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Sunday, February 27, 2005
In defence of Paris
Paris Hilton cops a lot of crap. Period. No matter what you may think of the girl, she cops a lot. And more than she deserves.
  • Yes, she's a spoiled little rich girl.
  • Yes, she's done some stupid shit.
  • Yes, I myself make Paris Hilton jokes.
But, when it comes down to it, she's bored. She's had everything given to her on a silver platter, and has never had to work for a living. But is that any reason to chastise her? If she was known for being a film or TV star (yes, she's starring in The House of Wax and A Simple Life) before the video of her and Rick Solomon hit the net, people wouldn't hate her so.

They'd be making the same jokes, but the bitterness wouldn't be there. It's simply because she was born rich, and people resent that. Much as I hate tabloids, most of the people they seek chose their profession. Does it mean that they deserve to have their lives invaded? No. But they did choose a profession which would put them up there in the public eye.

Paris had no such choice. She was born into it. Doesn't mean that she doesn't play with it, but the fact remains that it was something the girl was born into.

The reason that I'm writing this post is because earlier this week, somebody managed to hack her mobile phone and list all her contacts on the internet. Many of these are celebrities, some of these aren't. And yeah, at first I thought this was a giggle. But later, it occured to me just how fucked up this is!

Not only is this a gross invasion of Paris's privacy, but what about her friends? Her family? These people have suddenly had their details plastered all over the net for everyone to see. And considering the celebrity of these people, it'll draw all kinds of people - some pranksters, a few fans, and others stalkers - to have fun with these details. Start calling these people.

Which means that suddenly you have a shitload of people affected by this stupidity. So now, just because Paris is a spoiled rich girl who had a sex video hit the internet, you're attacking her friends and family. Not only is it a crime to be Paris Hilton, it's a fucking crime to know her???

I mean, shit...!

And with that, I'd better get off my soap box...
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Birthday dinner (not mine, sadly)
Today's my best mate's girlfriend's birthday. Last night, we went out to celebrate. Sure, we're not the closest of friends (to say the least - we both have our issues with each other), but I figured I should go. I've trying to cut her some more slack lately, even if she continues to make it difficult.

Besides, it gave me the opportunity to catch up with some friends I haven't seen in a while.

We went to Iori, which is always great - Canberra's nicest Japanese restaurant by a long way. Brilliant food. One of my mates once described it as "little Japanese meals for little Japanese men with little Japanese tummies", which really isn't off the mark. But that doesn't mean that the food's not great, though. A little overpriced (I'd forgotten how much so), but still an enjoyable meal.

In a nutshell, the evening was cool. We had dinner, had a couple of drinks, then moved on to Starbucks for coffee. Just a nice, chilled night.

The timing was shitful, though. Earlier yesterday, I received an invitation from Zoe at crazybrave, inviting me to a Canberra Bloggers dinner. Would have been a great night, but prior commitments prevented me from making it out there. Hopefully, somepoint soon, she'll organise another. Would've been great to meet these people.

There are a few links to Canberra bloggers from hers, and I'm going to have to go through there and check them out. See everyone who has a talent for writing, unlike the certain hack typing this post.

But back on topic as I wrap this up, it was a fun night. Disappointing that I couldn't make it to the Blogger meet (or atleast clone myself), but what can ya do, eh?
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Ex-rental fun
As per my previous post, I bought quite a few DVDs a couple of weeks back. And I still have a lot of watching to do with them. That said, Video Ezy has an awesome ex-rental sale twice a year. And yesterday was the day. So, I spent $65 there, and grabbed another seven of them.

$15 each / 3 for $35

The Bourne Supremacy

This movie is sweet. Much as I loved The Bourne Identity, this sequel surpasses it in every way. The James Bond franchise could do far worse than to look at the tone and intelligence of these movies to get back on track.

Dawn of the Dead
This is the only one of the movies that I haven't actually seen. I love the original, and have only heard great things about this remake. Apparently it's completely different, but still rocks big time. Hope everyone's right...

The Girl Next Door
The only reason I didn't own this movie before is that it wasn't released to retail outlets when it was meant to be (and still hasn't been solicited). A great film, with a lot more heart than you'd expect from a comedy about a kid who falls in love with a porn star.

$10 each / 4 for $30

The Big Bounce
I'm a huge Elmore Leonard fanatic. Huge one. Love his books, and for the most part, love the film adaptations. This isn't one of the better ones, but it's a great light hearted comedy. Quite amusing.

28 Days Later
Danny Boyle's zombie movie doesn't flinch at all. It examines the human psyche as much as anything else, and the human cast is scarier than the zombies themselves. A great movie. One of the best horror releases in recent years.

Not a great movie. Definately one I'll watch a couple of times, though. More than anything, I think it was anticlimactic. But enjoyable. And kate Beckinsale's always good value.

Van Helsing
Like Underworld, it features vampires. And Kate Beckinsale. Definately one of the most underrated movies of last year, I particularly thought it was great fun (oddly, I hate Stephen Sommers' other movies, which everyone else seems to love). The climax dragged on too long, but aside from that it was a blast.
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DVDs fit for a geek (#2)
I'm finally writing up a bit on my second lot of import DVD purchases. It's taken me a while to pull my finger out and do it. I've been trying to balance watching the DVDs, playing KOTOR II, working stupidly long hours, and maintaining some semblance of a social life... Which unfortunately means, less time to watch and write about my DVD purchases.

But here goes...

Batman: The Animated Series Volume 2

Batman: The Animated Series
is quite possibly, the best animated series to ever grace TV. It's definately the best one marketed to kids, anyway. This volume features another 28 episodes, equating to around 10 hours of cartoony goodness.

Of these episodes, the highlights include Perchance to Dream, Robin's Reckoning parts 1 & 2, The Laughing Fish, Night of the Ninja, Day of the Samurai, and Harley & Ivy. It does have some disappointing episodes too, howver: Cat Scratch Fever, Heart of Steel parts 1 & 2, and Tyger, Tyger being some examples. But the good outweigh the bad.

Features wise, they don't quite live up to the first volume, but are still pretty cool. Haven't had time to listen to the four commentaries, though. There's a cool featurette on Robin's development as a character, and another one on the supporting characters which doesn't go far. Additionally, there's an okay one on the voice actors.

Clerks X: 10th Annversary Edition

Being a Kevin Smith fanatic, I had to get this. Hell, I already own the standard version, as well as the Clerks Uncensored animated series. I pretty much grabbed this for the features, so I won't go into detail about the movie., except to say that it's been done up with sweet surround sound.

The major feature of this set is that disc 2 features the original cut of the film. It doesn't add much (unless you like seeing Dante getting shot at the end of the film), and the quality's pretty crap as Smith wanted to present it as originally shown at Sundance. The other kick arse feature is Snowball Effect: The Story of Clerks, a documentary chronicling the film from it's inception right through to it's cinema release. Brilliant stuff.

Other features include the classic commentary, a new commentary for the original cut (which I haven't listened to, but Smith does the greatest commentaries), a reanimated Clerks: The Lost Scene, which you can watch seperately or through branching with the film, Smith's hilarious The Flying Car short for Jay Leno, some MTV spots which range from stupid to brilliant, cast auditions, outtakes from the documentary, eight articles and reviews of Clerks, the original screenplay on DVD-ROM, as well as the original trailer and music video, which were both featured on the original DVD. All in all, a shitload of stuff.

Space Ghost: Coast to Coast Volume 2

If ever a show was an acquired taste, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is it. The quotes on the DVD case show this, with all seven of them slamming the show, one of these calling it "tasteless, offensive and a pain to watch". That said, personally, I fucking love it. Yes, it's an odd concept. Tasteless and offensive? Well, maybe compared to the original Space Ghost toon!

A faux talk show, this volume includes interviews with Penn & Teller, Elvira, Ben Folds, Bobcat Golthwait, Matt Groening, Metallica's Kirk Hammett, Janeane Garofalo, Dave Grohl, and many others. It's great fun for fans of cheesy cartoons, interesting celebrities, or wacky comedy.

Features wise, every single episode has a commentary. I doubt I'll ever get through them all, but it's good to see, nonetheless. Additionally, it includes the pilot, a "pencil test", aThurston Moore performance, Matt Gorening's raw interview (around 20 minutes, showing how much these things get edited down), and extended episodes. Not too shabby for a small cult hit, at all...
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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 26th)
Another big week of comics. I've got a few posts I wanna write up tonight, and I'm not feeling too well (pity me), so I'm just gonna cut right to the chase and try to make it a quick 'un.

And I didn't manage to get X-Men: Pheonix: Endsong... I'll have to make sure it actually shipped...

Oh, and one more thing - ImageShack appears to be down, so I can't upload any pics at the moment. When I get a chance, I'll update this post and include 'em.

Batgirl #61

It's Batgirl vs the Brain! It's Batgirl vs Gemini! It's Batgirl vs Monsier Mallah! The Brotherhood of Evil come to Bludhaven causing all kinds of troubles for Batgirl, including kicking her sweet behind. An enjoyable issue, though in the end it left me feeling kinda empty. And it was also kinda forgettable.

Batman #637

It's the penultimate chapter of Under the Hood, and yet it only featured about three pages of him. Much as I love Judd Winick's writing, I found this issue (as well as the rest of the story arc thus far) disappointing. Winick's got the reader waiting for the revelation about the Red Hood's identity, but isn't giving us any of the character to add to the mystery. Instead, we get Amazo, in what's pretty much a stand alone issue...

Black Widow #6

Man, I can never get over Greg Land's covers. Beautiful stuff. This final issue was a great read, however by the issue's end, I felt a bit cheated - no resolution whatsoever, and Marvel had the audacity to advertise that there's a sequel on the way. Why they didn't decide to make it a maxiseries is beyond me, because this issue ended on such a cliffhanger. Hell, I love the character, and think they should just make an ongoing one. That aside, when you create a miniseries, atleast give it some resolution. Some plot threads can be left dangling, but not every single one of 'em!

Jingle Belle #3

Wow, this issue shipped about a month late. Well, it's finally here. And after the wait, thank God it's better than #2 was. This issue features JB getting roped into helping a guy who's Santaville theme park is failing. Being the gal she is, JB turns it into a great success - only problem is, she turned it into a casino!

Nightwing #104

Part four of the six part Year One, and it's just as funky as always. This issue has Dick meeting Batgirl for the first time since adopting the Nightwing identity, and hitting Gotham's underworld - hard - to make a name for himself. Very enjoyable, Chuck Dixon's script is solid (though not a great deal more), and Scott McDaniel continues to prove that he's one of the more dynamic artists in the comic industry.

Outsiders #21

After discovering that Batman is funding the Outsiders, Nightwing figures he'll pay him a visit. The two exchange words - and loudly. The real kicker with this issue, however, isn't Nightwing's anger at Batman's secrets. It isn't Arsenal's "contact". It's Batman giving the first hints that he knows the JLA did something to him during Identity Crisis (well, in the flashbacks anyway). This moment was powerful, and worth picking up the issue for alone. That, and it's the best team book on the market.

Seven Soldiers #0

And DC's second biggest event of 2005 (after the upcoming DC Countdown) begins here. Here, Grant Morrison sets the scene for his epic tale, and manages it beautifully - without even introducing any of the key players. This issue tells the story of another group of Seven Soldiers of Victory (yet, they only managed to get six of 'em), and how their battle with the Sheeda lead into the seven upcoming miniseries'. A cool read, but really only necessary if you're going to be following the other ones.

Solo #3

While it's a great fucking concept, I really can't see Solo running for a long time. Case in point being that I'm really considering taking it off my standing order, and just grab it when it spotlights a creator I'm a particular fan of. This issue features Paul Pope, and for the most part was enjoyable, in partucular the OMAC story, and Teenage Sidekick, featuring Robin. But for the price these issues cost, they're not worth it unless there's someone I'm a huge fan of...

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #20

I still don't fully understand what's going on here. That's what happens when you drop a comic for a long while... But the issue is entertaining, and once I've picked up the current backstory, I'm sure I'll be loving the title again. In a nutshell, Michaelangelo gets kidnapped by his girlfriend's bodyguards, Donatello spends time with the Utroms, and Leonardo finds the monstrous Raphael. The letters column featured people bitching about Peter Laird making political statements in the book. Now, this is only the second issue I've picked up in a long while, and can't say that I know what exactly he's saying. I know that it's about immigration, but haven't read enough to see what stance he's taking. But hell, it's art. And if you want to use art to make a political point or statement, you should be able to.

Wonder Woman #213

JG's rendition of Wonder Woman on the cover looks eerily like Angelina Jolie. Aside from that, it's an entertaining issue. Continued from last issue (which I picked up for the JLA appearance), this issue has Wonder Woman caught in the middle of a battle of wills between Zeus and Athena. Oh, and she has to fight a giant named Briareos - Shouldn't be too hard: he only has 50 heards and 100 arms...

X-23 #s 1, 2 & 3

I was really dubious about the "Marvel Next" titles. It seemed like a cheap ploy to cash in on the teen superhero craze, and try to bring about a reputation for being "hip". I was always going to get Runaways, which was great, and I decided to check out Young Avengers, which I'm still dubious about. I had absolutely no interest inX-23, until I heard how great the first issue was. When it was announced they were reprinting it, I figured I'd put #2 away and wait. It so happens they released #3 alongside this. And was it worth it? In a nutshell - fuck yeah. This has chronicled the creation of X-23, a mutant child designed to be the ultimate weapon. Christopher Yost has managed to write a tragic tale about this girl, which really got me in. Three issues down, and another three to go. Let's hope this gets spun off into an ongoing book.
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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Special 110th anniversary spectacular!
Wow. Just looked at my profile, and my last post was #109.

Holy snapping duckshit, Batman! I knew I made regular posts, but 109? Making this 110? Fark....

And no, I'm not going to celebrate this milestone. Because, really, I'm not going to celebrate the fact that I sit down infront of my computer WAY too much.

But, since I didn't mention it in the post (because I didn't fucking realise), I'll link to my special 100th post. Which isn't really that special at all. But here it is, anyway: My 100th post.
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A bit of embarrassment
Hmm... as I typed out the subject to this post, I had to stop and think about whether I was spelling 'embarrassment' correctly. I thought about it for a couple of seconds, and it still looked wrong. So, I entered it into Word, and sure enough it was correct.

Probably a symptom of lack of sleep, and the long fucking hours I've been putting in at work recently. Which is where the subject of this post comes from...

I won't go on and bitch about my day, or the past few weeks. Yeah, the hours are annoying and people don't understand that there are only so many hours in a day (let alone a standard fucking work day), but that's not the point of this post. *take a deep breath - get on with the actual post*

Anyways, I was at a course today (and another one tomorrow - again I'm straying from the topic). And there was a cute - no, fucking cute - girl there. We made some small talk, and seemed to get along okay.

10:30 rolls on and it's time for morning tea. I grab a bite to eat, and a coffee. More small talk. I head back to my desk there, put my coffee down, and start to read my notes. Not paying attention to what I'm doing, I manage to rest my elbow on the saucer - sending the cup of coffee flying, drenching myself, the table and my notes in coffee.

Yup, I'm that fucking smooth.

But oddly enough, it just opened the lines of communication up a little more. No, I didn't pick her up. No, I didn't try. I got over the embarrassment quickly, made a couple of jokes about it, and we chatted a bit more.

Which was nice. She didn't see me as the dickhead I felt like. Or if she did, she didn't let on. And that's pretty sweet.
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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Superman funny...
I recently read an article in Comic Buyers Guide about the "lessons" Superman used to teach Lois, back in the Silver Age of comics. When looked at today, these come off as being incredibly fucking sexist. More than that, but the world's most famous boy scout comes off as one big arsehole.

And then I found this site: Superman is a Dick.

In a nutshell, this sites includes 26 pages of Silver Age covers where Supes acts like, well, a royal dick. Very funny stuff. Not to mention what a complete contrast it is to today's comics. So, if you have a fucked up sense of humour, or dig Silver Age comics (or both, like myself), it's really worth a visit.

Check out some of my favourite ones below:

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at
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Up Sith creek without a paddle
Most addictive game ever.

And no, I'm not talking about Halo 2. Instead, I'm talking about another sequel, with one of the longest names to ever grace computer gamedom. I'm talking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords, baby!

Never have I played a game this addictive. I've had it about a week, and have already put 20 odd hours into the thing, and it apparently should take me another 20 to get through it. And then there's the replay value - going through the Dark Side, playing as a different Jedi class, etc... Apparently you really should play it atleast three times to catch most stuff.

Ouch. Looks like I have a bit of playing ahead of me...

The original thing is, I also have the original game - and never got through it. It's not that I thought the game was shit (hell, I shelled out $90 for the sequel), but I think it has to do with me buying it with the XBox - and I had a few games to play. But once I've put my 120 hours into KOTOR II (a slightly shorter anacronym), I'll hop in and play the original.

KOTOR II is just fucking fun. The story's great, and there's also some really great humour (one part where you're playing as a droid you've reprogrammed, and manipulate a little droid into opening fire on civilians). The graphics are a little disappointing (about the same quality as the original KOTOR, and those were never great for their time - albeit only 18 months ago), but the game is so engrossing it's hardly noticable. Besides, the sound and voice acting more than makes up for it.

So in a nutshell, it's a fucking sweet game. It just sucks that I need to spend time at work, with friends, and try to keep a balanced life.
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Binge drinking
Okay... methinks I should cut down on my drinking.

Ya see, I was out at the Street Theatre on Saturday night (for the always brilliant Fringe Festival aspect of the Multicultural Festival), enjoying a couple of beers with some mates.

I went to take a leak, and saw a sign - seven beers is binge drinking. Wow. Never figured that. I don't know what I would have considered as binge drinking, I've never really given it much thought. But seven, sure, they'll get you drunk, but binge drinking?

The thing is that I readily put away more than seven beers. On Thursday night, I more than doubled that, and had to get up and work the next morning. Not good.

So, I really should cut it down a bit, I think...
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Sunday, February 20, 2005
New Comic Day (comics bought Fri 18th)
Okay, so this lot of comics is the third fucking lot I've within a week - I picked up a few last weekend since the weekly shipment was late, then on Tuesday I grabbed those ones. And only three days later, I grab more... In what is probably my biggest load of comics. Ever.

Yup, there's a shitload of 'em.

Adventures of Superman #637
Free Image Hosting at

Could it be? Could Pete Ross really be Ruin? That's what this issue is indicating, though hopefully it's a red herring. Too similar to Hush in Batman a year or so back, though atleast this time we know the childhood friend. Regardless of whether or not Ruin is Pete or not, it's still a funky read, as he starts chasing down Supes' friends and family...

Astonishing X-Men #8
Free Image Hosting at

Right before I decided to write up this post, I surfed the net. And a story just broke - Joss Whedon and John Cassaday have agreed to a second year of Astonishing X-Men. Brilliant fucking stuff! The not so brilliant news is that they're taking a short break - I just hope this doesn't mean that we'll be subjected some "guest"s on the book. Much as I'd dislike waiting a few months for a new issue, I'd hate to have this wonderful run interrupted halfway through. The issue opens surrounded by mystery - a broken (yet intelligent Sentinel) is roaming about, the psychics in Xavier's mansion have all been taken out, and the kids have been locked in the Danger Room for their protection... except the Danger Room's the most dangerous part of the mansion. The issue doesn't feature as much of Whedon's wit as usual, but he's treated us to a thrilling issue. Great. As always.

Batman: Gotham Knights #62
Free Image Hosting at

Hey, Batman actually appears in this issue! Continuing on from last issue, Poison Ivy is still reeling from the deaths of the kids in Robinson Park, and to make matters worse, she's the prime suspect. Her one ally in this may actually be Batman, as he believes that kiddy killing's beyond Ivy. Or it could be Hush, who seems to be the only guy immune to her. A great second chapter in this arc, and the ongoing mystery about Hush is also great. Gotham Knights is consistantly a funky read.

Birds of Prey #79
Free Image Hosting at

Gail Simone gets these characters. She makes this abundantly clear in the opening pages, where Black Canary pays a visit to Batman, telling him to lay off Huntress, and apologise to Black Canary. The Birds are a close knit group, and she works it. Add to this the fact that she's taken a concept I dreaded (removing the characters from Gotham, having them travel the DCU), and immediately converted my stance. Here, they confront one of the more complex characters in the Superman mythology - Thorn. I always dug her, but this issue really made me feel for the character. And with the announcements that DC's giving Ms Simone more books to work on, this can only be a good thing.

Catwoman #40
Free Image Hosting at

This arc started of excellently, and then fizzled away into not much. Wooden Nickel is a character who we really should never see again. An interesting concept, though it wears thin, rather reminiscent of many of the villains Alan Grant wrote in Shadow of the Bat. Characterisation in this issue was lost as the issue's focus was on Catwoman getting revenge on the wooden dude. Yes, he has more dirt on Catwoman than most people, but we're subjected to the cliche of nobody'll believe him 'coz he's crazy. Scott Morse has proven he's better than this - let's hope he returns to form next issue.

Catwoman: When in Rome #4
Free Image Hosting at

DC advertised the crap out of the confrontation between Catwoman and Cheetah. Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale are one of my favourite creative duo's. And yet, the confrontation fell flat. It really seemed like they're trying to pad this miniseries out a bit further than what they should. Good thing that the fight was drawn nicely. By the final quarter of the issue though, the issue redeemed itself somewhat, and the final page left me thinking "what the fuck?". At the very least, it's an intriguing mystery with beautiful art. And hell, one disappointing issue from four ain't that bad - let's just hope that the rest's up to "scratch".

Daredevil: Redemption #2
Free Image Hosting at

After a confession from a retarded boy that yes, he and his friends killed the child, everything looked terrible for these kids. Matt Murdock refuses to believe they're guilty, and figures out that this kid was coached into the confession. But this still leaves the mystery of who it is who the murderer actually is. This miniseries (so far, atleast) is great. The mystery has gotten me in, and Matt Murdock doing everything in his power to save them is what I love about the character (I'm starting collecting the regular Daredevil title again once the current arc's over). He barely appears in costume in this series, but that doesn't matter one bit. It's good when you can have a superhero story without huge superheroics - and it's great when it works.

Green Lantern: Rebirth #4
Free Image Hosting at

What an amazing fucking cover. That's four of four. And the interior art's just as purdy. Not to mention the story - Hal Jordan is really earning his return to the fold. Despite whether you're a Hal or a Kyle fan, and no matter what you may think of them bringing Hal back, there's no denying that this miniseries is great. We also get to see exactly how much willpower it takes for a Green Lantern to use the ring - Green Arrow gets his hands on one, gets incredibly pissed off, and gives it everything he's got. And he musters a single, useless, arrow. Completely beat, he turns to Kyle and asks him if it's always like that. Kyle's reply - "Every time". It really makes one respect the Green Lantern legacy. This series is on a huge scale, yet the story of Hal's return is a personal one. Great stuff.

It's a Bird...
Free Image Hosting at

Wow. It's the only word that describes my reaction to this comic, one of the greatest books I have ever read. A semi-autobiographical tale of writer Steven T Seagle, it tells the tale of Steve, who has been offered the assignment of a lifetime - writing the Superman comic. The only problem is, Steve hates the character, and can't find a way to relate to him. This book serves as an answer to everyone who's posed the question about how relevant the Man of Steel is in today's society. Is he an outdated concept? Are people just overthinking him? These questions and more are posed, and answered throughout this tale. Aside from that, it's a personal story of a man who lives with the fact that his family is subjected to Huntington's Disease, a little known genetic disease which leaves people as vegetables. Add that to his search for his missing father, his relationship with his girlfriend falling apart, a deadline to make his decision about writing Superman, and a fucking hilarious fanboy, and you have an incredibly crafted tale. Teddy Kristiansen's art is among the best I've ever seen, and I look forward to grabbing more of his work. This book needs to be read. Amazing, amazing stuff. Wow just can't say enough.

JLA: Classified #4
Free Image Hosting at

I've only read a few issues of the Giffen/DeMatties run on Justice League way back when - just back issues I grabbed for a dollar or so. I enjoyed them. I completely missed the boat on Formerly Known as the Justice League, and figure I'm going to need to hunt it down. Part one of I Can't Believe it's Not the Justice League is fucking hilarious. One can only assume that it's set before Identity Crisis with Ralph and Sue Dibney, and the jokes about the character's "pregancy" seem in poor taste given the fact that she was brutally murdered while pregant. That aside, this is one great read, with a "reformed" supervillain moving next door - a fact that Sue completely refuses to believe. Oh, and his name's Dick Hertz, something that the "Super Buddies" as they're calling themselves find incredibly hilarious. Add to this the revelation of Booster Gold's new relationship, Mary Marvel drinking coffee for the first time, and jokes about Blue Beetle and Booster Gold being gay, and you have a great, funny read. Oddly enough, this issue is far more fulfilling than Grant Morrison's last three combined!

Manga Darkchylde #1
Free Image Hosting at

I really don't know why I decided to put this on my standing order. I was never a Darkchylde fan, and I'm not an anime lover, but something about this book seemed appealing. And I'm damn glad I did end up getting it. Manga Darkchylde is an infusion of action, aventure, humour and pop culture, with an overwhelming sense of fun. Ariel Chylde has recently discovered that she can become the stuff of nightmares, but with a catch - once she changes back, the creature she became still roams free. To further complicate matters, the Sinister Sisters of Shadow (more alliteration there than a Marvel comic!) have come to Salem, seeking li'l Darkchylde herself. Funky.

Robin #135
Free Image Hosting at

It's Robin vs the Rising Sun Archer! Who the fuck? Sounds like a Green Arrow villain - and a b-grade one at that! That aside, the issue is fun - Robin's completely outgunned, and this issue shows us exactly why he is Robin. He's a smart kid. He's resourceful. And he refuses to lose. Oh, and we get the return of the Dark Rider, who I don't think's appeared in any books since the '80s. Sweet...

Runaways #1
Free Image Hosting at

I missed the boat on the original Runaways, but heard it was amazing. Now, Marvel's really pushing the teen heroes, and as part of this, they have relaunched the title. While I was worried about the hokeyness of many of these books, I was really looking forward to Runaways. I don't know these characters - I know they're supervillains' kids, but I don't know which supervillains. And yet, that hardly matters. This story about is about the kids themselves, they're trials and tribultions. Any superheroics is just gravy. I like gravy, and it looks like that throughout this run, the gravy'll be good. This issue features a "teen hero" support group, and a visitor from the future, which may turn the team on it's head. A great read.

Space Ghost #4
Free Image Hosting at

This issue gives us one of the key moments that this miniseries has been building towards: the appearance of Zorak! Completely reimagined for this miniseries, Zorak is actually a threat. But this miniseries is actually mature. Mature, and yet, Joe Kelly managed to get Jan and Jayce - the annoying kids from the ol' toon - and make them fit with what is essentially, a tale of vengeance. Now, he's got a lot more on his plate, and these kids may actually be his salvation. This series continues to amaze me. Let's hope it's successful enough for an ongoing series.

Teen Titans #21
Free Image Hosting at

Identity Crisis took Dr Light, a character who was little more than a joke, and made him terrifying. After the events of that miniseries, he's back with a vengeance, and out for revenge against the teens. While this series doesn't mention that he actually raped Sue Dibny, the subtext is there when he starts stalking these kids. After he announces on TV that the Titans must face him - alone - the heroes of the DCU rally behind them. Some, because they know what he's capable of, others because they're former Titans themselves. A touching moment, but they have to do it themselves. Add to the fact that Speedy has joined the team, and doesn't know how to fit in (and after an embarassing mistake with Cyborg), this issue is a great read.

And next week... More comics! And it's another big fucker of a week!
  • Batgirl
  • Batman
  • Black Widow
  • Jingle Belle
  • Nightwing
  • Outsiders
  • Seven Soldiers
  • Solo
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Wonder Woman
  • X-23
  • X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong
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Friday, February 18, 2005
Take my love, take my land, take me where I cannot stand...
And so the theme to the brilliant Firefly went, before it's all too soon cancellation.

But, coming in September, Serenity, Joss Whedon's follow up to the series is released.

AND (this is the cool bit and the reason for my post)...

Dark Horse has announced that starting July, they're publishing a three issue prequel to the Serenity movie - penned by creator Joss Whedon, who's already given us some brilliant comics - Fray, Tales of the Vampire, oh, and Astonishing X-Men.

Serenity cover

Two words sum this up: FUCK YEAH!!!

A short post, I know. Will have a long New Comic Day one up soon, as well as a couple of other non-comic related bits.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
New Comic Day (comics bought Tue 15th)
Okay, here goes: This is my second New Comics Day post for the week, since the last one was just a bit of stuff I picked up before the shipment arrived (and fucking late too, I might add!)

It's already getting late, and I have an early start at work tomorrow, so I'll hop right into things (and attempt to keep it all brief).

Action Comics #824

My oh my... What a difference a change of writer can make. JD Finn is the "guest writer" who's finishing up the mess started by Chuck Austen. Now, Austen did have about two decent issues in him, but when as for his other issues - well, the word "shit" comes into mind. Finn doesn't escape what seems to be Action's trademark - huge oover the top fights - but he does manage to include some depth to his work. Superman's confusion over a suicide bomber attacking him in the US is a little worrying, considering September 11 happened a few years back, but all in all a great issue.

Batman: The Man Who Laughs

I rarely pick up prestige format comics anymore. They're overpriced, and so rarely are they worth the extra dollars. That said, I was anticipating this first encounter between Batman and the Joker. Unfortunately for me, the most expensive comic this week by a long way, was also the most disappointing - by a long way. Now, this issue did have it's moments - the pacing was excellent, and it did manage to build up some tension. However the characters, in particular the Joker, were off. This origin story gave him motivation for his actions (however warped), and this flies in the face of everything about the character - he does what he does, because it's funny. And this facet of the character seems to be completely lost on writer Ed Brubaker.

JLA #111

Yes, this issue was less disappointing than The Man Who Laughs. Maybe it's because after the first four parts my expectations weren't terribly high, or maybe it's simply getting better. That said, it's far from Kurt Busiek's best work, and the entire issue revolved around the Crime Syndicate beating the crap through the JLA. The story arc is promising to go beyond this though, and the background events in this issue are what really managed to keep my interest up. Hopefully it'll be worth it.

JSA #70

The first two chapters of JSA/JSA really worked to point out the differences between the Golden Age and modern era characters. And while this issue does still play with the different times, it serves to show that the Golden Age characters were still flawed. While it didn't go anywhere near Identity Crisis territory, it did give the modern characters a realisation that while they aspire to be like the original characters, they weren't perfect either. The plot's continuing solidly, and it doesn't come across as gimmicky as it might seem.

Marvel Knights Spider-Man #11

This issue, Spidey and the Black Cat faces off against the Sinister Twelve. Pretty much the Sinister Six, but with a lack of alliteration, and twice as many villains. An issue which started as a basic clobbering fest was ultimately saved by Mark Millar's great characterisation of Spder-Man, some funky guest stars, and a great cliffhanger. Even though it's pretty easy to see how next issue'll turn out, you do still feel for Spidey. And when it's all said and done, that's what it's all about.

Nightwing #103

The Year One arc is getting better with each issue. In this chapter, we see Dick finally don the Nightwing costume, some great Deadman antics, and the introduction of Jason Todd. Thanks to Scott McDaniel's brilliant art, the last of these is one of the finest fanboy moments I've seen in a while: Alfred enters the Batcave to find Jason tied to a chair, with a gag in his mouth. While Dixon's writing tells you Batman's intentions, it's McDaniel's art that shows you that you really wouldn't want to fuck with Batman. Aside from this moment, the rest of the issue is a fun read, providing insight into Dick's transition from Robin to Nightwing.

Outsiders #20

This issue has the funniest opening I have seen in a long while - Starfire and Jade walk in on Indy and Shift having sex. Now, if you can picture an android and a dude who can morph into all kinds of elements having sex, good for you. If not, Karl Kerschl's art paint's quite an interesting - yet disturbing - picture. This is followed by Starfire's revelation that she and Nightwing managed to have sex in every room in the Titans tower. Aside from the issue's sex talk, what we get is a touching tale of how these two feel about each other, and concerns rising from Indy about not being human. Add in an excellent twist about the Outsiders' benefactor, and you have another brilliant issue.

Young Avengers #1

I came so close to not reading this comic. The whole concept of Young Avengers seemed hokey at best. I've only seen bits and pieces of Sex in the City and avoid watching The OC like the plague, and wasn't sure of writer Allan Heinberg's credentials. I'd heard interesting bits and pieces, and finally decided to check it out. #1 has shades of Teen Titans, and other decent teen books, but instead of the characters feeling like they're out of their league, they really are. They're just Avengers fans trying to emulate their heroes. Heinberg's script is solid, and Jim Chueng's art is very purdy, indeed. The revelation on the final page however is very uninspired and very unoriginal, not to mention corny as all hell. Hopefully Heinberg will do something cool with it in upcoming issues, but if not, it will probably be enough for me to give this title up pretty fucking quickly.

Stuff due later this week...< style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">
  • <>Adventures of Superman #637
  • Astonishing X-Men #8
  • Birds of Prey #79
  • Catwoman #40
  • Catwoman: When in Rome #4
  • Daredevil: Redemption #2
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth #4
  • JLA: Classified #4
  • Manga Darkchylde #1
  • Robin #135
  • Runaways #1
  • Space Ghost #4
  • <>Teen Titans #21
(It's a big fuckin' week...)
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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Crap shots!
The animated series' based on the DC universe was once a beautiful thing. Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated Series, and Batman Beyond were all wonderful. Justice League took a while to find itself, but when it did, it was great. Haven't seen Justice League Unlimited, but I hear it's cool - and the last hurrah of this animated universe.

Now we have a new breed of DC toon - Teen Titans which despite myself, I do dig, The Batman which I hear is pretty fucking terrible (though I'm yet to see an episode for myself), and and next cab off the rank is... Krypto the Syperdog???

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

I mean, the DC cartoon's were heralded for an intelligent perspective of the characters! Now I like Krypto - but does he need his own cartoon? No fucking way!

And these pics prove it. I's funny - when WB was floundering with the comic book movies, their animation department rocked. Now the films are working, the animation department's dropped the ball. Could this be a Ying Yang type situation?

Not man's best friend - boy's best friend. And you can cut that sexual tension with a knife.

Is that Ace the Bat-hound on the right? And Streaky the Super-Cat on the left???

Krypto's obviously an alien. Have you ever seen a dog clench his fists before?
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Great shots!
After Batman Begins, the next movie I'm really fucking looking forward to is Sin City. The cast is to die for, featuring Bruce Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Elijah Wood, Michael Clarke Duncan, Benicio Del Toro, Brittany Murphy, Nick Stahl, Jaime King and Michael Madsen. Cool fucking cast.

And that's not even taking into account that the film's being co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Sin City creator Frank Miller, and that it's looking exactly like the comic - not an easy task taking into consideration Miller's art style, and the colour palette used.

Now, rather than write up more boring shit about why I'm looking forward to this movie, I'll cut right to the chase and get to why I'm writing this post: Cool pictures. These appeared in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, and shit, do they look sweet! Click on the thumbnails to see them in all their glory.

The cover - featuring Bruce, Jessica, Clive and Rosario!

Nick and Rosario in her outfit - not the most modest look I've ever seen...

Bruce and Jessica - and yes, she does make me have some very bad thoughts!

More bad thoughts about Jessica (oh, she's with director Rodriguez in this one)
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An interesting conversation...

(Left to right: Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Joe Quesada)

Newsarama is a site I dig. However, over the past week they've had Marvel head honcho Joe Quesada "running" the site. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Quesada, and found the whole concept as a way for him to pimp out Marvel to the site's readers. Now, it possibly wasn't - I really didn't bother to read many of the articles.

One I did read however, was this one with Kevin Smith. And my, what an interesting read it was. Conducted over Instant Messenger, Quesada (aka JoeyDaQ - Joe, make a note: that is not cool), obviously had great fun with Smith, and the guys are obviously friends.

Smith gave some candid answers about why Spider-Man/Black Cat has yet to be finished, citing his insecurity about writing comics, which have increased due to shit that talkbackers dish out regularly (Smith does take an amusing stab back at these guys in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back). He also says that he's done with writing comics after he finishes this off, which Quesada refuses to believe.

Smith also addresses the reasons why he's not directing Green Hornet. It had been long assumed that the reasoning for this was that he didn't trust himself with a big budget actioner, but here he states that Miramax wouldn't let him make the movie he'd want to make. Rather unfortunate, with shades of his Superman Lives script (a great read, by the way). I really hope the movie turns out well, but I'm now starting to have my doubts.

The interview is a very long read, but it's all worth it. Besides Kevin's work, they discuss comics in general, and Quesada even goes as far as to say he enjoyed Identity Crisis. And they fuck around lots - just as mates do.

This interview is great. Well worth your time.
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New Comic Day (comics bought Sat 12th)
This post will be a lot shorter than my other New Comic Day posts. Not because I've come to the startling realistation that nobody cares about this shit (still in denial here), but because the comics didn't bloody well ship!! So, I'm looking at Tuesday now, provided I can get out to grab them before the shop closes - otherwise, I may be reviewing too weeks worth of comics on the weekend... And that will be one big fucking post.

Anyhoo, being the obsessed fanboy I am, I ran out to grab the rest of my DVDs waiting for me, and grabbed a bit of reading material when I was there.

Daredevil: Redemption #1

This miniseries is apparently based on the real life events of the "Robin Hood Hills murders". Now, I've never heard of these, but I'm guessing it's only loosely based on these events, because for some reason I doubt there was a blind dude running around in red spandex there. But I could be wrong. Now, I've been wanting to start collecting Daredevil again for a while now, but figured I'd wait for the current arc to finish. Figured that this mini'd keep me happy 'til I did. And I was right. This is what Daredevil's all about - protecting the innocent, both in costume, and through the courts as Matt Murdock. Issue one featured DD heading to a small town to defend a teenager accused of a ritualistic murder... Great stuff, although Michael Gaydos' art is a poor man's attempt at emulating cover artist Bill Sienkiewicz...

DC: The New Frontier Book 1

On a recommendation, I checked out this trade paperback collecting the first three issues of the miniseries. I never originally checked it out, because, quite frankly, I wasn't willing to cough up the cash. But as I said, this was recommended to me as a brilliant read, so I coughed up the money and took it home for a read. And it is brilliant. Fucking brilliant. Darwyn Cooke has proven himself as a master storyteller, both in his writing and his beautiful, beautiful art. He's a talent akin to Frank Miller, but with far more optimism. This story is set at the end of the Golden Age era of comics, and moves towards the Silver Age, bridging years of history. So no, it doesn't fit into the current continuity, nor should it. Cooke has crafted a wonderful tale set in this era, with a modern sensibility. One of the best reads in a long time, and I am eagerly awaiting Volume 2.

Usagi Yojimbo #81

Like Daredevil, I have been wanting to start collecting Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo again (been a fan ever since playing the Commodore 64 game as a kid). There hasn't been a new issue since I decided to start collecting, so I grabbed the latest issue. It wasn't what I was expecting for a reintroduction into the Usagi world - the titular character doesn't feature at all in the issue, and it's two short stories rather than a whole new arc. But these stories were charming - the first features Tomoe, who happens to find herself in a battle being fought fifty years ago. Second up is a tale of a samurai being (literally) haunted after rejecting the love of his life. Funky, charming... Looking forward to more issues of this series!

And that's it! I'm not going to bother going into what I'm expecting with Tuesday's lot, nor what I'm expecting with the next shipment. If I end up getting both lots separately, I'll write the next lot up then. But for now, I really can't be stuffed.
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Friday, February 11, 2005
Stuff I learned about blogs
If you take a look to your left, you'll notice that I've done a little more screwing around with the template.

I've updated the Now Watching part (left the Now Listening To because there's been nothing of note), and added:
  • Now Reading
  • Sites That Don't Suck
  • Blogs Worth Checking Out
In this last list, I only included one blog I have bookmarked - the excellent Gelatometti!

The rest however, I needed to search for. While going through these, a few things struck me:
  1. Not everybody speaks English. And yes, that should really go without saying. It just really hits home what a global community the Internet is. And I'm sure I missed a few cool blogs because I can't read Greek, French, Chinese or Saudi Arabian.

  2. The "Next Blog" button doesn't take you to the next blog. This button does take you to another blog, but it does so randomly. Rather misleading, no?

  3. Some blogs just keep coming up. With the millions of blogs out there (well, maybe tens of thousands), it's amazing that in an hour of random checking, you can arrive at the same blog three or four times. And annoying.

  4. A lot of people are addicted to overcustomisation. Yes, huge 2048 x 1536 images are cool, but they're not necessary for a blog background. And pop up messages as you enter a site were a cool novelty seven fucking years ago, now they're annoying - especially when you have twelve of them in succession.

  5. People are idiots. "my girlfriend is an idiot and i hate her really really really lotz because she sux and doesn't love me and i went to the shops and bought a hamburger which i ate because i like hamburgers yumyumyum and i got a coke too but my girlfriend didnt come coz shes an idiot" is not a sentence structure. Just looking at it is frustrating. And then you see that these people are 18...?!?!
And that's enough of my ranting and raving, it's getting late...

Just one more quick bit about the adjustments to the template - I've stuffed something up, and a few of the lines are coming up blank. I'll look at it and fix it up at some point... but when I'm awake.
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Wednesday, February 09, 2005
And no, this is not a post about DVD commentaries...

Rather, it's just a quick note to let you that I've made a few changes to the blog (after about two hours of fucking around with the damn thing):
  • Comments! They're up! And working! According to my profile, 322 people have checked it out. The counter's not working on it, and none of the other info's current, but I disgress. It indicates that people have atleast checked out the blog, so they should go ahead and comment away...

  • Lorne! In honour of this being the month where the final (and greatest) season of Angel finally hits DVD, I have replaced the Usagi image with everyone's favourite (well, Angel fans atleast) lounge lizard karaoke demon! Woo!

  • Email me stuff! Really just an excuse to start another bulleted point off with a colour... I've chucked a new email address in the contact details. And for some reason it's not automatically taking it from the profile, so I had to type it out in the code... Pity me.
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Monday, February 07, 2005
Easily amused
When I said my last post was my only one for the night, I wasn't lying. I thought it would be. But really - who gives a shit, right?

But because I'm easily amused, I'm just chucking a couple of amusing pics that I was sent at work on here. Click them to enlarge...

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Okay, I wasn't going to write up a post tonight. Nothing really of note to write about.

But being the fucking fanboy I am, I felt compelled to write something (albeit very quickly)...

I downloaded the Batman Begins Superbowl spot. Wasn't really expecting new footage, but there was a little bit. Including the Scarecrow's mask. I'd seen crappy scans of the action figure, but they couldn't prepare me for this...

Pretty cool, huh?
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  • At 10:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    And a test about this comment

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Sunday, February 06, 2005
DVDs fit for a geek (#1)
I like my DVDs. Aside from the ones shipping each month (that I write abouteach month), I also like to get my hands on DVDs not readily available in Aus. I preordered a couple, then placed further orders for more.

And whattaya know, with my fucking luck, they all arrive on the same day (the majority of them, anyway - still a couple I'm waiting on)!! I only had the cash to grab some this week (the rest I'll grab after pay day on Thursday). So here's a write up on this lot.

Comic Book: The Movie

I'd heard this was funny. I like Mark Hammil as an actor, and was intrigued to see what he could do as a director. I'm a huge fan of Kevin Smith and Bruce Campbell. Interviews with Stan Lee and Hugh Heffner are always amusing. I'm a huge fucking comic book fanboy.

So, with all that, it's natural that I'd be attracted to Comic Book: The Movie. And, put simply, it's great. I don't think I'd reccommend it to someone who wasn't a fan of comics, though. This mockumentary is very funny, but until it gets into broad comedy in the latter half, you need to be a fanboy (or girl) to get the majority of the jokes, which revolve around the comic industry, had a character called Captain Courage ever existed. The interviews are great, and the cast, made up of primarily cartoon voice actors, are excellent. And Donna D'erico is a real stiffener in her Liberty Lass outfit.

The features on this DVD are great. I haven't been through them fully, but it includes a making of documentary, the actors at a panel at the San Diego Comicon (which features heavily in the movie), the full interviews of those shown, as well as Captain Courage stuff, and a documentary by the cast & crew.

Superman: The Animated Series Volume 1

Wow, I hadn't seen very many of these episodes at all. Most of them are awesome, some are just adequate. On a whole, not as cool as Batman: The Animated Series, but still awesome in it's own right. It may be a little unfair to compare the two, because like the characters, the atmosphere of the toons are as different as day and night. Oh, and Superman is way more serialised.

Over two discs (one of which is double sided - why not just three discs?) we get 18 episodes, and yesterday, I managed to get through them all, which proved to be quite a task. And yes, I dig it for the most part.

The features are adequate, but not as good as Batman Volume 1 (there I go comparing again), possble because this has less discs, probably because it's not as popular. We get four commentaries, which I haven't listened to yet (hell, I watched 18 episodes, give me a break!), and two decent featurettes at about 10 minutes each - one on the characters featured, and another on the creation of the series, which aren't anything to write home about.

Teen Titans: Volume 1 - Divide and Conquer

WB's not treating their newer series' with the respect of the older ones - I guess, big box sets are marked as classics, which this can't be considered yet. But give it time, should Teen Titans get the notoriety of Superman and Batman, it will have earned it.

This set contains the first six episodes of season one (with the latter seven to presumably follow in volume two). The episodes are very funky, though not as "mature" as seen in the previous animated incarnations (well, since Batman: TAS in any event). The animation is heavily inspired by anime (and two villains in one episode especially are), but it has great charm to it.

Features wise, it's fairly light, as expected. No commentaries, but it does have one awesome featurette at about 20 minutes about the Wolman/Perez run on the Teen Titans comic, which heavily influenced this series above other incarnations, and the differences between them. It includes interviews with these comic legends, as well as the crew of the 'toon. Additionally, there's a crappy "find the remote control" features which'd even bore the kids it's aimed at shitless, and a film clip of the theme song. Surprisingly, it runs at over 3 minutes (complete with an awesome guitar riff). More surprisingly, it converted me into a Puffy AmiYumi fan, and I'm going to have to see if I can hunt down any more of their music...

Next week's purchases are:
  • Batman: The Animated Series - Volume 2
  • Clerks X: 10th Anniversary Edition
  • Space Ghost: Coast to Coast volume 2
And I'm still waiting on word for
  • Justice League: Starcrossed
  • Justice League Unlimited: Season One, Volume 1
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New Comic Day (comics bought Fri 4th)
Having not made plans (or, having plans made for me that I was desperately trying to escape before the other party pulled out) Friday night, I left work, and grabbed my week's comics a day early! And it wasn't a bad lot...

Deadshot #3

Okay, Green Arrow appeared at the end of last issue, promishing one hell of a showdown between Deadshot and himself. And we get, well... a little showdown. What follows however, is far more interesting, and the reason why I'm loving this series. The two characters go, grab a beer, and over a game of darts, discuss the situation. After this moment though, good ol' Deadshot goes and gets laid without paying for it, for the first time in 17 years. This tale continues to touch, as well as maintains a healthy dose of violence. Bring on the ongoing series!!

Detective Comics #803

David Lapham's epic mystery continues. And it's great to have this title once again worthy of the title Detective Comics. Batman continues to investigate the "baby ring", and the mystery continues to deepen. This is getting tons of media exposure, making the Penguin paranoid. And the fact that Mr Freeze appears to have snapped isn't making matters easier. The scene where Batman interrogates a "dead man" - a frozen victim of Mr Freeze, thawing a little before his system shuts down entirely is chilling (no pun intended), and captures the pure essence of what Batman comics can be when written for adults. I'm surprised that this is Code approved, and thinking that it would have made for a great (not to mention successful) maxiseries. With this being set after War Games, I really hope that DC didn't just sit on this for ages. It's well worth it, and hope it gets the attention it deserves.

New Avengers #3

No question about it, this series is getting the attention it deserves - and then some! And by that, I'm not meaning to cheapen the series one bit. It's great. I'm not traditionally a Marvel reader, and hence haven't been overley familar with Brian Michael Bendis's work. And hence, haven't built up the hatred that many a Marvelite has. But from what I've been reading here, I can't see why they dislike him so. Yes, he likes his dialogue. And yes, he's not the fastest paced writer in the business, but that means we won't be subjected to issues where we're stuck with one big fight with nothing else (looking at you, Chuck Action Comics Austen). And yes, this issue has the Avengers finally "assemble"!

Superman #213

This tale is growing on me. It's still weird as all hell, but half way into the issue, it kinda began to make a little sense. But, with two issues left, Brian Azarello rips this away from the reader in the latter half of this issue. Sure, it's not for everyone, but hell, nobody's read a Superman story quite like this before. And I don't think they ever will again. I'm looking forward to the next two issues, and it isn't just for Jim Lee's oh so pretty art. I just hope Azarello hasn't taken this story too far to successfully wrap up easily.

Superman/Batman #17

Okay, the cover image is crappy - it's a great cover, but DC didn't include it on their site, so I had to hunt it down elsewhere. It's actually a great cover - and yes, that is Ra's al Ghul. After last issue ended with Batman killing his parents' would be killer, he has grown up happy. Only hitch is, this has meant no Batman. And with no Batman, Ra's al Ghul has seized power of the world. Superman has also stayed outside of the time stream, and every other hero lies dead. Supes returns to the time stream, and must convince Bruce Wayne of his "real" place in the world. This story arc keeps getting better and better - and I was really fucking dreading it. Next issue is the final in the story arc, before Jeph Loeb writes a single issue story and reteams with Ed McGuinness on his final arc. I really hope DC hires someone worthy of continuing after the brilliance seen here.

Tales of the TMNT #8

I had a good chuckle to myself when on the inside cover of the issue, they announce that Tales of the TMNT is now going monthly. Woo hoo! The core Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title can't even keep a regular printing cycle, so I'm sure this'll have no worries. Having said that, I this issue was a great issue. Shadow, living with the Turtles, runs away off to a goth concert, where Lilith, the singer, is turning the fans into werewolves. Yup, pretty fucked up, but a great, intriguing read nonetheless. The last issue of this, as well as the core title have made me think twice about reading them, but this made me realise why I became a fan in the first place (and no, I'm nt talking about the cartoon!).

X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #2

Issue one was great. Issue two is greater. I figured I'd get this issue because it seemed intriguing, and Greg Land is one of the greatest artists in the industry. I'm not a huge X-Men fan (I only read Astonishing X-Men for Joss Whedon), and yet writer Greg Pak really has me caring about these characters. And really, what more can one ask for?

More cool stuff coming in next week. In addition to the following, I'm hoping I'll get my hands on Daredevil: Redemption number one, as it was meant to ship, but I didn't get (whether this is Diamond's fault or my comic shop's, well, I'll need to check that out).
  • Action Comics number eight hundred and twentyfour
  • Batman: The Man Who Laughs
  • JLA number one hundred and eleven
  • JSA number seventy
  • Marvel Knights Spider-Man number eleven
  • Outsiders number twenty
  • Young Avengers number one

Crap, it took me over an hour to write this up... It's what I get for having Channel V playing in the background and getting distracted by Gwen Stefani and Killing Heidi's Ella Hooper...
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