everyone knew was coming - Lex Luthor lives! Oh, and what a pretty cover...

Batman: Gotham Knights #61

Poison Ivy's a character I never really got into. Don't get me wrong, I like the lesbian innuendo between her and Harley Quinn in the animated universe, but in general, the character never really captivated me. Having said that, AJ Lieberman has me rethinking that. The orphans she's been looking after in Robinson Park have started turning up dead, all apparent suicides. That is, until it's revealed that they have all been infected with Ivy's toxin. So, do we have Poison Ivy, mass child murderer? No, not exactly. It turns out that she's inadvertantly infected the park, thus infecting, and killing, the children. Not a happy issue by any stretch of the imagination, Ivy is now on a mission to cure herself. Oh, Batman doesn't appear in one panel - and I didn't even notice until the issue's end.

Birds of Prey #78

The third issue in a row with a human touch.
Hero Hunters is a story arc I was dreading, for two reasons. First off, it seems corny - vigilantes hunting down vigilantes who don't work by their rules; and secondly, I was worried about the direction of the title after they left Gotham. In this issue, they face off against Harvest, the demonic killer of killers. Here, it is revealed that Harvest kills peopleby draining their life force - which she then uses to heal the sick - predominantly, sick kids. So, here we have a moral dillema - is it okay to kill murderers to save young, innocent, children? Well no, murder's murder...

Catwoman #39

In a nutshell, not as cool as last issue. The ante is upped in the battle with Wooden Nickel after Slam Bradley gives Catwoman up to him. Ya see, Mr Nickel pays Mr Bradley a visit, and threatens to kill his son if he doesn't give the kitty up. So, Slam gives Wooden Nickel a fake name and fake address. But he's stupid enough to run straight to Selina's home to warn her, leading Wooden Nickel straight to her. The issue isn't too bad, Selina's reaction to the news is great, reminding us of how "catty" she can be, and there's a great scene with the Cat and the Bat. Wooden Nickel however, reminds me of one of Alan Grant's crappier villains when he was writing
Shadow of the Bat...

Outsiders #19

The real shame about
Outsiders is that I can see it getting cancelled fairly early on. I have no idea how it sells, but I imagine that it probably isn't brilliantly. Most of the characters are second tier, and it doesn't get much in the way of publicity. But it's nice to see a superhero book take adult concepts and harsher language, and run with them. No, these concepts and language don't a good comic make, but Judd Winick does tell powerful stories. This issue wraps up the child sex ring arc, with Arsenal's daughter Lian, kidnapped by them. Arsenal's reaction to this is powerful, as is the bittersweet - yet very haunting - epilogue, where he holds Lian, and finds the mark of the sex ring, leaving the unanswered question of how far things were taken with her.

Teen Titans #20

The second of the
Identity Crisis tie-in issues is also the one to have the Lex Luthor "shock". As advertised, the Titans have been asked to track down Lex Luthor's battle suit (seen in the first issue of Identity Crisis), before it gets into the wrong hands. The crux of the issue, however, is another aspect of Identity Crisis - the death of Robin's father. Robin, who has always done his utmost to not become Batman is becoming more and more like him, after the death of his father. This scares him, and he refuses to even tell the Titans about the death. If the Marvel Next titles get near this quality, they'll be great reads.

Wonder Woman #212

I'm not a
Wonder Woman reader, but picked it up for three reasons: I was intrigued to see how the title's approaching her blinding; she takes on the JLA; and I really fucking like Greg Rucka's writing. This issue has the League paying her a visit to test her - to see if she's still capable enough for the team. Wonder Woman resents this, and completely blames Batman (would he "test" Superman if it happened to him?) - the second indication this week that she, Bats and Supes will be falling out in the near future! I would have left the issue there, but it ended on a cliffhanhger with Diana being called on to fight Zeus's demonic bodyguard in a bid to overthrow the King of the Gods. Depending on how this arc goes, I may continue to collect it. Or maybe not.

A pretty big fucking week next week, providing I have any funds to my name after Sydney.
  • Astonishing X-Men!
  • Batgirl!
  • Batman!
  • Black Widow!
  • JLA: Classified!
  • New Avengers!
  • Nightwing!
  • Robin!
  • Usagi Yojimbo!
  • X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong!
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Six months...
Wow. Just looked at the blog, and I've been active on here for six months...!

Well, a little over. My very first post was, um, posted on 8th August 2004.

And the novelty still hasn't worn off...!

Lets see if I make another six months.
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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Comic Conjecture II: The Crisis
And more geeky conjecture from the mind that is Batmite! I need a life...

I was going to write more fanboy stuff tonight (like new shit I want, cool covers, and DVDs coming out next month), but they can wait (probably Friday or over the weekend - definately, ie hopefully, before I head to Sydney).

DC Countdown has been touted by some as the new Crisis on Infinite Earths. It's the first book from DC that has been touted as such, since Zero Hour, which, well, really wasn't.

Now, this could be a publicity stunt. Or they could just mean that it'll have a huge fucking impact on the DC Universe like all mega-crossovers apparently do. Or maybe, just maybe, there's something going on here.

What is known is that after DC Countdown in March, it will spin off into two miniseries' in April, with atleast a third (yet unnamed) one coming at a later date. These are:
  • Day of Magic

    Issue 1 solicitation:

    Spinning out of the events of March's DC COUNTDOWN, a reality-bending 6-issue miniseries from writer Bill Willingham (ROBIN, FABLES) and artists Justiniano and Walden Wong (THE HUMAN RACE)!

    Ragman finds himself at the magical core of the DCU, where he finds himself aligned with an unlikely ally: The Enchantress! Together, they must face down a foe who has sworn to wipe out all magic…The Spectre!

  • The OMAC Project

    Issue 1 solicitation:

    Spinning from the events of DC COUNTDOWN and IDENTITY CRISIS, a crackerjack thriller by Greg Rucka (ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, WONDER WOMAN) comes to life in the brooding, gorgeous art of Jesus Saiz (MANHUNTER) in a 6-issue miniseries featuring covers by Jose Ladrónn that can't be missed!

    Every hero and villain in the DCU is under the gaze of an unbelievably powerful spy satellite. It's a technological marvel that answers to only one person — and he's got plans for it that are completely unknown to the superspy organization he controls: Checkmate!

    In a world where men can fly and melt metal with their eyes, there's now an army created specifically as an answer to them: a One Man Army Corps. Batman and an old ally are about to learn the chilling truth behind the OMAC Project — but will they work with or against each other?
Now, admittedly these don't do much to prove my theory.

But they don't do anything to disprove it, either.

See, the thing is, in the last few months, the DC titles have done a lot of fucking around with time, and the multiverse (oops - not allowed to call it that anymore - Hypertime). Examples of this are:
  • Action Comics - The return of Gog after being lost in Hypertime
  • JSA - The current time travel adventure where the JSA go back to the "Golden Age"
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes - The old timeline has been wiped away and a new one begins
  • Teen Titans - They recently travelled into their future - and this was after they screwed up time for the Legion
  • Superman/Batman - They're currently reliving their lives over and over throughout the multiverse; the old Kingdom Come Superman's shown up in this story and an earlier one; in the first arc, Lex Luthor said their would be a crisis
  • Superman: Birthright - A retroactive retelling of Superman's origin (again!)
My personal take is that DC could be building up to something big with the space-time continuum. However, they have been saying that the events of Identity Crisis lead into this, so rather than being another "fix it" solution to their continuity, they could just be playing this up with one huge, motherfucking story.

Although this year is the 20th anniversary of Crisis on Infinite Earths...

Not that it really matters. As long as the story's good (and they don't completely fuck over the continuity), I won't really care. Here's hoping for a great read (albeit really expensive with Seven Soldiers, too).
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Comic Conjecture I: The Bat
DC's finally released their solicitations for March. Woo hoo!

These have inspired me to do something other than watch the Australian Open, albeit incredibally fucking geeky.

What's that?

Write with a bit of personal conjecture (aka conspiracy theories) about what they're up to.

First up is a bit on Batman. Judd Winick caused a bit of a shit stir pre-War Games, where he wrapped up As the Crow Flies with a hint that Jason Todd may still be alive (and this is just shortly after Bats was fucked around by that very idea during Hush).

And now Winick's back on the book with Under the Hood - the return of the Red Hood. Now, as Bat-fans are aware, the Red Hood was originally the Joker - or the Joker was originally the Red Hood. The first chapter of this though, indicates that this is not the Clown Prince of Crime.

The theory I'm working on here...

...and I so hope it's not true... that...

...Jason Todd is titularly Under the Hood. He's the new Red Hood.

The evidence for:
  1. As said above, Winick's played with the concept

  2. Batman #635 indicates this dude can fight

  3. Batman was incredibly stunned by revelation

    and I am aware that all this amounts to shit, but humour me...

  4. The cover to March's Batman #637 has an image of Batman holding the Red Hood's, um... hood. Reflected in that image is a face that does resemble that of the original Robin (look at it below).

  5. And finally, April's solicitation is part one of a story called Family Reunion. The cover shows Batman at a grave... Could it be Jason's?
So, I could be right. I hope not. Jason Todd is one of the few comic characters who actually stayed dead, and there's no way DC should fuck that up. Robin's been replaced, and there's no need to resurrect Jason.

It would be an interesting read, but I really hope that Winick's fucking with the conspiracy theorists like myself.

Jason? Is that you?

Jason? Still down there, mate?

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Sunday, January 16, 2005
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 15th)
Okay, yesterday may have been my sisters' birthday. It didn't stop me from grabbing my comics though!

Five books this week, so it was relatively small (which's good considering I got the Spawn DVD's (no, not the movie) and an Elektra t-shirt (no, not based on the movie), 'cause I need to keep some cash for Sydney in 1.5 weeks). I didn't grab Gotham Central - it's not on my standing order, and it occurs to me that the book doesn't really grab me.

Action Comics #823

I officially have reason to celebrate - this is Chuck Austen's final issue on Action Comics!!! Woo fucking hoo!! The fucker got himself fired of the title (atleast that's what I'm telling myself. There was a quiet announcement about him leaving the title after they solicited the next couple of issues). Anyhoo, this was one of his better issues. Yeah, it did consist of ridiculous fight scenes, though the opening with Superman having being flung miles through the air was kinda cool in a corny kinda way. We even got some smidgens of humour, like Superboy flirting with Lana. So yeah, I did enjoy the issue. But I'm still not going to miss Austen on the book - it's the second issue of his run that wasn't complete shit.

JLA #110

Believe me, the first three issues of this arc had me worried. Kurt Busiek's one of the best writers in comis, and yet even he was managing to screw the JLA in a very uncomfortable place. But luckily, as Crime Syndicate of Amerika approaches it's half way point, it starts to kick in. The issue does still suffer from the fact that we're mostly subjected to the CSA (when I'm assuming most people are reading JLA for, well, the JLA). Here, they pose as the JLA, and Busiek takes a corny idea, and runs with it. Here the CSA see how the "positive matter universe" reacts to the JLA - completely different to the fear they cop in their own universe. And Ultiman's reaction - mass murder (and naturally to be continued)!

JSA #69

"If we're you, and you're us, what number are we thinking of?"
"69, dude!"
And no, I'm nowhere near above juvenile humour and Bill & Ted references. The issue's cool. The JSA have travelled back in time to get the original team back together, as the time stream's been screwed with. A huge homage to the golden age of comics, and an excellent read to boot! This is DC's classic characters, in a classic storyline. Really, really, really cool.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10

Mmm... Black Cat... Any issue with Black Cat's bound to be cool. Not only is she purdy (though not the sex kitten Catwoman is), she's a funky character. An example being as she and Spider-Man break into prison, she jokes about how they should have dressed as Daredevil and Elektra just to see the look on their faces. So, that's pretty much the plot - they break in so they can break out Norman "Green Goblin" Osborne, who's had Aunt May kidnapped. The kicker? With this being part two of four, once released he screws them over. A pretty cool read...

Nightwing #110

Now, this issue surprised me. After seeing it's solicitation, I had a bitter sweet reaction. On one hand the prospect of Scott McDaniel back doing art for this arc made me a very happy boy. On the other hand, the prospect of Chuck Dixon made me queazy (is this a Chuck thing?). Luckily, I underestimated the man who was once DC's equivalent to Bendis (ie every second comic the publisher prints). When reading this, it occurs to me that I was just soured by the fact that the market was flooded with Dixon's work. No, he's not the world's greatest writer, but he ain't crap. And he's leagues above the "other" Chuck. In the first chapter of Nightwing: Year One, we see Robin's final case with Batman... before he fires him. And yes, I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter. And it's only two weeks away!!

Stuff due out next week:
  • Adventures of Superman
  • Batman: Gotham Knights
  • Birds of Prey
  • Catwoman
  • Outsiders
  • Space Ghost
  • Teen Titans
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Not a great film
Caught Elektra on Friday night. It's taken me a couple of days to write about it, because:
  1. I'm not greatly enthused over it

  2. After seeing the movie Friday night, we went out and had a couple of drinks, played some pokies, and I swallowed a locust; yesterday was my sisters' birthday, and then I got addicted to the Elektra online game.
Unlike Catwoman, it wasn't a terrible film. The problem is, it was only adequate. Jennifer Garner was great (not to mention fucking hot), and Terence Stamp was his brilliant self (with too little screen time, unfortunately).

I've heard a lot of complaints about the movie, calling it boring, citing that it spends too much time on how fucked up Elektra is. I think that particular criticism's a little off the mark. I mean, yeah, she's a fucked up character. It's being fucked up that leads her to being an assassin for hire. My particular problem with this is that while it's fine and good to have it in the movie, they need to take it somewhere.

And in this respect, I have two words: Director's Cut.

This movie needs one. They seemed to rush through so much so quickly, you don't really care about Elektra. And you should. The way all this played out looked like there was a shitload cut out, probably for pacing reasons. And hey, that really screwed up the Daredevil movie (and I'll write about that particular Director's Cut sometime soon).

Speaking of ol' horny blind dude, this movie had no reference to him, or his film. Yes, it's a spin off. And yes, they address the fact she died in it. We get a flashback, and the closest thing to a reference is that they kept continuity with her costume. I'm torn about this - yeah, it helps Elektra stand on it's own, but from a fanboy perspective, I'd like the events to be referred to.

But as a whole, the film was fun.
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Wednesday, January 12, 2005
What did curiosity do to the cat?
Legend has it that in June of 1995, Daniel Waters, screenwriter of '92's Batman Returns, submitted the script for spin-off Catwoman. Only hitch was, the powers that be decided not to go with it - thing is, the "family friendly" Batman Forever was released on the same day. And it was the highest grossing of all the Bat-films.

Cut to nine years later, and Warner Bros has finally released a Catwoman film. I refuse to see it, even though I am a huge fan.

And now it's out on DVD. I'm in the video shop. Curiosity gets the better of me, and I hire it.

Let me put it bluntly: This is not a good movie. Not by any stretch of the imagination. However, it's not quite as horrid as Batman & Robin. While I'm thankful that the team behind this didn't make the same mistakes, I am fucking pissed off that they made a shitload of new ones.

Catwoman is no longer Selina Kyle. While I can understand the logic behind this (disassociate yourselves from the previous Bat-franchise before the new one), it is a bitter disappointment. Instead, we have Patience Phillips, a poor imitation of Selina Kyle in Batman Returns. Oh, and she's the newest in a long line of Catwomen.

And yet, while trying to disassociate themselves from Batman Returns, they use a similar origin - Patience is murdered, and resurrected by cats. I was dreading this scene, Returns' resurrection isn't easy to watch. But it was powerful. Here, the cat breathes into her mouth, with some really crappy CG, and wha la - resurrection!

The film is full of terrible CG, and effects in general. Pitof's direction attempts to add some frenetic energy to the film, but fails miserably - it's only accomplishment is to show up just how bad these effects are.

Halle Berry just isn't convincing in the role. While it does require her to switch between personas instantly, she fails at this miserably. Granted, it's not an easy task, but if you look at Amy Acker's Illyria/Fred switches in Angel, it can be done. And it can be done fucking brilliantly.

Benjamin Bratt plays the love interest - Detective Tom Lone, who has to be stupidest cop on the force. He's investigating Catwoman, he's dating Patience. The evidence is right in front of him, and yet he can't figure it out until the plot needs him to. Other supporting characters include the token funny fat friend, and um, the token gay friend.

Oh, and the generally brilliant Frances Conroy plays a weird cat lady.

And we have Sharon Stone as the big villain, as well as Lambert "freay French dude from the Matrix sequels" Wilson as her husband. Wilson's underused, and Stone's abysmally playing a character who'd have to be close to her heart - a former supermodel who's gotten old, and has lost all her star power. Sounds a little familiar, huh?

So yeah, the movie's pretty shit. Not as shit as Batman & Robin (I'm embarrased to say I own it, but hey, it's part of the box set), and nowhere near as bad as The League of Extroadinary Gentlemen - the worst comic book film adaptation ever. Infact, it probably isn't as terrible as most people would have you believe. But hey, it's still pretty piss poor.

The DVD did, however have a great documentary. It's only 30 minutes, but has me considering buying the disc for this alone. What is it? The Many Faces of Catwoman, narrated by Eartha Kitt, and chronicles the 60 odd years in the character's history - from the comics, to the '66-'68 TV series, the animated series, Batman Returns and the newly released Catwoman.

Pretty funky stuff. It includes interviews with Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Julie Newmar, Adam West, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tim Burton, Halle Berry Batman: The Animated Series' own Catwoman Adrienne Barbeau, and they're just the film/TV people. It also includes interviews with comic book folk Alex Ross, Jeph Loeb, Dan Didio. Oh, and Suzan Colon (insert joke here), author of the book Catwoman: The Life and Times of a Feline Fatale. I just checked it out on Amazon, and it looks pretty interesting.

So, yeah - crap movie, cool documentary. I didn't bother with the other features, but being a fan of Catwoman and the Bat-universe in general, I was compelled to check it out.
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It's only January!
Okay, second post for the evening, and another quickie (though no Supergirl eye candy this time).

Today, I went into Woolworths to grab some supermarked shopping (bread and tomatoes... how exciting). But when I got to the checkout, what did I see?

Easter eggs!

Fucking easter eggs.

We just get through Christmas, and already they're pimping out the Easter shit already. Now, I like Easter and all, but is it necessary to be selling them already?

I think not.

Though, they were those funky Cadbury Creme Eggs which I used to love as a kid. And I was tempted to grab one. But, not having the constitution I used to (not to mention being apalled by how soon they're selling these), I chose not to - no more stuffing my face silly of those eggs...
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Me want...
Sometimes, you just can't afford something, no matter how cool it is. Maybe if I was a semi-decent saver, I'd be able to pick this up. But as it stands, I don't have $350 odd dollars to spend on it. And it's a damn shame...

What is it?

A Supergirl statue! Based on Michael Turner's design for the "new" (continuity wise, atleast - Kara Zor-El is the classic, real version) Supergirl.

It's so pretty...

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 8th)
Woo hoo! My second night at home in a row! Which gives me time to write about none other than comics! Maybe I shouldn't be celebrating my second night home in a row after all...

'twas a little week. Only four comics. Outsiders and Wha... Huh? didn't show up this week again, neither of which are listed as coming in next week either... Dontcha just love that...?

So without further ado, my thoughts on the books (as an added bonus: only four comics, which's great - I still haven't fully caught up on sleep, so a short post's nice):

Deadshot #2

Deadshot's in Central City. It makes sense that he'd run into Green Arrow. This is what DC are using to sell the book. But, Green Arrow doesn't appear until the very last page... Stupid DC. If only they were using the plot as a means to sell this comic. How you actually feel for this souless killer. I've gotta admit that I was a little disappointed with #1, but #2 more than makes up for that. Not only is Deadshot fighting the gangs, now he has to worry about corrupt cops, as well as Green Arrow (but that'll come next issue). Sweet fucking read. And hopefully a sweet fucking read that sells... If an ongoing series was going to be solicited, I'd already have it on my order.

Detective Comics #802

Interesting. As with the last issue, David Lapham is characterising Gotham like few writers before him. Batman continues to investigate the murder, while pregant teens are apparently being kidnapped, tortured, and presumably killed. How will all this tie in? As the mystery deepens, we see that the Penguin is also involved. This arc is set before the events featured in War Games which bugs me, but Lapham's characterisation of Robin is great, and I'm thankful that we have a writer who can give us this take on the character, remembering that he's just a kid. The back-up story's still nowhere near this level, though. Yes, the mystery is deepening, but, well, it's still kinda crappy.

New Avengers #2

Two issues down, and the Avengers haven't re-assembled. They're biding their time... We've met a few, with more to come. Those we have met have their hands full trying to contain the prison situation. A fun read, which is added to by the fact that as a reader, you're just waiting to see how the team manages to get together.

X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #1

The Phoenix is rising... yet again. For the first few pages, the issue tries hiding the fact that Jean Gray is also returning (though whether she makes it out of the miniseries alive is another matter - no matter how sick and tired Wolvie may be of killing her), which is pretty fucking stupid considering she's on the cover. Once the Phoenix resurrects her however, we're in for a treat. Not a great deal actually happens per se, apart from reactions of her fellow X-Men who are feeling her presence, whether they know it or not. A great read, and I'm looking forward to checking it out. Not being familiar with Greg Pak's writing, I bought the issue for Jean Gray - oh, and Greg Land's beautiful art. Pak's writing's just icing on the cake!

Yup, I dug each of the week's issues... Sweet!

Next week...
  • Action Comics
  • Gotham Central
  • JLA
  • JSA
  • Marvel Knights Spider-Man
  • Nightwing
Let's hope these have the same strike rate...
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Monday, January 10, 2005
And a completely unoriginal title for a post about Elektra...

I was actually going to write about the comics I got on the weekend. Only four of them, all good. But, as I've mentioned in the two previous posts, I'm pretty fucking buggered right now. Hopefully tomorrow night.


Over the past five nights I've been out, I've missed some stuff coming online. One of these was the Marvin image I wrote about earlier tonight. But between my posting, I also downloaded a couple of video files from Elektra. I was looking forward to this movie, but now have even more hope that this'll be awesome...

First up was the first five minutes of the film. Very introspective, with a guy she's hunting down, explaining that fact, mentioning the Hand, and her death in Daredevil (though his character isn't mentioned at all). She tracks him down, and he cops a sai through the back. Not pretty, but a very nice opening.

Second up is another scene from the movie, which features Elektra fighting Typhoid Mary - or more to the point, succumbing to her kiss (and this time I'm not writing about lesbians). Very surreal, very cool. The scene looks like it belongs in Zhang Yimou's brilliant Hero (anxiously awaiting House of Flying Daggers - out here next month!), rather than a run of the mill superhero movie.

Daredevil was flawed (though the director's cut is a far superior film), and this spin-off could be too. But, it does look like it has some fucking potential!

And now to bed...
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More lesbians, with a dash of B & E
Okay, here's my second non-fanboy related post for the night. In the other one, I mentioned that two nights out of five were fucked up. I wrote up a little overview of the first one.

Now I'm writing up a little overview of Saturday (the other fucked up night).

Much like the previous night, I had planned a quiet one in playing Simpsons Hit & Run (and watching Hellboy: The Director's Cut, which I'd just bought a part of K-Mart's 15% off sale). And, much like the previous night, these plans are changed by a phonecall.

This time, it's one of my female friends, wanting to meet for drinks. Sure, I figure. I also figure it'd be a big night. And it was... right to the point where after dinner with friends last night and work today, I'm still recovering.

Now, let me precede the following by stating up front that this friend is a hottie. Gorgeous girl. Smart, funny. But we're friends. She's more than taken, I don't think of her as anything else.

I meet her out there, and we grab a few drinks. We chat, we play some pool, we play some shit on the jukebox. As the night moves on, we get tipsy.

As she gets tipsy, my friend gets very sociable, chatting with anyone and everyone. Which is a virtue, but as I get tipsy, I get a little overprotective. Not as in that I'll hit anyone that wants to sleep with her (ie the male portion of the pub), but I just like to look out for her.

Anyway, as the night progresses, and after a shot, she decides to call another club, and get an old friend over with us. Which's cool, I've met her before, she's a good girl. We don't manage to get through to the club, so we call a cab and head over to bring her back.

We get there, and find her (also quite drunk), with her lesbian lover (girlfriend for the sake of typing crap out later), and a few other friends. We mingle a bit, sink another drink, and play the pokies for a bit... quite a bit. We break about even, maybe a few dollars down. Over this period, my friend's friend is apparently convinced that we didn't want to come to visit her. She was dead wrong, it's a matter of after getting there, we didn't want to intrude (and yeah, maybe we should of thought that through beforehand).

So my friend convinces me to go talk to her. I do, and she ends up coming over. Things seem a little strained, but I don't think much of it. After playing the pokies, my friend realises that she left her jacket back at the other club, and we figure we'd better go get it. We go to say our goodbyes, but her friend and her girlfriend have already left... or so it appeared.

We step outside (neither of us thinking to call a cab), see her and her girlfriend, and wander up for a chat. We notice the two of them smoking up a marijuana storm. I take a couple of drags (or all in all, about a cone), we chat some more, and decide to head in. Lucky we didn't think to call the cab!

On the way in, I remember that I smoked my last cigarette inside at the pokies. The club doesn't sell any, so I go for a hunt for cigarettes. It's after midnight, and all the shops in the area are closed. I find a club, where my membership lapsed about six months ago. I consider just showing my card and hoping they don't notice, but under the influence of alcohol (and a little pot) I push the back gate open, walk through and open the door inside.

And to think, upon reading the title's lesbian comment, you thought I meant B&D - Bondage and Discipline; not B&E - Breaking and Entering - you dirty fuck...

Anyway, I wander in, walk up to the smoke machine, get my smokes, and proceed to leave (through the back way, figuring it best to go from whence I came). I head back, catch up with the others, and have a game of Thumb Wars™ with the girlfriend. I remind my friend about her jacket (again), and we decide to call a cab.

We offer a few others a ride, go outside and wait. My jacket free friend is getting cold. I try to keep her warm, but she gets impatient and goes back in to ask about the cab. She comes back out, we wait for what seems like an eternity, but with drunken perceptions of time, probably wasn't that long. The two of us head back inside, go to re-call it. After a bit, we wonder what happened to everyone else, so I pop my head out the door, and they're gone. They fucking went without us. Didn't even bother to let us know.

We're both kind of shitty about this, so we call the cab again, sit down with a drink and wait. We head back out, wait in the cold as I try to keep her warm.

Finally the cab shows back up, and we head back to the original club. We grab another drink, amazingly find the jacket exactly where she left it, and chat to a few people. My friend wanders up to the others, tells them they left us, which pisses them off. The friend we went to see - is really shitty with her about this, and remains so for the rest of the night. I hope they patch things up, but if not, I guess the friendship isn't worth trying for.

After a while, we decide to head. It's around 3:30, and we were going to aim to be done by midnight. So I walk her home, and grab her a bite to eat. We sit down, let her try and sober up before I walk her in the backdoor to avoid waking anyone up. I kiss her goodnight (platonically, just good friends - see the bright red above), wander back towards town and hop a cab home, to arrive back just before 5.

Long night. Interesting night. Kinda fucked up night. But fun.

Crap, that was a longer than I was expecting to write. And for some reason Blogger has a problem with '&' in the subject if you don't include spaces... odd.
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Barmaids and old women and lipstick lesbians, oh my!
Here I am, sitting at my computer, after five straight nights out. Four of these included drinking of some descrption (so much for my cutting down, but hell, I have 355 days left in the year), and two of which were pretty fucked up.

Friday was one of those two...

The night started fairly simply. I finish work, come home. Figure I'll stay here, put on Simpsons Hit & Run, which I'd just bought (really fucking funny game, btw), and chill the night away. A mate of mine had slightly different ideas. I get a call, and I hop a ride to the local pub.

We sit down, have a drink, and chat. We're joined by his girlfriend for around 15 minutes before she heads home. We go out to eat some food.

Then we come back. And the shenanigans begin.

I order our drinks, and chat to the barmaid. All's good, but I'm feeling kind of odd doing this. After all, I almost had a thing with a barmaid there a little while back (little while being shortly before Christmas) before she moved, and I got really drunk and ended up "making nice" with a girl there just a week after (I should have written about that - it was a pretty fucked up night, including two cigarette burns to my face - in exactly the same spot!). So, we just chatted, had a bit of a flirt. No biggy, I just feel wrong doing it there.

I return with the drinks, and am called over to a table by an older (nice way of saying fucking ancient) woman. My mate apparently figures I know her, and doesn't try bailing me out. To cut a long story short, she tells me that her (equally ancient) friend was checking me out, and wanted to set me up with her. Since the incident with "that" barmaid weeks ago, I've had three women hit on me - the aforementioned one from when I was drunk, and two old women. Shit...!

I finally manage to blow this woman and her friend off (both of them quite drunk), sit down and tell my mate the story. I down my drink, and go buy more from the barmaid, to purge myself of the women at the table. The barman goes to serve me, she stops him, and comes up for more of a chat. Purging complete.

When I get back, my mate and I laugh over my violation, and look over to see a convention of sorts - well, eight or so, lipstick lesbians. Not the dyke type (much as I dislike the word), but hot, honest to God, lipstick lesbians. Even the butchest one had a decent amount of feminity (and let's not forget to mention how hot she is). And one poor guy, who wandered in, sat down, and tried to pick one up, oblivious. When he wasn't geting the response, he'd move on to the next one. And so on, and so on...

We were done at the pub by around 11ish. Not a long night, but pretty interesting in that scarily amusing way.
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Paranoid android
Okay, I'm a fan of Douglas Adams, and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Not a huge, obsessed fan like some people (like I've got anything against that, though), I dug the book. The movie's coming out, and I'm hoping to dig it too. Or at the least, enjoy it.

Which brings me to Marvin the paranoid android. Voiced by the always brilliant Alan Rickman.

And featured on this bit of promotional goodness... Looks pretty sweet. Doesn't mean we'll have a good movie on our hands, but it is a fucking funky image.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005
More fanboy rants
Second post for the night, and it'll be a quickie. I promise, you won't feel a thing!

Just a few things I'd like to touch upon briefly about the comic book world.

Will Eisner - Today, one of the comic world's true legends, passed away. Will Eisner, creator of The Spirit, not to mention a comic creator far ahead of his time, died age 87, while recovering from quadruple heart bypass surgery (some recovery, eh?). He will be missed.

Angel - Indy publisher IDW has bought up the rights to publish Angel comics...! No more Dark Horse! They're promising a miniseries set after the series finale, as well as one-shots spotlighting other characters, and further miniseries' further down the track. I'm kinda torn over this. I liked the Angel finale. A lot. Sure, I'd love to see other stories told past this point, but I'd really love to see Joss Whedon (or someone else from the writing team) do this. They wrote stories at Dark Horse, hopefully we'll see them do it here... And this also means no more Buffy books at Dark Horse... Wonder what happened here...? They were promising more stories after the awesome Tales of the Vampires... New series kicks of May or June (apparently).

DC All-Stars - Shit, fuck, shit, shit, fuck, fuck, fuckety-fuck, shit. I have no idea what to make of the upcoming All-Stars books. It was originally announced that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely will be doing All-Star Superman. They're a brilliantly talented team, but I really don't like the sound of Morrison's take on it all. Then, Jim Lee's announced as the artist on All-Star Batman & Robin, in what sounded like a lighter take (Jim Lee on Batman again - cool, but he is a "superhero"artist - is he really the best fit?). But now the writer's been announced - Frank Miller. Fuck, that's big. And suddenly, I find myself anticipating this book...!

And that's it. Oh, and I'll have a big Batman-related post when I get the time to sit down and acually write it...! Mesa very excited (sorry, Jar Jar talk after the pic in my last post).
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
Full of Portman-y goodness
Natalie Portman rocks. She's a great actress, conducts herself intelligently in interviews, and she's fucking hot to boot.


She appears in the Star Wars prequels.

And she's doing V For Vendetta, according to Variety.

Now, I love Alan Moore's comics. But they have a poor track record of making it to the silver screen. While I enjoyed From Hell, it wasn't anything like the comic. Or anywhere near as fucking good. And League of Extroadinary Gentlemen, one of the most intelligent comic series' ever published - well, giving the the abbreviation "LXG" should have been a warning sign that everyone who saw it will want that 100 or so minutes back.

Next up is Watchmen, which I don't think'll be brilliant. Paul Greengrass is a talented director, but is he talented enough to pull of something of this scale in a feature length film? Who knows...?

And now, V for Vendetta. Another cool comic by Moore. And Natalie's starring. Now, that would be a good combination. Except uber-nerd hacks the Wachowski brothers have written the script (I really should write something about my distaste for The Matrix), and are producing with Joel Silver. Their first assistant director, James McTeigue, is making his directorial debut... Um... cool? Hopefully it'll be something great. I just... have my doubts.

And the other bit of Portman-y goodness?

That "other" crap film franchise she's in - the Star Wars prequels. I kinda dig the teaser trailer for Revenge of the Sith, but I'll need to see the film before I can believe that Lucas is giving us something decent.

Anyhoo, that's beside the point. Vanity Fair's next issue has a really cool cover. Basically, it's a wrap-around cover with Portman, along with a ton of cast and crew members of the Star Wars saga - new and old - all together.

And she's touching George Lucas, the lucky fuck (click the pic to make it big)...

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Monday, January 03, 2005
Not quite resolutions
Before I get onto this post, I've updated the image at the top left... again! First it was Batman, and then it was Yoda with a Santa hat. Well, Christmas is well and truly over, and everyone's sick to death of it by now. Which is why, I introduce you to Usagi Yojimbo!!

I'm ashamed to say that I've read little of the title (something I'm planning on rectifying). He's a character I've been a fan of ever since I played the Samurai Warrior game on the Commodore 64 years ago...

And now, for the reason why I'm sitting here at the computer, as opposed to getting some sleep before returning to work after the long (yet, not long enough) weekend. I didn't make a New Years Resolution this year. Most years I do, but I never manage to keep them. Never. Without fail.

So this year I'm not. Instead, I'm compiling a list of things I'd like to achieve this year. I'm not saying I will, but I'd like to. These are in no particular order, except for as they come to me (I don't exactly have this mapped out, so bare with me.

  • Quit smoking
    I guess this's the big 'un, no? Stupidity got me into smoking, and something other than stupidity will (hopefully get me out), and let's hope it's not cancer. Really, it's a matter of willpower, and getting out of the mindset that it's just easier to keep at it.

  • Drink less
    As I'm sure my heart and lungs would appreciate me quitting smoking, I'm sure my liver would appreciate me cutting down on the drinking. I've cut down from three or so times a week to just Christmas Eve and New Years Eve at the moment, and I'm hoping it'll last.

  • Start writing again
    I'm not talking about blogging. Much as I enjoy this, I'd like to get back into writing fiction. I love scripts (particularly comic scripts and screenplays), and should get off my arse and dedicate some time to sitting on my arse writing these.

  • More "personal" blogging
    This blog has been turning into a bit of a fanboy rant. I've got more happening in my life, and I really should get back into writing about it. Sure, I love my fanboy shit, and will continue to write about it, but it's not the be all and end all of my life.

  • Get a girlfriend
    And this sounds sad. I can get dates. I can get laid. But it's a while since I've actually been in a "relationship". Getting screwed around by one girl, and having another move away before we get a chance to know each other, has taken the inspiration from me. But, it'll return once someone captures my interest, and I'd like to end up in a nice, normal relationship (assuming they actually exist).

  • Save some money
    Okay, I'm not earning bad money. I'm not doing brilliantly either, but I'm doing well enough to not have an excuse for not saving. It's a matter of impulse control. Don't by stuf just because it's available, and I have the cash. Save it. Hell, I don't wanna save for anything in particular, I just wanna have it available.
And, well, that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure more will come to me at some point, and I may or may not post them. But what can ya do, eh?
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