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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
New Comic Day (Sat 16th)
Godamn fucking Blogger!

Don't get me wrong, it's usually a great tool (and no, I'm not just saying that out of fear that they'll can my subscription), but when I wrote this post, it fucked it over, and crashed my computer. So it never actually got submitted. That was ten days ago. I was pissed off. So pissed off infact, that it's taken me this long to bother coming in to recover the post.

But I've finally done it. One big woo fucking hoo! Batmite!

A bunch of floppies...

Free Image Hosting at Action Comics #826

Wow. I was surprised to see this issue in this week, since it's a multi-Supes title crossover, and the final part of For Tomorrow over in Superman hasn't shipped yet (it will apparently hit the shelves next week). This issue features Captain Marvel, though he does only appear in the beginning of the issue. The rest of the book features people being posessed by a great anger, which leads them to crime, and in many cases, suicide. It also features the reimergance of Eclipso, which could be interesting. Judd Winick's written a great script (though he rarely doesn't), and Ian Churchill's art is amazing. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Free Image Hosting at The Flash #220

I've never been a huge follower of the Flash, but this story had me intrigued, since the introduction of the new Captain Boomerang after Identity Crisis. Since I'm not a huge follower of the character, I wasn't entirely sure of who all the characters are. That said, the camaraderie between the villains was great. Something you don't see in many books - with these guys, there really is honour among theives. Until a bunch of Flash's other Rogues show up and wage war on them... An entertaining issue, but I would have gotten more from it if I was a bigger Flash fan.

Free Image Hosting at Iron Man #3

Ironically (no pun intended), just as this story arc is starting to pick up steam, the title is not shipping on a regular basis - at all. This issue was an entertaining read, however it would have been far more enjoyable if it had shipped earlier, just on the fact that it's hard to remember all the details in the previous two issues. Warren Ellis is crafting a great mystery, as we get more information about the Extremis virus, and Adi Granov's art is superb. Let's hope it'll finally start making it out monthly.

Free Image Hosting at JSA #72
The final chapter of JSA/JSA! Both JSA teams from the past and present finally come together, to stop Degation. An entertaining issue, however it sacrifices much of the ongoing theme of what makes a "hero" for one huge fight scene between all these characters. Because of this, the finale seemed a little anti-climactic. Still a fun read, though. Oh, and looking at the next issue box, it looks like events from the current Superman arc will be leading into it...

Free Image Hosting at Marvel Knights Spider-Man #13
Reginald Hudlin and Steve McNiven take over the reigns of this title. While I wasn't greatly impressed with the previous story arc, atleast I had Terry Dodson's art to look at. Unfortunately McNiven's art isn't up to the same level, and Hudlin hasn't done anything with this issue to captivate me at all. The issue did have it's moments, featuring the Avengers, and a new "Superman-esque" rival, the issue really keep me enthralled - and had nothing to qualify it for the "mature" Marvel Knights banner. I'll keep reading to the end of this story arc, and if it doesn't thrill me, I'll be dropping this title.

Free Image Hosting at Nightwing #107
Devin Grayson makes her triumphant return as Nigtwing writer. Great more me, bad for the many people who appear to hate her work. It's beyond me - she's a great writer, and more than that, it's abundantly clear that she "gets" Nightwing. This issue sees him infiltrating a crime family, and working for them - presumably to take them down. But how he'll manage this, while working for them, remains to be seen. Phil Hester and Ande Parks take over the art, and give it a similar feel to Scott McDaniel - albeit a lot cleaner.

Free Image Hosting at Tales of the TMNT #9
If this was a DC or Marvel book, they would have been flooding the market with advertising about the death of a beloved character. Who was it? Michaelangelo's pet cat, Klunk. The issue revolves around Klunk's escape, injury, and whether Michaelangelo has it in him to sacrifice another cat to save Klunk. A really touching issue, and completely different for the Ninja Turtles. Also a nice character stdy of Mikey, and what separates him from his brothers. The issue also featured a short back up tale featuring Casey Jones - very amusing, and also with a nice touch at the end.

...a trade paperback...

Free Image Hosting at Batman: The Long Halloween
This is one of those comics that I can not believe that I have waited so long to read. I picked up the trade paperback, and loved every page of it. While I'm a huge fan of both Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, and have enjoyed everything else they've done together, I never committed to the thirteen issues contained in this trade. But I'm glad I finally did. At 368 pages, this is a suprisingly quick read - not a great deal of dialogue, and quite a few splash pages. The story revolves around Batman hunting a serial killer calling themselves Holiday, who - as the name suggests - kills their victime during the holidays. Set early in Batman's career, it is a wonderful examination of Batman's relationship with Harvey Dent, prior to his transformation to Two-Face. A great read.

...and a hardcover...

Free Image Hosting at Batman: The Long Halloween
Wow. I had not read this story in a very long time, and had almost forgotten just how brilliant it is. Here, Frank Miller reimagines Batman's origin, with realism, darkness and seriousness. He forges his relationship with then Lieutenant Gordon, and sets about taking down the corruption and crime running rampant in Gotham. Amazing writing, and David Mazuchelli's art is phenomenal. The hardcover collection includes a nice introduction by Dennis O'Neil, an afterword by Mazuchelli in comic book style (very amusing), and a little bit from Miller. Additionally, it features a whole ton of additional art by Mazuchelli, including covers to previous Year One collections, pages with the original colouring, original pencils, as well as Batman submissions to DC before getting his start in comics, and a little Batman comic he drew when he was six years old. The additional stuff is almost as good as the amazing story! The story may be 19 years old, but this hardcover makes it worth experiencing again.

...and now for what I spent my money on this week...

Oh. My. God. This is one huge, huge week. I'll get around to writing up a post on these over the next couple of days (providing Blogger doesn't give me the shits for ages again).
  • Batman: Gotham Knights
  • Batman: Jekyll & Hyde
  • Birds of Prey
  • Catwoman: When in Rome
  • The Human Race
  • JLA
  • JLA: Classified
  • The OMAC Project
  • Robin
  • Runaways
  • Seven Soldiers: Klarion
  • Space Ghost
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Teen Titans
  • X-23
  • Young Avengers

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