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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
Insert pun here

It's almost too easy to make a pun on the name Garbage. But not so easy that I can come up with one that's remotely original. So I figure, what the fuck, I won't try making one. Easy, huh?

Anyhoo, I have a confession to make: I have a thing for Shirley Manson. So, it's out there - I'm glad to have it off my chest. See, 10 years ago, when I was a little 16 year old, Garbage first hit the scene. Sure, she was almost 30, but goddamn, was she hot!

A little odd, yeah, but that was always part of the appeal.

So, anyway, 10 years on, Garbage are coming back to town. And I mean not just Australia, but literally back to town! To Canberra!!

Now, while this can only be a good thing, they're charging $90. Not such a big problem to those of us working full time with out huge commitments, however a slightly bigger one for some of my friends. So, we didn't end up organising tickets.

And I have to say, that depressed me *come on, sigh with me*.

The evening of Wed Sep 1 rolled on, and I'm at home, playing Burnout 3, wishing I was able to make it. Then I get a call - ya see, a mate works at Ticketek, and managed to score free tickets. "How soon can you get to Civic?"

This was 7:59.

The show starts at 8:00.

So... I missed the support act. But was there in plenty of time for the show.

And during the show, it occurs to me: 10 years on, and I'm still not over my thing for Shirley, with that cute Scottish accent, that petite little frame, and that wicked sense of humour.

Sure, she's growing up, but she is still one fuck of a hottie.

But enough over my stalker-ish obsession with the lovely Ms Manson. How about the show? And believe it or not, that is the reason for this post.

The show was fucking fantastic. Unfortunately, there wasn't a huge crowd, but the band gave an amazing performance. A ton of stuff from Bleed Like Me, as well as all of their classics.

Shirley was more polite - even restrained - than what you would think, until one point when the spotlight hit her, she snapped at the lighting guy (I remember seeing it hit her, and thinking it can't be good), with "You! Dude in the back! What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you on fucking crack?!?!" (I wonder if he still has a job...), before explaining to the audience that she let the inner bitch out - something that only happens 30 times every minute. Between this little outburst, her engaging stories, a little jiggle and sing-a-long to "Manamana!" (or however the fuck you spell it), and ofcourse the brilliant, brilliant music (okay, I'll add a third "brilliant" - you really don't appreciate the nuance in Shirley's voice or the band's ability until you hear them do a live set), it was a great show.

Really, the name Garbage is such a bitter irony....

Oh, and while I'm writing, I've gotta mention that I got the Bleed Like Me t-shirt (always a must... support the band and get a cool ass souvenir!) - it lists all the tour dates. Canberra's listed right under Las Vegas!! Shit, you'd really think that it's a real city, huh?
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  • At 10:36 pm, Blogger Batmite said…

    Wow... the first post someone's left, and it's fucking spam!!!

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Five months later...
... and to the day.

In a nutshell, Blogger pissed me off a bit. A lost post here, a lost post there...

And I got busy. Real fucking busy. Hell, currently I'm pulling many a seven day week (can't argue with the overtime, though).

As for what else I've been up to... well, not much. I've gotten myself completely addicted to VS - never thought I'd start playing a collectible card game, but the superhero theme intrigued me. Played a couple of games, and then it's a matter of "Oh, shit. I'm addicted". Still, it's better than crack and whores, or crack whores. Cheaper, too.

So, I figured I should get back to posting. Not tons and tons, but more othen than say, once every six months. I'll be aiming for a couple a week, atleast. I don't think I'll bother writing about every single fucking comic I read... Though if something particlarly grabs me - or for that matter, something particularly shits me to tears - I'll write up a bit...

But, it's good to be back. I'm over my being shitty with this tool, and I'm beginning to feel like I can waste hours typing away again.

Oh, and incidentally - I've been a Blogger member for over a year. Oh, how time fles when you're not posting, huh? :-Þ
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