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Sunday, March 19, 2006
The pain...
And no, as fragile as my ego is, I'm not referring to Alison's comments in my last post, disagreeing with my opinion of Love this City - she's entitled to her opinion, even if she's wrong :-Þ

What I am referring to, however, is that I now own two Xbox 360 games, but have to wait until Thursday to get the damned machine! The first, Perfect Dark Zero, was a given, since I was grabbing a copy with the VIP Premiere Pack. But the second, Full Auto, wasn't. I'd already placed some orders down for Dead or Alive 4 and Top Spin 2, but read some reviews for Full Auto, and it sounds awesome.

So, I went to the shop to pay the rest off DoA and TS, and decided that I may as well throw down the cash for Full Auto, as well. I did that, and the guy behind the counter told me that they had one copy out the back, and I may as well take it now. I'm sure it was just to torment me...

But on the upside, it's only a few more days til I can play these games, and the lot's paid for. Which is nice to know - no last minute scrambling around trying to find the money when I realise I've overspeant...
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Saturday, March 18, 2006
Listening to Little Cloud
And here I am, with my sixth - and final - post of the night.

In an endeavour to get done before midnight, like the others, I'm going to keep my poor attempt at wordsmithing to a minimum.

On Sunday, I posted my initial thoughts on the Whitlams' new double CD, Little Cloud and the Apples Eye (or simply Little Cloud now), from the brief previews they have on the Whitlams' website.

Though the CD's not "officially" out until tomorrow, I had the great pleasure of picking it up today. I was going to get into all the tracks like I did in the aforementioned post, but I won't bother, and will briefly tell you my thoughts on it.

Best. Whitlams. CD. Ever.

And that's about the sum of it. It's amazing stuff. Accomplished, mature, with poetic lyrics, production values unlike anything the band's done before, and still retaining Tim Freedman's wit. I was mildly disappointed that eachh disc ran it at a little under 30 minutes a pop (considering the last few have been over an hour at a single disc, and two seperate releases of Torch the Moon had a second disc), but the double CD layout works well for breaking things up.

I rate the Whitlams CDs like this (I won't be counting Stupor Ego since it's a live one out of production that I'm yet to get my hands on):
  1. Little Cloud
  2. Undeniably
  3. Love This City
  4. Torch the Moon
  5. Eternal Nightcap
  6. Introducing
And, finally, that's me done for the night!
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  • At 9:28 pm, Anonymous Alison said…

    Randomly stumbled across your musings on the new Whitlams album. I'm listening to short clips of it now...

    Admittedly it's not grabbing me yet. I'll still buy it. But WHY oh WHY would you put Love this City so high!!! Gotta disagree.

    I only discovered the Whitlams with Eternal so I put that first, but I rate Undeniably, then Torch the moon, then Little Cloud maybe and then Love this city. Love this city has Blow up the pokies, but I just felt it was wayyy to manufactured .

    Just thought I'd express my horror at Love this city being so highly rated. It almost made me reject your whole review. :)

    Will have to buy it tomorrow.

  • At 10:55 pm, Blogger Batmite said…

    Thanks for your comment, Alison. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Little Cloud when you've heard the CD in full.

    I agree that Blow Up the Pokies is overly manufactured, though I ranked Love This City where I did (and third isn't *that* high :-Þ), for Thankyou, the grossly underrated Chunky Chunky, Made Me Hard, and Unreliable. The majority of the tracks on there are great IMO.

    My other rankings were listed for:-

    - Little Cloud - I was Alive, Year of the Rat, Tonight, Beauty Makes the Heart Grow Absent, Fancy Lover, She's Moving In, and much as it's been included so often in the past few years, the beautiful rendition of The Curse Stops Here.

    - Undeniably - Basically everything on here's a classic, and it's a fun album. Peter Collard, Met My Match, I Make Hamburgers, You'll Find a Way, Hollow Log (bunny rabbits!)

    - Torch the Moon - Ranked under Love This City, just because it depresses me a bit. I really love Cries Too Hard, Fall For You, Kate Kelly, Royal in the Afternoon, and Ease of the Midnight Visit.

    - Eternal Nightcap - Probably the most overrated Whitlams album, and maybe got a bit of ill-will from me due to it's overplay. I love the Charlie trilogy, Louis Burdett, and Melbourne.

    - Introducing - It's very raw, which is cool, but it seems to have the least "replay" value. Love Where is She, Lester Walker, and Jumping Leprechauns though.

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Riding the ghost
Much like my prowess in the bedroom, another quickie.

Garth Ennis' follow-up to his recent Ghost Rider minieries will tell the tale of another Ghost Rider - from the Wild West. The take that Marvel is using is that throughout history, there has always been a Ghost Rider. Should be interesting - his first mini was amazing.

Interestingly though, some production images from the upcoming Ghost Rider movie have shown up online. And three of the four feature a Wild West looking Ghost Rider...! So it looks like Marvel's taking this directly from the movie. Check out the images below - regardless of whether you're interested in the movie (I'm hoping it'll be decent, though I'm not confident), these images are stunning, stunning stuff!

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Another 100 episodes of Star Wars
And no, thankfully, George Lucas is not planning on writing, directing, and producing Star Wars: Episodes VII - CVI (just imagine the subtitles we'd have to endure then).

Basically, BBC has spoken to Star Wars producer Rick McCallam, who has confirmed the persistant rumours that there will indeed be a Star Wars TV series - beginning to film in 2008, for airing that year, and it will run for atleast 100 episodes. Obviously McCallum isn't taking into consideration the possibility of it being axed before then.

Of the series, McCallum has said that it would feature "a whole bunch of new characters". The series' tone is going to be "much more dramatic and darker".

Set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, the series will tell the story of Luke Skywalker growing up. Which is probably about the most disappointing thing about this. The Star Wars universe has been expanded beautifully through other forms of media, and I'd personally like to see the TV series take on a different era in the history. Just base it on the Knights of the Old Republic, already!!

No doubt I'll be checking it out, but my hopes really aren't high.

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When games and comics meet!
Basically, whenever a computer game gets adapted into any other format, mass dodginess ensues. It's always been the rule of adaptations - look at any of the computer game movies out there; most of the cartoons; and basically all of the comics. It's the unwritten rule of adaptations, and a sad, sad, fact.

The upcoming Halo movie has the potential to break free of this, though. It's being produced by Peter Jackson, and while I find the Lord of the Rings trilogy completely overrated, I dug King Kong, and much of his early work; and being directed by Guillermo Del Toro; whose work I loved with Hellboy, much as I disliked Blade II and Mimic. The script's being written between people in-house at Bungie, and the writer of the fantastic 28 Days Later. It's my no means set in stone that the Halo movie will be any good, but it has far more potential than any other computer game movie to date.

And now, Bungie and Marvel comics have announced that they are teaming together to bring the world The Halo Graphic Novel. Since I'm trying to save time tonight, I'm not going to get into all the ins and outs of it, but will instead leave you with the press release:

Official Press Release

NEW YORK – Bungie Studios, part of Microsoft Game Studios, has joined forces with Marvel Comics to release a highly anticipated graphic novel inspired by one of the most popular franchises in the history of the video game industry. The universe of the Xbox phenomenon Halo will be brought to life for the first time in comic form via the Halo Graphic Novel (HGN), a 128 page full-color jacketed hardcover book with an anticipated July 2006 release. The HGN is independently produced by Bungie Studios, while Marvel has signed on as the exclusive publisher obtaining print and distribution rights. The HGN is the first exciting result of this new partnership and additional Halo comic projects are in the works.

“We are thrilled to be working with the Halo property, as it’s proven to be an international sensation since its very inception,” said Ruwan Jayatilleke, Director of Development, Publishing. “And being that I am an avid Halo fan, this creative synergy in the graphic fiction medium makes it all the more thrilling.”

The Halo Graphic Novel is an anthology of original stories set in the Halo universe representing an unprecedented display of visual storytelling. Building on the success of the critically acclaimed Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 video games, the graphic novel will feature the series' iconic characters, weapons and scenarios and the epic struggle against the alien threats known as the Covenant and the Flood.

The HGN's main storyline and three additional stories are the work of some of the comic industry's most brilliant artists and writers including Moebius, Phil Hale, Ed Lee, Tsutomo Nihei, Jay Faerber, Andrew Robinson, Simon Bisley and Lee Hammock. The novel will also include a substantial collection of gallery pages showcasing original, never-before seen Halo inspired artwork from all-star comic book artists as well as Bungie's own art team.

“The chance to give our faithful fans something this special was a chance we had to jump at,” said Harold Ryan, Studio Manager of Bungie Studios. “Re-exploring the Halo universe with some of our favorite comic book artists and writers – indeed, some of the greatest of all time – was a true labor of love and we couldn’t have picked a better partner than Marvel to help us achieve our vision."

“With Marvel and Halo’s similar loyal fan bases, we are confident that Halo’s transition into the comic book arena will further bolster the characters, storylines and huge popularity of the property with not only the longtime, dedicated Halo fans but among comic book fans as well,” said Dan Buckley, President and Publisher of Marvel Entertainment, Publishing.

About Halo:
Halo was first introduced to the world in November of 2001 with the release of the critically acclaimed "Halo: Combat Evolved" for the Xbox game console. Now, three years later, that game has sold over 5.5 million copies sold world wide. Beyond the game itself, the Halo universe has resonated with fans of science fiction, spawning three best selling novels published by Del Rey, popular action figures produced by Joyride and a host of other licensed products. In November of 2004, Halo 2 was released to overwhelmingly positive reviews and record breaking sales figures. The game earned the highest amount of pre-orders in gaming history, generated over $125 million during the first 24 hours of sales and has already gone on to surpass 7.3 million units sold.

About Bungie Studios:
Bungie was founded in 1991 with two goals: to develop games that combine brilliant technology, beautiful art, intelligent stories and deep gameplay, and then sell enough of those games to achieve the real goal of total world domination. Over the past 10 years it produced games like the "Marathon Trilogy" and the first two "Myth" games, hailed as classics by critics and gamers around the world. "Halo: Combat Evolved" and “Halo 2” have achieved phenomenal success on the Microsoft Xbox video game system. More information on Bungie can be found at

About Marvel:
Marvel Comics is a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc., a leading global character-based entertainment company that has developed and owns a library of more than 5,000 characters, which have entertained generations around the world for over 60 years. Marvel's operations are focused in entertainment and consumer product licensing and comic book publishing. Marvel Studios supports the development of feature films, DVD/video products and TV series. Marvel’s creative team also supports the creation of video games and toy lines based on its characters as well as for a broad and growing range of consumer products and services including apparel, collectibles, foods and promotions. Marvel's comic book division is a leading publisher in the global marketplace while also serving as an invaluable source of intellectual property. Marvel’s Toy Biz division is a recognized creative force and leader in toy design, sales and marketing, developing and overseeing both licensee and in-house toy lines. For additional information visit

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Give Charlize a break
To every critic out there slamming Aeon Flux, and comparing it negatively to Catwoman, let's get serious here. The movie is NOT THAT FUCKING BAD! It really isn't.

That's not to say it's a great movie; or for that matter, not even a good one. But it's not terrible. As mentioned in my previous post, I'm going to be writing these at a limit tonight, so I won't go into too much detail (it'd also risk spoiling it for anyone interested in catching it, too).

In a nutshell, Aeon Flux is a by the numbers action movie. It has some dodgy effects, wooden performances (for the most part, Charlize and a few others were actually decent), and the movie could really have done with a sense of humour, aside from the two one liners.

But if you can get past all that, it's fluff. Perfectly inoffensive fun. Nothing more. It requires a huge suspension of disbelief, but if you can get there, then the movie's actually kinda enjoyable.

In the last third of the movie, once the "big" twist is revealed (I won't be revealing it here), it does get better. It adds some resonance to the film, and brings up some ethical questions. It's nothing great, but it's definately not the one-star movie that so many people claim it to be.

I haven't seen the original MTV series it's based on, and have a sneaking suspicion that it has a load more depth. Just don't expect that from this movie...
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A fairy tale
I've got a few posts to get through tonight, so I'll try and make them fairly brief, so I can get to bed at a semi-decent hour (and if the time's available, download some porn).

First up is the world's shortest fairy tale - and probably the world's most accurate on at that!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
New coat of arms
An official announcement was made today, about Australia receiving a new coat of arms. Read it below:
I got emailed this today, and found it very amusing. It's scary to think how much this fair country of ours resembles a condom - it really is, sadly.
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Never work with animals or children
Got these pics through the email a couple of days back. I don't have much to add, except they made me giggle - and they're cute. Aww... looks like I have a soft side!

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Sunday, March 12, 2006
First impressions of Little Cloud and the Apples Eye
The Whitlams' official website has four songs online for download, from their upcoming double album, Little Cloud and the Apples Eye: I Was Alive; Beauty in Me; Fancy Lover; and She's Moving In.

I downloaded the tracks, however Windows Media Player required a downloaded licence - except the goddamn thing won't fucking download!

And as a huge fan of the Whitlams, I'm finding that really disappointing. Ah well, what can you do, eh?

Some consolation however, comes with the fact that the website has previews online of each of the tracks, at around a minute each. So, I'll write up about these, and if I manage to get my hands on the aforementioned tracks, I'll pop up a second post with my thoughts on these.
  1. Been Away Too Long
    Different for the Whitlams. Fun, funky, with a late 70s/early 80s vibe to it.

  2. White Horses
    More of a classic Whitlams feel to this one. And by classic, I mean from the Undeniably era, though with a far more polished sound.

  3. I Was Alive
    Ah, the first song I couldn't download. More classic Whitlams, and apparently the first single. A fast, fun, tune. It's catchy, and will be getting stuck in people's heads. Don't know if it has "hit single" written all over it, though.

  4. Year of the Rat
    A fun, wacky tune. Something else I can see getting stuck in people's heads. It has a great jazz vibe to it. And another track sounding different for the band.

  5. 12 Hours
    A mellow, dark, haunting tune. It sounds like it would have worked well on their last CD, Torch the Moon. The sample sounds like Tim Freedman playing solo, with the aid of a piano, rather than his keyboard.

  6. Keep the Light On
    Another slow, mellow track. Classic Whitlams love song, through and through.

  7. Tonight
    Mellow, again. Sounds different to anything I've heard the band do before. Very polished, very accomplished.

  8. Little Cloud
    Rounding out the first disc is this track. And unfortunately, it's not sounding fantastic. It sounds like one of the lesser tracks on Torch the Moon. Still nice, but not as great as the Whitlams are capable of.

  9. Beauty in Me
    The secind disc starts with great, interesting, instrumentals, though the voice and lyrics are fairly standard Whitlams affair. Has potential to be a great track, though I'll need to hear a bit more than the 1:08 offered.

  10. Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Absent
    The instrumentals are beautiful. Lyrically, this is classic Whitlams, though it seems to have really upped the ante. It really sounds like there are more than four people here. Amazing, moving, beautiful.

  11. Beautiful as You
    The first thing that struck me as this is I wonder how it would sing if Stevie Plunder were still around to sing it. Tim's voice sings it beautifully, though it sounds like something Stevie would have sung on Introducing.

  12. Second Best
    Lyrically, it's classic Tim Freedman wit. The song's sound is similar to what was over much of Torch the Moon, though pushed that little bit "more".

  13. Fancy Lover
    Think one of the slower tracks from Love this City, if Jak Housden was providing back-ups there. Nice, sweet sound to it. Could be an instant Whitlams classic.

  14. Stay With Me
    The fast, fun, free feel of Introducing, with vastly superior production values. It has a very fun sound to it, and could be another classic.

  15. She's Moving In
    I first heard this in a solo Tim Freedman show about a year or so back, and loved it. Tim mentioned that he didn't think it'd make the CD, but it has! Completely off the wall and plain fun, with a faux haunted house feel. An all time Whitlams favourite of mine.

  16. The Curse Stops Here
    A beautiful, emotional song about Andy Lewis and Stevie Plunder's suicides. However, I was hoping for 16 new tracks, so this is a little disappointing since I own the Blow Up the Pokies single on which this originally appeared, and the Rarities disc from Torch the Moon. However, this is a live recording with the full band (instead of Tim solo), as well as the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra, giving it a completely different feel.
Final Thoughts

This double CD has a ton of potential to be the Whitlams' greatest CD yet (my favourite thus far was their second, Undeniably). It looks to be more accomplished, and more polished (though that can occasionally go against them). It's hard to tell from a minute or so on each track, though the potential's there.

I'm already counting down til next Sunday when I can pick it up - and hoping the CD shops here won't be waiting until Tuesday (after Canberra Day) to stock it...!
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Does Harry know?

I've just caught the final episode of Entourage, season two. Fantastic stuff - funny, yet dramatic - so much so that it's one of the few shows that makes me go "oh, fuck" when it comes to the situations the characters find themselves in.

The episodes that aired tonight wrapped up the Aquaman plot that's run throughout the season, with Vince strongly considering pulling out of the movie.

This all makes me think about an earlier episode, set at the San Diego comic convention. The episode featured a guy running a movie website, interviewing Vince. When Vince refused to answer questions about his personal life, the webhead decided he would crush the movie. Basically, he's a geek with absolutely no life chasing attention.

And it's not hard to see how he was based on Internet fuckwad Harry Knowles (incase it's not entirely evident, I don't have much respect for him) of Ain't it Cool News. The riff on Knowles obviously wasn't a loving "homage", it was pointing out how easily the man's sold as soon as anyone gives him the slightest bit of attention.

And all this seems to be lost on him. He posts about the show being awesome, and chucked a "prank" online, where he was taking the pics from Entourage season three, featuring the premiere of James Cameron's Aquaman. And talking about how cool it is.

Now, I wonder if he's even seen the show. He always says that he doesn't watch TV, so while he's out blowing his load over Aquaman references and James Cameron guest starring in the show, I'm guessing he doesn't know what a poor picture Entourage has painted of him.

Which is pretty fucking funny, when you think about it.

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Friday, March 10, 2006
What's my pimp name, bitch?
And my second pointless post for the night.

My Pimp Name Is...

Ribbed Trickz
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Top 10 reasons you know you're a gay cowboy
First pointless post for the night, and stolen from Letterman: The Top 10 Reasons You Know You're a Gay Cowboy.

10. Your saddle is Versace

9. Instead of "Home On The Range", you sing "It's Raining Men"

8. You enjoy ridin', ropin', and redecoratin'

7. Sold your livestock to buy tickets to Mamma Mia

6. After watching reruns of Gunsmoke, you have to take a cold shower

5. Native Americans refer to you as "Dances With Men"

4. You've been lassoed more times than most steers

3. You're wearing chaps, yet your 'ranch' is in Chelsea

2. Instead of a saloon you prefer a salon

1. You love riding, but you don't have a horse
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Thursday, March 09, 2006
Meet the Dini's
Okay, one last post for the night. And it'll also be brief.

Paul Dini's one of my favourite writers, from Batman: The Animated Series, to his work on Lost, to the Jingle Bell comic, and everywhere inbetween. I'm really looking forward to his run on Detective Comics, as well as his Black Canary/Zatanna story.

And I was incredibly pleased to come across his blog today, King's Chronicles. It includes his thoughts, as well as some news on upcoming projects. Sweet!

He also features a link to his new wife's blog, Misty Lee. Misty's a magician, and there have been remarks that she has based herself somewhat on Zatanna (bonus points for that in my book!), but nonetheless, in the Seven Soldiers: Zatanna miniseries, Grant Morrison named Zatanna's apprentice Misty, after her. Check out Misty's blog, Shimaera's Journal.

Both are great reads in their own right, and well worth your time. Highly recommended.

Oh, and as a funky aside, the two had a masquerade ball for their wedding. Check out the funky photos here. Man, if/when I finally get a woman who's stupid enough to marry me, I would love for her to let me do this...!
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The perfect pub
After uploading the Conviction image, I figured I'd post this one I got from a mate a couple of days ago. Looks like it could be the perfect fucking pub!

A little warning about the full-sized image, it clocks in at 640kb - just incase anyone with dial-up hates me for it...

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Sorry for the lack of posts; motivation has been a bitch.

Anyhoo, I got this at work today, and got a good giggle from it. Not the most politically correct thing out there, but very amusing - especially if you appreciate poor taste!

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