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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
I saw Into the Blue on Sunday night. An enjoyable movie, and I was going to write up a post on the joys of Jessica Alba in a bikini (now, if that doesn't draw hits, I don't know what will - oh yeah, "Jessica Alba nude" should do the trick).

But, really, I can't be stuffed. Missing my girly, and tomorrow marks two weeks since I've seen her :-( Still keeping in touch, chatting, emailing etc, but it's just not the same.

Ah well, what can I do? Aside from jerk off over porn, that is (more web hits coming!)...
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Dennoch mehr Karte Abbildungen!!
Ich habe herauf die Bilder auf meinem letzten Pfosten geregelt. Nachdem ich sie auf Samstag Nacht gehochladen hatte, stellte ich fest, daß die Formatierung gebumst wurde. Aber Blogger wurde auch gebumst und würde mich nicht die dumme Sache regeln lassen!

So, I guess you're looking at that, going what the fuck??? Unless your German. Or, more likely, you're German, laughing at the terrible grammar - it is a translation from Babel Fish, after all. The translation?

I've fixed up the images on my last post. After uploading them on Saturday night, I realised that the formatting was fucked. But Blogger was fucked too, and wouldn't let me fix the stupid thing!

So, now you're either wondering why the hell I'm writing in German, or figure I've lost it. Or both. Well, I've got more card previews to show off. And, like last time, the first one's in German. So, really, I just wasted a ton of space, and your valuable time, over it.

JLI Embassy

Translated from German, this apparently reads as:

JLI Embassy is not unique.
At the start of the recovery phase, if you control four or fewer resources, you may discard a card. If you do, recover target stunned JLI character you control.

My initial thoughts on this card are that it's quite nice. The theme of the JLI affiliation seems to be all bonuses for having less resources, and this really seems to do that job quite nicely.

Look-Alike Squad

Holy crap! It's Jimmy Olsen! In a bowtie! This card has a mate of mine very unimpressed, after he saw a picture of the geeky Jimmy Olsen wearing a boytie from Superman Returns. But when you read the card name, and see the little people, it's an obvious riff on the Silver Age comics. Which is cool.

So, this card pretty much looks like another way to make Superman non-unique. Sure, Superman - Red and Cadmus Labs do that too, it also lets you replace stunned Superman cards with Superman cards (albeit at a lower cost), though you can make multiple attacks work! Just wondering if there'll be much use for this in the Justice League set, or whether it'll just be useful for Team Superman...

Martian Manhunter

And the first character card for the day is everyone's (well, mine anyway) favourite Oreo cookie addicted, pyrophobic Martian.

His stats aren't brilliant for a 5 drop (though they are solid), but the nice thing about it is that you can shift him between the concealed and open areas at will. Given his Leader ability, you can have some great fun screwing your opponent over with it! Also, he's the first card without an affiliation from the Green Lantern set to feature Willpower, so I'm wondering how this comes into the game? Oh, and he has both JLA and JLI affiliations - may be an asset to both!

Captain Marvel

Now, take a minute to breathe in that beautiful artwork by JG Jones. One of the real up and coming talents of the comic industry. Nice, ain't it?

But, as far as playability, this card's more than nice. A 7 drop at 17/17's cool, but it's his ability that makes him great. And it's a perfect example of why JLI may become a top team in the game. You can KO the card from your resource row, and give a character (5 drop or higher) +4 attack. But why the fuck would you do that? On turn 4, you recruit the Batman 4 drop, with his leader ability giving +2/+2. On turn 5, you recruit Black Canary from your resource row, and don't replace her, making her a 12/10. Batman's Leader ability makes her a 14/12. KO Captain Marvel, and she's an 18/12, which is huge for a 5 drop - before any attack pumps whatsoever! It could win you the game, turn 5.

Rocket Red #4

I don't have anything amusing to say about the character. He's kinda crappy...

The card has two handy activate abilities - one for +1 DEF for every resource you control, or +1 ATK for each resource you control. That could come in quite handy. However, the team seems geared towards losing resources, which means if you're playing that way, your activated powers aren't going to be huge. And for the life of me, I really don't see how often you'd need the boost effect, since characters generally come into play ready. Not the greatest card I ever did see...


And now we have cheesecake artist extroadinaire Adam Hughes' second card for the set, Ice (after Fire) - check out the full image of these two ladies in my last post.

And yet another JLI preview! Sheeeeeet...! I read somewhere that the card is meant to go hand in hand beautifully with Fire, but aside from Fire's ability to bring Ice in, that's about it. That said, the ally ability is pretty cool - exhaust a character you control, so an opponent's can't ready. That would be great if they control any of those annoying buggers that keep readying. Or if they have a plot twist to do it. Even to a stunned character in the recovery phase. Could be lotsa fun!


And last but not least, Scarecrow! Suddenly a household name too, thanks to The Wizard of Oz. Oh, wrong Scarecrow... Batman Begins!

This is the first Secret Society card I've seen, and with it's dual affiliation, it's hard to tell how closely he resembles the affiliation's theme. Regardless, he's a nice card, and has the potential to get very strong, very fast. Not only does he gain a +1/+1 counter whever he stuns a character, but he can also steal other character's counters. No matter what the counter is, he gets another +1/+1. Maybe it's the Secret Society's theme. Getting tough. Fast.

So, that's all of my ranting and raving about the new previews done. And incase you were wondering what the title translates to in English, it's Yet more card pictures!! Pretty appropriate, really.
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Saturday, October 22, 2005
A week from tomorrow
I've already written up two posts on the subject (here! and here!), so it's probably getting pretty fucking old by now. I am really really really (add as many "really"s as you want here, I just don't want to take up too much space) looking forward to the Justice League of America VS set.

And the sneak peek is a week from tomorrow!

Anyhoo, I'm not going to spend too many words writing about it all. Just going to include some pics for your viewing pleasure (these, and the one above, featuring the X-Men characters featured in the next set), with a brief little bit.

Oh, and when you click on these, they'll be all kinds of wacky sizes. Because they've been popping up at different places online, and I'm too damn lazy to go and resize.


No, you're not forgetting how to read, the card's written in German.

Apparently, the text translated is:

Willpower 4

Leader: At the start of the combat phase, return a card from your KO pile to your hand for each character adjacent to Aquaman.

"I need the inhabitants of the depths! Answer the call of your King!"


A funky little ability, and apparently she works well with the yet un-previewed Ice. For a funky pic by Adam Hughes, check below.

Black Canary

I don't know what struck me as scarier - the '80's look, or the fact that she loses strength when you control 5 or more resources (when she costs 5 to recruit). Definately the former. She's a reservist, which means if you're willing to stay a resource down, it is doable.

Kooey Kooey Kooey

Probably the most fucked up VS card name ever. But it's a funky little location, and based on the casino that Blue Beetle and Booster Gold opened up in the '80's issues of Justice League International. Really.


No doubt one of a few Batman cards in the expansion set (hell, he's more known for being part of the JLA than JLI, for a start!) it's a funky smaller card, is the first to utilise 'Concealed', has a 'Leader' ability, and is using the dual affiliations!

Sorceror's Treasure

This card is cool because it features a magician with the highly original name Abra Kadabra. That, and I'm thinking about how awesome it would be to reuse Savage Beatdowns.

Gorilla City

Another Secret Society card that uses your KO'd pile. And it reminds me of Planet of the Apes, and not the Tim Burton one.

Hero's Welcome

Gotta love a search card. Especially one that gives you the ability to get two cards!


A nice ability to make your little dudes stand up to the big dudes.

Green Arrow

If they do a card allowing you to ready a JLA card (or even a Green Lantern one), this card could be pretty damned awesome. Regardless, he's still cool.

Criminal Mastermind

And now for something completely different... I figured I'd group these two cards together, because they work so well together...

Power Siphon

Another one of these cards that plays with your KO'd pile. And it looks like one big, bloody gamble...!

The Joker

A nasty ability. But the Joker's a nasty character. And lookee here - another dual affiliated character!!


And last, but definately not least - camel toe!!! That, and you can include her as part of any team affiliation. Not that she doesn't work nicely in Revenge Squad, which has a ton of ongoing plot twists...

And to follow up Maxima, here's a funky little image (until you click on it, when it becomes a funky big fucking picture) of Fire and Ice...

Hmm... Between Maxima and Fire & Ice, I'm thinking I'd better log off and take a cold shower. Or just go surfing for porn for the rest of the night...!

'til next time!
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'coz I'm a geek
There's a reason I call myself Batmite online. Because I'm a Batman fanatic. Have been for the majority of my life.

A little over four months ago, I was ecstatic after walking out of the cinema, having just seen Batman Begins. Director Christopher Nolan got the movie right. And writer David Goyer - of whom I have never been a fan of his screen work - gave a surprisingly solid script. Granted, he co-wrote it with Nolan, and his best work was always the stuff he didn't write alone - but he fucking got it right!!!

Granted, liberties were taken, but the essence of the characters and mythology were right. Not to mention the comic influences which were abundant.

So, naturally, I was hanging out for Batman Begins t0 hit DVD. I wanna be able to watch the movie at my leisure - whenever I want - and lots. So, anticipating the release date of Wednesday the 19th, I was checking ahead of time to see if anyone had it in. Finally I found it - a whole day early - and snapped up the three disc set. Basically, here in Aus, they released a two disc set, and a three disc version, which includes the soundtrack, a 72 page comic of reprints (included in the two disc version in the States), and some funky postcard sized cards featuring images from the movie.

Oh, and I already own the soundtrack...

So, I've been through the features, and enjoyed them all. The DVD set apparently features the Tankman Begins spoof from the MTV Movie Awards, but I'm yet to find it. If it's not included in the Aussie version, I'll be a little pissed off.

The features are cool though, and go into quite a bit of depth on most aspects of the movie. The lack of a commentary is disappointing, and most of the featurettes run at about 10-15 minutes in length. There was one featurette which got into Nolan and Goyer's influences from the Batman comics which was entertaining, and had interviews with Batman comic creators past and present. Always good to see.

Though this isn't the only DVD feature to focus on the comics. Also released on Wednesday (and I couldn't actually find them until Wednesday - D'oh!) were two disc special editions of the previous four Batman movies, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Forever, and the one that every Batfan on the planet would like to forget: Batman & Robin.

I haven't had a chance to rewatch the movies, or go through the features in great depth, because, well, apparently I'm trying to keep some semblance of a life. It does look like Batman, however, has the largets number of features of the lot.

While Batman Begins had about 15 minutes on the comics, Batman features around 40 minutes. And goes into a nice amount of detail on the entire history, including the fiasco in the 60's (I think), where the book Seduction of the Innocent created mass hysteria about comics, resulting in censorship across the industry. Narrated by Mark Hammil, it includes interviews with many a Batman creator including Denny O'Neil, Frank Miller, Mike Mignola and featuring archival interview footage with Batman creator Bob Kane. Also featured are Harlan Ellison, Kevin Smith, and even Spider-Man creator Stan Lee!

The DVD also features a storyboard sequence of where Robin was supposed to appear in the movie. A nice touch added to this is having Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil of the animated series' voicing Batman and the Joker.

The four DVDs featured across them a documentary series focusing on Batman's history, starting at when the producers wanted to get the film off the ground, through Batmania before the release of Batman, right through to the sequels of declining quality. Featuring interviews of pretty much every single fucking person involed in the franchise, some interesting tidbits are:
  • When Warner Bros was looking at adapting the original Batman, they weren't sure which route to go. One idea they had was to make it a comedy featuring Bill Murray as Batman, and Eddie Murphy as Robin! Call me crazy, but I'd kinda like to see that version.
  • Basically everybody thought that Batman Returns went too far with the darkness, and writer Daniel Waters simultaneously felt guilty, and gleeful at people's reactions "like a punch to the gut" over it.
  • Joel Shumacher was brought onboard to reinvigorate the franchise with the lighter Batman Forever, however the crux of the movie was cut - featuring Bruce reading his father's diary. On the night of his parents' death, his dad just wanted to stay home, but it was Bruce insistance that had them go out that night (the DVD features deleted scenes, I'm hoping this is one of them).
  • Chris "Robin" O'Donnell comments on how Batman & Robin was a rush job. George "Batman" Clooney mentions that how being the third Batman in four movies was a recipe for disaster. And director Shumacher goes as far as apologising for the movie!! He mentions that the directive from Warner Bros was to make the movie "toyetic", and the point of the movie was to - well, sell toys. He accepts full responsibility for the movie being crap, and repeatedly mentions that he knew exactly what he was doing...
The DVDs have a ton of features I haven't checked out yet, including deleted scenes, featurettes, and directors' commentaries. So, I still have hours of geekiness ahead of me...
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Monday, October 17, 2005
Remember Batman & Robin?
My last post was gonna be it. Then I saw that there's an X-Men 3 teaser site now online (make with the clicky clicky), featuring a teaser trailer.

I loaded it up, watched the crappy Flash teaser, which reminded me of Batman & Robin's. Remember how shit that movie was? And how the teaser trailer showed absolutely no footage (no doubt due to it being CRAP!!!)?

Well, this trailer goes the same route. We get a glimpse of Alkali Lake, then a silly little animation of the X3 logo. And that's it.

Now, I'm not saying the movie will be crap, though with Brett Ratner filming, my hopes really aren't high. Which is disappointing, considering how hyped X2 left me feeling for a third movie. I remember my friends and I leaving the cinema on a high (completely legal due to the awesomeness of the film), not wanting to wait a single minute for X-Men 3 to hit. Shit, how times have changed...

But, on the upside, atleast this poster kinda rocks (in a cliche'd kinda way)...
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Burning for sexy Lexy
Okay, so that is one of my stupidest puns ever.

Anyhoo, two more cards popped up online. I've written a bit about the Justice League VS set (here 'tis), and I'm really can't be bothered going into much more detail tonight.

Firestorm (the "burning")

Lex Luthor (the "sexy Lexy")
The UDE site's still down, so I can't steal their teaser image of the following set (D'oh! They're on to me!!), and I'm too lazy to be bothered scanning in the article tonight. So, that's it, really...
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Oh, I forgot...
A little bit more about my girlie.

And, I am trying to stop myself from sickening everyone with constant gushing...

On Wednesday night, we were getting kinda "intimate" and she comes out with "You'll be pleased to know I haven't kissed anyone since Friday. I've fucked a few guys, oh, about 14 or 15 of them..."

Ah, she likes to keep me on my toes.

Sure, I respond with "Hell, I fucked 14 or 15 guys myself" to which I got a cute little giggle.

Ah, fuck it. I'm gushing, aren't I?
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
A follow up
And for something completely different, a non-geeky post! Well, maybe not completely different, it's a follow up to this post from just over a week ago (because I'm shit when it comes to writing regularly).

Wednesday night rolled round, and I caught up with my Melbournite lady friend. She was heading back to Melbourne on Thursday, so I figured that - yes - I should catch up with her again. And things went well - really well. We went out to dinner, caught a movie, and went back to her place to fuck like bunnies.

Oh, and we talked, too.

We've decided to try a long distance relationship. And to take it slowly, which is good. I hate rushing into relationships (probably because I'm traditionally terrible with them), and the long distance thing had me worried.

Fuck, it still has me worried. Scared shitless. It's just so easy to screw up.

But we're going to try. We're going to keep in touch (and have been over the past three and a half days - not that I'm countin-- wait a minute, I so am counting!!), and play things by ear. If they work, that's great. A-fucking-mazing! If not, no biggie, it wasn't meant to be.

But, you know, it probably would be a biggie. It would be damn disappointing to end things.

So, I have me a girlfriend. And that makes me happy. She's seven hours down the road though, so we're just going to have to work that little bit harder!

Over and out for the night. I'll try and write again in less than a week...
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Geeky goodness
After the length of my last post, I'm going to keep this reasonably brief.

Shortly after my self imposed exodus from this blog, I found a new outlet for my inherent geekiness. I started playing VS, and subsequently got myself addicted. VS is a collectible card game, based on the DC and Marvel comic book universes. Every three months, they create a new expansion - either Marvel or DC. So far, they've gone as follows:
  • Marvel Origins
  • DC Origins
  • Web of Spider-Man
  • Superman: Man of Steel
  • Marvel Knights
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • Avengers
And coming up next month (though I am playing at a sneak peek on Sunday 29th), they're releasing Justice League of America. This is the most exciting one for me, because I'm a huge DC fanboy, and the JLA is the biggest of the big characters.

Really looking forward to it. They're adding a new dynamic (though they do with each expansion), called "Ally", which is described by Upper Deck Entertainment (or UDE - the dudes who do these cards) as "helping characters who help themselves. UDE has released a preview of one of the cards (and will release more previews in coming months of Superman: Avatar of Peace. And it's nice...

Along with the new Ally dynamic, this also has the keyword "Leader", which was introduced in the Avengers set. The leader ability is okay, though nothing spectacular, as Superman gives characters adjecent to him flight.

Superman's Ally ability is nice, however. When any character the player controls becomes powered up (discard a card with the same name for +1 attack and defence), it has invulnerability (which means you only lose endurance points for the difference between an attack and defence). So, if you manage to reinforce the character (so it only takes breakthrough - the card cost) as well, when the character gets stunned, you lose nothing.

And I'm guessing that there will be other characters with Ally or Leader abilities that will help with reinforcement. Could be very cool indeed.

One other little thing of note that's new to the Justice League of America set is that this card has two team affiliations! JLA, and Team Superman! That will work nicely for team up decks (if you're playing with some older cards), or if you just want to throw this card in an old Superman deck. Very very cool shit.

This set introduces four team affiliations:
  • JLA
  • JLI
  • Society of Supervillains
  • Injustice Gang
I haven't seen much of these, though I'm hoping they're cool. With any luck they will be. I was going to scan an article with a little more detail on this from Inquest Gamer magazine and email it to some friends, and include a scan here. Though with the length of my last post (not to mention how long the damn thing took me to write), I haven't had a chance. I may chuck it up here in the next day or so.

And, so in a little over three months, I can be excited over a new set. What is it? Well, the teaser on UDE's site says that "Evolution is coming". I was going to include the funky teaser pic, but their site's down (typical). I'll have to grab it at a later date...
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I'm not writing about EVERY comic...
Part of my agreement with myself (what can I say, I have too many personalities) to undertake postings here again is that I don't write up about every fucking comic I get.

But, when it's all said and done, I'm still one big fucking comic book geek.

And being such a comic book geek, I feel compelled to write about Infinite Crisis. A sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, this promises to be the biggest comic book event in a while. Maybe even 20 years, since the original.

And a long one, too. We've already seen Countdown to Infinite Crisis (mentioned in this long winded post); four follow up miniseries - The OMAC Project, Villains United, Rann-Thanagar War, and Day of Vengeance; another lead-up miniseries, cornily (if that's a real word) DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy; an "infinite number of tie-in miniseries; before the first issue of Infinite Crisis hit this week. Furthermore, this seven parter will be followed up with a 52-part weekly series, with the appropriate working title of 52.

So, if it doesn't end up playing out as one of the biggest comic events ever, atleast it's one of the longest.

Oh, by the way I'm spoiling the hell out of this. If you don't wanna know, don't read below.

So, in a nutshell, what's the deal? Basically, the DC Universe has gone to Hell. Many fans are arguing that the entire company has (due to darker storytelling and the like), but it spins out from the events of Identity Crisis a year or so back. In this miniseries, we see a flashback of Batman walking in on Zatanna (as coerced by the rest of the JLA), mystically lobotomising (or mind wiping) the villainous Dr Light, who had discovered their identities, and raped Sue Dibny, wife of the Elongated Man. In a panic, Zatanna wiped Batman's memory of this incident. Flash forward to Countdown... where Blue Beetle is killed by former ally Maxwell Lord, now leading Checkmate.

Thus brings me to the first miniseries I'll rant about, The OMAC Project. This was the one I was looking forward to most - Greg Rucka always tells a brilliant story, and it features Batman heavily. Following on from his mindwiping, Batman has slowly pieced it all together. Not a happy camper, he creates the Brother I satellite, to keep tabs on all the heroes in the DCU. Maxwell Llord has taken control of it, for Checkmate, and has created OMACs - basically bad ass robots triggered from within sleeper agents infected with a nanovirus.

Now, I'll have to move away, and discuss Sacrifice, a four part story that crossed over the three Superman books and Wonder Woman - it takes place between two of the OMAC issues (and was poorly piblicised by DC, leading people lost). In a nutshell, Lord takes control of Superman's mind, brainwashing him into almost killing Batman. This leads to Superman and Wonder Woman pummelling the crap out of each other, until she gets Lord alone. Convinced that she has no other means of stopping him, she snaps his neck, killing him instantly. Ouch.

Back to OMAC, and Brother I triggers a couple of million OMACs. The heroes are running scared, but get there hands on an EMP, wiping out the majority of them, but still leaving an odd 300,000. After revenge, Brother I televises the footage across the world of Wonder Woman the murderer.

Second is Villains United. Written by Gail Simone, and featuring a slew of DC villains. Lex Luthor is gathering villains, for his Society of Supervillains - to ensure that the "heroes" don't wipe anyone else's minds. Basically everyone joins, for what is, for all intents and purposes, one huge supervillain union. Except for six - Deadshot, one of the coolest - yet underrated - villains in the DCU, Cat-Man, who was always a joke (yet Simone managed to make cool), Rag Doll, a Parademon from Apokalips, Cheshire, and Scandal. Lead by the mysterious Mockingbird, this ain't quite Charlie's Angels.

The miniseries has quite a sense of humour, with some great action. As it progressed, Cheshire sells them out to Luthor, ensuing in a great, bloody battle. Soon, we see who Mockingbird is - Lex Luthor. Not the Lex Luthor running the Society, a different one. The real one. The other Lex, is from an alternate universe, hinting that the multiverse destroyed in Crisis on Infinite Earths still exists...

Third up is Rann-Thanagar War, which in comparison to the others, is disappointing. Written by the usually great Dave Gibbons, it suffers from too many characters, and too big a scale story for just six issues. Basically, the planet Rann gets shifted to the Polaris star system, which leads to deteriorating Thanagar's orbit, killing millions. Thanagar responds by attacking Rann, and an all out war breaks out.

And wackiness ensues. Many planets get in on the act, and Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Kilowog try to find an end to the war. But all does not go well. All this leads up to a rift in the space-time continuum... More multiverse shenanigans, it looks like!

The last of the official lead up miniseries', Day of Vengeance was a pleasant surprise. While this and Rann-Thanagar were the two I was most hesitant about (the former was pretty much what I expected), this one tells the story of the Spectre, without a human host due to the events of Green Lantern: Rebirth, getting seduced by Jean Loring (the killer from Identity Crisis), now posessed by the demonic entity Eclipso. Oh-kay... In a nutshell, the Spectre and Eclipso go about wiping the world of magic. And standing in their way? A group of mystical underdogs calling themselves the Shadowpact: Ragman, Enchantress, Nightshade, Blue Devil (an unsung fave of mine), Nightmaster, and um, Detective Chimp (a drunken, talking chimpanzee). Black Alice, a character introduced in Birds of Prey, who can steal mystical characters' powers, also joins the fray.

These guys manage to fend off the Spectre and defeat Eclipso, but by the end, they learn it's not their battle. The Wizard Shazam must do battle with the Spectre. After a devastating fight, Shazam loses his life, and the mystical Rock of Ages explodes, unleashing the Seven Deadly Sins.

Now that I'm through the four main ones, I'll touch upon DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy. It's a "return", because the character apparently died in the miniseries Graduation Day. But in fine comic book form, she wasn't really dead. She was actually a goddess, with the Titans of Myth.

Basically, the Titans and Outsiders come to her rescue, a huge battle ensues, and she banishes the Titans of Myth to Tartarus. But, how this ties into Infinite Crisis is really cool. She becomes charged with guarding the Universe Orb (Harbinger's job in the original Crisis), and learns of the multiverse.

So, I'm finally brought to Infinite Crisis #1 (lucky for anyone reading this post, and subsequently nodding off, I only have one issue to mention). Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are investigating the destruction of the Watchtower (from over in JLA), and arguing. The greatest line from the miniseries, and probably one of the best from comics - ever - is Batman snapping at Superman "the last time you truly inspired anyone was when you were dead".

The Freedom Fighters are wiped out by the Society (all except for the Ray, who Luthor wants for a yet unknown reason), the war between Rann and Thanagar continues, demons are overunning the Earth, as are 300,000 odd OMACs, and Donna Troy gathers heroes to investigate that little multiverse thing. For one issue, a shitload happens.

Four unknown people are watching the events unfold, before being revealed as: Superman and Lois Lane from Earth-2, Alexander Luthor of Earth-3, and Superboy of Earth-Prime - not seen since Crisis on Infinite Earths. Interestimg...

So, believe it or not, that was a very fucking abridged version of the events. If you're still with me, I recommend you check it out. It's one great story so far, and is promising big things. Whether it will continue to be great, or will start sucking remains to be seen. But I hope it'll be great.

For more info, with a ton of links here, there and everywhere, check out the Infinite Crisis listing on Wikipedia (man, I love that thing!!).
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Saturday, October 08, 2005
Breaking the drought
Ironically, it's actually raining outside as I type this. 'Coz if you didn't pick it up from the title, it is a metaphor for sex...

I have my reasons for keeping this blog anonymous. Sometimes I'll bitch about people, sometimes I'll tell wacky stories, and sometimes I'll delve into my sex life... and occasionally I'll be honest. When I first started with this blog, I was getting a little bit, and dating at a regular pace. Not to mention getting screwed over by women. But all that dried up around December last year.

Until last night. Which was pretty fucked up.

I caught up with a few friends, ran into an ex-girlfriend from a few years back, and then ran into a girl I've been semi-interested in. Then, I went out, caught up with some other friends at a bar, had a few drinks, and met a lovely lady.

She's two years older than me, which makes her 28. And that was kind of shocking. It just makes me feel old, more than anything.

Anyway, she's a blonde, not to mention absolutely fucking stunning. Somehow I managed to strike up a conversation, and we got along well. Yay me! She's currently studying forensic science (which makes her way fucking smarter than me), has the sharpest wit, a great smile, and is really, really nice. And hot.

I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty (for one, I'm tired and have to be at work early tomorrow), so in a nutshell, we got talking, and hit it off. A few drinks later (on my part - I would have gotten her drunk first but she doesn't drink!!), I ended up back at her place.

And it was the greatest sex of my life. To put it mildly. A-fucking-mazing.

And, as with all the women in my life, there's the kicker. She's from Melbourne (greatest city in Australia - and I'm not being biased, check out my opinion of the city - from a little over a year ago - right here).

Apparently she comes to town fairly often, but she's still a fair way away. Which is a bugger. So, I need to decide whether to leave things be, or to try something long distance. I have my doubts as to whether that will work, though surely it'd be better to try, wouldn't it?

She's a top girl - not just great in bed...

So, I'm lamenting. Hard. We're planning to catch up before she leaves later in the week... I guess I'll have to see how things go, huh?

And whattaya know? That occasional bit of honesty. Sorry if you were expecting explicit descriptions with a bit of footage a la Paris Hilton.

And that's me done for the night...
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Turning Japanese
As you can probably tell, I tend to ramble on a bit. And on, and on, and on... So this post will be short. Succinct. To the point.

Anyways, I'm a bit of an eBay addict. And no, I'm not going to go and write shitloads about everything I buy on there. I do collect movie posters though. And I love anything Japanese (still trying to get me one of them schoolgirls). And Superman's cool, despite what all the naysayers say (or is that naysay?).

So, I just won these funky Japanese posters from the first three Superman movies. Pretty fuckin' cool, huh?

And no, as crap as Superman IV is, I'm not ignoring it... There just wasn't one available for it. Nor Supergirl, sadly...
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Most expensive season finale ever
In my last little post I mentioned that I'm not posting as much as I should. And this one here (not linked because you're reading it now, and that would just be dumb) is an example of that. Ya see, I was going to write this up last Thursday night (being September 29). But being the lazy fuck I am, I'm only getting to it now.

Back on that Thursday oh so long ago, I finally saw Serenity. Granted it was only released on Thursday, but I had been waiting to see this movie a long time. Joss Whedon is the genius who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel (and if you disagree with that statement, you either haven't seen these shows or have absolutely no appreciation of irony), and Firefly. Being the Buffy and Angel fan I am, I figured I'd import Joss's new show from the States, rather than wait for a release here.

In a nutshell, to quote Mr Whedon, Firefly wasn't cancelled - it was axe murdered.

The network it was on in the States only showed a few episodes, from various parts of the season, in a wacky, fucked up order. But after watching the episodes - all of 'em - and in chronological order - I must say that it's Whedon's first season ever. It didn't quite reach the heights of Buffy and Angel did - but they had years longer to get there. Hell, everyone I leant the DVD out to ended up buying their own copies (they must have liked it if they decided to buy, rather than burn!!).

So, in many ways, Serenity is the proper season finale that Firefly never got. Oh, and it had a way bigger budget. Now, I loved the movie. And obviously I'm more than a little biased. But I do honestly think people will enjoy the movie, regardless of whether they saw the TV series. It's a more than enjoyable popcorn movie experience.

Though, if you are a fan of the show, it's amazing. Completely and totally. The plot works wonders, and you know and love these characters - and Joss really works with that. I think the one thing that it would lack for the uninitiated is that they wouldn't know the characters as well - though as well as you would in any 100 minute movie.

Now, I catch a fair few movies. Enjoy a lot of them. But the only other movie I've enjoyed this much this year was Batman Begins - I'm a lifelong Batman fan, and the movie got it right. I haven't been a Firefly fan for as long, but the movie more than fucking suffices.
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So I said a couple of posts a week, huh?
Good to see I'm keeping up, huh? Seems like my deadlines are as flexible as a Marvel writer's (just to get, you know, uber-geeky).

So, what have I been up to? Not a lot.
  • Working (though I did get a fourth day off after the long weekend - though I'm paying for it by working this weekend).

  • Got Burnout: Revenge and it fucking rocks. I'm not a fan of racing games, yet Burnout 3 got me addicted, and this new one surpasses it in just about every way (the jury's still out on whether the crash mode's as cool).

  • I've been thinking I'm lucky that I managed to catch Garbage - turns out they cancelled all their shows after Australia. Gotta say, they were looking tired (not that it affected the performance, though).

  • Ooh! I got spam on the post mentioned above. So, no I'm using the funky letter verification thing. This blog may end up looking semi-professional one day (though I do doubt it).

  • And there are a couple of other bits and pieces I'll write about this evening (or possibly technically tomorrow if they take much more than an hour to write)...
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