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Sunday, February 26, 2006
200th post spectacular!

Wow - 200 posts since my very first one back on 8 August, 2004. That's around 18 months ago, and I never figured that I'd hit 200 posts - or that I'd still be around 18 months later, for that matter. And yet here I am, writing up my 200th post. Fuck, I need a life.

I'm not going to rant and rave about how much I love this blogging, or what it means to be wasting so much time on here. Instead, I figure I'll show some funky comic related pics and stuff I've found online, for some projects which will hopefully be cool.

To your left is a copy of the teaser poster for Spider-Man 3. No, it's not a black and white pic; it's actually a black costume. Now, I can hear people saying "Wha-- what the fuck happened to his regular costume?" - especially those of you who have never picked up a comic book in your life.

Basically, Spidey gets himself a black costume. Now, this leads into Venom; and rumours have been running rampant that this will be who Topher Grace is playing.

Fanboys are already bitching about this black costume however, because it isn't exactly the same as the one from the comics. Well, boo fucking hoo. I think it looks cool. And when it's all said and done, it's my fucking opinion that matters.

I'm looking forward to Spider-Man 3, and hope it breaks the comic book franchise "part 3" curse. After two fun movies, Superman III was completely and totally shit. Same goes for Batman Forever. I enjoyed Blade: Trinity; figuring it introduced some much needed humour into the franchise; since I didn't enjoy the first two much (though lots of people did, so it goes against the grain). X-Men 3, or X-Men: The Last Stand (insert groan here) looks to suck big time. So let's hope Spidey 3 comes through.

I do have some concerns about the film, though. And that's basically that the movie is shooting for too much. It introduces Gwen Stacy (and will no doubt kill her), have Spidey get this wacky new black costume, and has Sandman and presumably Venom as villains. Add to this the whole Harry situation, and the probability that he'll end up behind the Goblin mask...

Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder is pissing a lot of fans off, due to it's portrayal of Batman being a completely crazy lunatic. Personally, I'm enjoying it. It's Frank Miller being Frank Miller, and having a lot of fun doing it.

Ragardless though, there's no denying that this six page spread from the upcoming #4 is nothing short of being amazingly cool. Jim Lee's an amazing artist who just gets better with age, and this image highlights it amazingly.

Oh, and as far as people who think that Frank Miller's lost it with this book; I'm really looking forward to their reactions to his upcoming Holy War on Terror Batman, where he takes on
the Taliban!

Speaking of controversial comics (and controversial comics I liked no less!), Brad Meltzer's Identity Crisis also managed to upset a lot of fans. Basically it featured the Justice League having Zatanna wipe Dr Light's mind after he raped the Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny. Batman walked in on this, and had his memory of the incident erased.

So, naturally, DC figures he's the natural choice to relaunch the JLA in the upcoming Justice League of America! The image above is apparently a variant cover to #1, with the team consisting of ten of the characters seen here, and one character who's not. Of the team, Meltzer has already said that Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are given.

Regardless of what people think of Meltzer's writing, Ed Benes is an amazing artist. And like Jim Lee, he just keeps getting better and better. Much as I hate to draw any attention to Wizard magazine (except for announcing what hacks they are), the current issue features some great sketches of JLA characters who may or may not make the team.

DC's current mega crossover event (literally their biggest in the past 20 years, if not bigger) is Infinite Crisis (obviously the word "infinite" indicates pretty fucking huge), and it featured the Flash, Wally West, getting sucked into the Speed Force, indicating that he's gone.

DC cancelled his ongoing series, however it's soon to be relaunched as The Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. Whether the Flash will be Wally or not remains to be seen. I love this cover to #1, it's perhaps the best image I've ever seen of the Flash, capturing the character's raw speed and power. The use of colours is amazing, and if it's an indication of the quality we'll be seeing on the title, it'll definately be a treat for the eyes.

I'm not familiar with the artist behind the series, and I can't even think of their name. Which is a shame, however I'm certain they'll be destined for big things in comics looking at this.

As an interesting aside, the new series is being written by two of the guys behind the old Flash TV series... I remember enjoying it oh so long ago, but I wonder how they'll translate the character to the comics world...

One of the draws for the Xbox 360 which I'm getting soon (click here to see how sad I am), is the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (or MMORPG, which is so much easier) based on the Marvel comic book universe (after they failed to successfully sue the guys behind City of Heroes), being released exclusively on the 360.

With both Marvel and DC both determined to cash in on each other, and steal sales wherever possible, DC has teamed with Sony for a MMORPG of their very own. Which brings us to Batman on the left.

Jim Lee, whose work you may remember from that Batcave pic above (along with other Wildstorm cohorts) is working on the character designs for the game, so they should look pretty damned sweet.

One just hopes that he has more luck with this than the Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu game, where he designed Sin Tzu for not only the game, but also as a recurring Batman villain in the comics. I think he made one quick appearance before everyone forgot about him, while trying to forget what a craptastic game Rise of Sin Tzu was...

And so, that's the end of my post, and my pictures. Let's see if I manage to make it through another 200 posts, eh?
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Sunday, February 19, 2006
Taking the plunge
I did something stupid today. Okay, I do something stupid most days...

But today, I bit the bullet and pre-ordered an Xbox 360. I've never been a fan of pre-ordering game consoles. I'd much rather sit it out for a while, wait til there are a few more games available, and the price comes crashing down.

But this time, against my better judgement, I decided not to.

I ordered the $650 version of the console, which comes complete with a 20 gig hard drive, a remote control, and a wireless controller. It works out better value than the $500 version, which comes without the hard drive and remote control, and has a wired controller. Considering that with no hard drive, if I want to save games, I'd have to pay $50 for a 64 meg memory card, I figured I've made the right decision.

I also went to order the VIP Premiere Pack for another $150, which comes with Perfect Dark Zero, a second wireless controller, a face plate and some other funky stuff. Except the shot was out of stock on them. However, I was assured that they'll have more in this week, so yay!

So, aside from that one, what other games am I after at release? Dead or Alive 4 and Top Spin 2 are definates, and I'm also strongly considering Kameo. Quake 4 would probably be funky, but if I end up getting it, I'll wait a while, methinks.

The Xbox 360's due out on March 23. Now I just have to decide if I'm taking it and the next day off work for a four day weekend of gaming.
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Breaking up is not that hard to do
This post is five days late. It was intended to be my anti-Valentine's Day skeptical post, but I've been too busy with other shit (none of it actually important) to write it up before now.

So, in a nutshell, the girly and I broke up a few days before my big ass trip to Sydney. So, basically about a month ago now. And you know what? Mreh. It's a real non-issue. Maybe it's because we were only together for three months, or maybe it's because of the whole long distance thing. Hell, it's probably a combination of both, coupled by the fact I'd seen it coming for a little while.

But, really, aside from the initial disappointment, it was as much a relief as anything. Don't get me wrong, I cared about her - a lot. But the long distance thing was going to be difficult, not to mention potentially very expensive with trips to see her and all.

The only thing about it that bugged me was when she called to break up, it was because I didn't put enough effort in. And that's true; I wasn't putting as much in as I could have. But it's a two-way street, as I told her - she wasn't putting it in either. But such is life.

Since the break up, I ran into a girl I kinda sort of dated in late '04, before she moved interstate. It's definately a no go again, but between that and a couple of other flirtatious experiences in the past month, whatever pain was there has eased. And that's pretty cool.
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Saturday, February 11, 2006
X rated
Fucking. Teens. Porn. Sex. Hardcore. Double Penetration. Tits. Pussy. Orgy. Lesbian. Golden Showers. Paris Hilton.

Ahem... Just figured I'd capitalise on any Googling that would be brought up by the subject of this post. And it'll be interesting to see if these terms bring up anything in the Google Adsense bar up the top.

To what will no doubt be a disappointment to 99.9% of people reading this, is that the post is not porn related. Instead, the subject refers to the X-Men VS expansion. I'm playing in the Sneak Preview tomorrow, so it's the last time you'll have to endure these preview cards (until the next set, that is; and I may write up a bit about how tomorrow goes at some point). And on the upside, there are only three of them this time, thus saving your valuable bandwidth. But, just to annoy you, I'll write up a little bit on my thoughts of these...

Colossus, Organic Steel
This card is part of a vertical stacker, one of the cards given away at the Sneak Preview. Also available here, will be a stacker version of Wolverine, featured in the last ton of cards shown. I'm not clear on this whole "Pay 0 endurance" thing, that we're seeing on a few cards. Basically, my guess is that you can't play the card on 0 or less endurance, as you have no endurance left to pay (regardless of whether it's nothing). Make sense? Probably not...

Not much to say here. A nice attack pump, which gives Morlocks characters a higher pump, when you control more stunned characters. The team looks to have high attacks and low defences through it, and this card works on that theme.

Join the Club!
A tutor, which lets you find a concealed character. It's nice, because it'll search for one of any affiliation. The only problem is, if you want to search for one which isn't Hellfire Club, you have to be running a team up deck.

And I'll leave you guys with an article copy and pasted from Metagame. What is it? An announcement of the last set of the year, following X-Men, Infinite Crisis, and Heralds of Galactus.

Seems like an interesting choice, and I wonder what the other affiliations will be? It mentions one definate, plus another three possibilities...

Welcome to the 31st Century!

"The" Ben Seck

I’m proud to announce the next eagerly awaited addition to the Vs. universe. The teen sensations from the future, the Legion of Super-Heroes, are from all over the galaxy. They’ve banded together to protect the United Planets from a multitude of galactic threats. The Legionnaires, led by their founders Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl, and Live Wire, work together with Superboy and Supergirl to fight against such evil foes as the Fatal Five, the Legion of Supervillains, and the eternal menace of Darkseid.

As lead designer, I can tell you that there will be some new, unique mechanics in this set that will capture the flavor and epic nature of these teams. They’ll also be joined by one of my favorite teams of the DC Universe, the Teen Titans. The Titans were featured nearly two years ago in the first DC set, DC Origins, but now it’s time to give them fresh cards and new strategies to win.

One of the great things about making this set is exploring the Legionnaires’ vast history, which spans over four decades. I’m trying to make sure that everyone’s favorite Legionnaire is included, but with nearly 50 members, it might be too hard to get them all in. But I’ll do my best!

Finally, a little teaser. The most exciting details about this set can’t be released right now because we are still working out some of the fine print. But rest assured, the Legion of Super-Heroes will introduce some brand new ways of playing the game that we’ve all come to enjoy!

So join me this December . . . in the 31st century!

Good Gaming,

Ben Seck

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Thursday, February 09, 2006
X is not the enemy
So, it's been almost 11 days since my last post. What have I been up to? Watching Batman: The Animated Series Volume 4 box set... Oh, and working. I've also been trying to maintain some semblance of a life.

In my last post, I outlined a couple of posts I wanted to make, and well... this ain't one of them. With the VS X-Men expansion Sneak Preview on Sunday, I figure I'll post some more preview cards I've found around the place. Again, I won't be chucking comments against them, because there's a shitload of 'em.

So, on with the pics!

Wolverine, The Best at What He Does
Sabretooth, Savage KillerProfessor X, Headmaster
Memory Probe
Mutopia, Team-Up
Beast, Feline GeneticistBlack Panther, King of Wakanda
Stonewall, Freedom Force
The Acolytes
Army of One
Madelyne Pryor, Black Rook
Trevor Fitzroy, White RookHemingway, Gene Nation
X-Men United, Team-Up
Enemy of My Enemy
Momentary Distraction
Colossus, Acolyte
Phoenix RisingMorlock Justice
Amelia Voght, Acolyte
Kristoff Von Doom, Pretender to the Throne
Absorbing Man, Carl Creel
Firestar, Hellion
Gambit, Ragin' Cajun
Spiral, Freedom Force
Mindtap Mechanism
Marrow, Gene NationX-Corp: Paris, X-Corp

And that's it from them! I may post a few more before Sunday... That, and I'll try to get my other goddamn posts written.
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