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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
British Buffy with bums 'n' boobs
With 24 finishing up tomorrow night, and Alias not far behind, there isn't a lot of TV for me to watch. Sure, I am expecting Nip/Tuck and Six Feet Under to return, but that's about it. Until I tuned into Arena this evening to watch the first episode of Hex.

I saw the DVD, and the series had me intrigued. I wasn't sure whether I was willing to pay $50 for a TV series I'd never seen (something I've admittedly done on a couple of occasions), and I decided against it. So when I saw that Hex was going to be screening, I knew I'd have to check it out.

The description of the show in the Foxtel magazine had me a little worried. Described as "Britain's answer to Buffy", I was worried. Much as I love said show, I was hoping that it'd be a Buffy clone - with British accents.

The description on the digital TV guide however, is a little more appropriate:

"In a remote English boarding-school, shy student Cassie discovers she is cursed with dangerous powers. Stalked by the spirit Azazeal, she fights the forces threatening her, at the same time experiencing a sexual awakening."

And that pretty much sums the show up (or atleast what I can gather from the pilot, which doesn't do much more than set up the characters).

Hex looks to be a bit more of a psychological thriller than Buffy, and lacks the trademark Joss Whedon wit (or any attempt to mimic it). The characters are sex obsessed (and I mean every single fucking character), which is actually a little offputting at first, though I got used to it. I'm just wondering if any of that's going to come into play as the series progresses.

The setting of a Gothic boarding school works wonderfully, and really distinguishes itself for a horror show. The lead character, Cassy (Christina Cole) is a shy loner, who discovers she has supernatural powers, which - thus far - include telekenesis and visions.

Also included in the cast is Jemima Rooper, who plays Cassy's best friend, the wacky lesbian Thelma. Michael Fassbender plays the spirit Azazeal, and gives a creepy performance. It looks as though he'll have a bigger role to play, though only appears in a few seconds of the pilot.

As a nice little bonus, the show features a little bit of T&A, and I really can't complain about Christina's shower scene in the pilot :-)

I'm definately going to check out the next few episodes, and see if it keeps up the mystery. The series has a ton of potential, and hopefully it'll be realised (and not just for hot naked chicks, either).
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Miscellaneous crap
Man this hurts. By writing up this post, I'm shifting that beautiful picture of Mia Kirshner down. Which means that she isn't automatically grabbing your attention as you load up this blog... Though it may actually help with focusing on the words, though.

So, why write up a post on "miscellaneous crap"?

Well, first off the bat you may notice that under the blog description, there's a banner. Don't worry, it's safe to click. Pretty much, I entered Batmite79 into the field at and it automatically generates silly slogans about me. I really need to go through and update the template for this properly - it's a little out of date. But, I really can't be arsed. I'll get there eventually.

The main reason for this though, is in my last post (another link just to get you to that pic of Mia) I mentioned that there's a bit I want to write about. What it comes down to is time. I'm still going to write up reviews of a couple of comics, though last week I went out and did some funky shit - albeit most of it loses it's relevance as time goes on, so I'll address it briefly.

First up, Tuesday.

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup (see, I'm over a week late as it is). Basically, we went to the local club for lunch and a couple of drinks. $10 got a main meal, desert and a beer, so I can't complain - especially when the food was so good. It went a little longer than anticipated (figured 1-2ish), and I was at the club from 12:30-3:30. Good shit.

My branch manager bought five bottles of wine, which went down nicely, except I managed to get through two beers, half a bottle of red and a bourbon & Coke. So I was feeling a little seedy upon my eventual return. Stayed til 4 (a whole half hour!), then went back.

Well, that's all fine and well, but what about the gambing? Well, I only entered sweeps this year, and between the office and the club I managed to turn a $9.00 profit. Never mind the fact that I spent $45, but a profit's a profit. And it helps keep my mind off the fact that I didn't put $50 on Makybe Diva, which would have paid off...

Next, Friday.

This has to be about the bludgiest work week I've had in a very long time. We went out to the park and had a barbecue, because:
  1. We were celebrating a milestone
  2. We're plain shitty with work
I almost didn't make it because I was inundated with work, but figured "screw that" and went along. It was well worth it, and a great relax for a couple of hours (even though I copped barbecue duties).

Third, Saturday.

Wow, I hadn't had a barbecue in a while, and now it's two in as many days. I went to a mate's place, and was expecting some sausages or something.

But said mate is really into his cooking, and takes it seriously. He's good, too.

I was surprised to see that we were treated to fish, prawns, chicken and steak, barbecued beautifully with great sauce and herbs, etc. Sweet!!

And last but not least, Thursday.

What is this? Fucked up Quentin Tarantino chronology? Nah, I'm just saving the best for last. You see, on Saturday, a good friend's getting married.

So, what does this mean? At just about the shortest notice humanly possible, he invited a few of us out to a buck's night. I already had plans, but dude - bucks night!! - and managed to escape early.

We went out to a pub, which is amusing since he doesn't drink, then I dropped the idea for a strip club (or the strip club with this being Canberra and all). My mate agreed incredibly quickly, and off we went.

The group chucked in around $20 each for what we thought was going to be a lapdance for him. A lap dance with a little lesbian action; you know, send him out in style. But that wasn't the way it played out.

Instead the two strippers (quite attractive, btw) made him drop his pants, poured water down his underwear, made him get on all fours and rode him around, poured hot wax over him, electrocuted his nipples, and belted him black and blue with studded belts.

He took it in his stride, which was cool. I called on Friday to let him know that wasn't quite what we intended. But that was something he'd already figured out when he saw the shocked expression on our faces.

Ah well. If he ever doubted that he's only be getting married once, I think that cemented it! :-)

Oh, and because I can: One last link to the post with the Mia pic.
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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Return of the terrorist chicks!
While I was out on Thursday night (post forthcoming, but probably not tonight), I taped both 24 and Alias. I got around to watching them this evening, and with shows airing here in Aus months later than in the US, it's pretty difficult to stay spoiler-free. But I managed it.

The respective episodes shows managed to surprise me, each with a terrorist chick of their own returning.


By far, Mia Kirschner is my favourite of the two terrorist chicks. Her character Mandy, first appeared in early episodes of 24's first season, in league with the terrorists responsible for abducting Jack Bauer's wife and daughter.

The shows producers and fans alike, all fell for Mandy, giving the character a quasi cult following. Mandy returned in the final episode of the second season, giving the president a "toxic handshake" of sorts.

She was rumoured to be showing up in season 3, but to my disappointment, she was a no show.

So, I was pleasantly surprised, with her appearance in the third last episode of 24 season 4. It was unexpected, Mia's been pretty busy playing Jenny in The L Word (a show I recommend for more than just the hot lesbians getting naked). She's a character I've really grown to love in this show, no doubt partly due to just how beautiful Mia is.

That said, as evil as the character of Mandy is, there's just something that makes the audience care about her. You don't hate her. Sure, she does terrible things for money, with absolutely no remorse, but you still care about her. Hell, I found myself hoping she's successful in her part of this, as invested in the show as I have.

Whether this was written into the role, or Mia just brought it out in her acting, I have no idea. But it works. Oh, and for the record Bryan Singer should have cast Mia as Lois Lane in Superman Returns. She was rumoured, I was happy - hell, I was telling everyone she'd make the perfect Lois before she was ever rumoured. But alas, it wasn't to be.


Lena Olin is missing the "holy shit" factor that Mia has in spades. Having said that, her return in Alias was definately a "holy shit" moment.

In a nutshell, Lena portrayed Irina Derevko, Sydney's mum who betrayed Sydney's dad, and engages in all kinds of terrorist activities.

Granted, the show is melodramatic as hell, which is part of the charm.

Anyhoo, as much as JJ Abrams and the producers tried to get Lena to return for Alias's third season, she refused, wanting more money. They offered her more, and she still refused. Creatively this created big problems, as the character was supposed to be playing a key role in the show.

This all resulted in a revelation early in season 4 that Jack (Syd's dad) shot and killed Irina, after she put a bounty on Sydney's head (though, as it turns out, it was Irina's sister Elena, who put the bounty out). Ironically, it's late in season 4, and Irina appears, alive and well (it was a double who was killed).

Wacky stuff, they finally give up trying to get her back, kill her off-screen, and then she returns. The story of her return's almost as melodramatic as the show itself!

And that's me done for the night. I had a few more posts I wanted to write up, but they'll have to wait 'til another night. Probably not tomorrow; 24's on again, and I have to get all the Mia Kirshner goodness I can :-)
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"The STAR WARS saga is now complete on DVD..."
I picked up the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith DVD on Tuesday afternoon. Really, I don't have much to say about the movie itself. It's the best of the prequel trilogy, and at it's best, scenes are as good as the original trilogy. At it's worst, it's as bad as the worst of The Phantom Menace. It's completely uneven, and almost plays out as two movies.

Oh, and it doesn't get better on repeat viewings.

So, why bother with this post? Well, you may notice that the subject is a quote from the DVD packaging. And really, the synopsis of the movie, and list of features is pretty dodgy.
  • "Six never before deleted scenes created just for this release..."
    Um, hello? How can something that was deleted from the original be created specifically for this release? Maybe these scenes were completed for it...
  • "...Anakin Skywalker ultimately turns his back on the Jedi, thus completing his journey to the dark side..."
    Okay, so just say people are watching this for the first time, and didn't know that Anakin becomes Vader. Sure, it's a rare occurence. Now, if this stays on the packaging over the years, I guarantee that there will be kids watching the saga for the first time, and probably in chronological order, rather than Episodes IV-VI first.

  • "...Including the final climactic battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan."
    So, not only does Lucas want to make sure that absolutely everyone knows Anakin becomes Vader, but they also want you to know who the final battle's between? And just think how closely guarded all this was before the movie's release...
Ya know, this is probably a pointless rant. But the DVD just bugs me...
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Jessica Alba in a bikini
A couple of weeks ago I was going to write up a post about Into the Blue, a movie featuring, well, Jessica Alba in a bikini. Oh, and Ashley Scott, too. But Jessica's the one everyone knows, and the one people would no doubt be Googling. Ashley, on the other hand, is no doubt still recovering from her stint as the Huntress on Birds of Prey (still, that show should have been good).
Now, I'm not going to go into great detail about the movie. I have a few more posts to write, and need to be at work by 7:30 tomorrow. So, I'll keep it short, simple and to the point.

This movie knows exactly what it is. Beautiful people in tiny outfitts, with a lovely aquatic background. Fairly simple, really.

Plot wise, it's a thriller revolving around four friends searching for treasure under the sea. They stumble upon said treasure - the legendary pirate ship the Zephyr - and a whole fuckload of cocaine. From here, things go downhill for our characters, as they run into more and more trouble.

Surprisingly, the thriller aspect of the film holds up quite well. It's an entirely mainstream movie, and thus doesn't break any new ground. But it doesn't need to, the twists are fresh enough to keep the movie entertaining.

The movie has a great sense of humour about itself, and the characters act like friends. The cast has nice chemistry, and the dialogue is great, making this believable.

And, that's it really. Worth seeing if you like pretty girls in bikinis. Worth seeing if you prefer pretty guys in swimwear. And worth seeing if you like an enjoyable thriller.
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