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Saturday, April 29, 2006
Sons who make their daddies proud - Episode II
I just got back from a housewarming tonight, which was kind of fucked up in an awkward kind of way... I may post about it some point at a later date (when I can be bothered giving the post some thought). Tonight, however, I'll just share the second lot of pics of boys being boys.

If you missed them, you can check out the first lot here.

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Friday, April 28, 2006
Am I a loser?
My last post was going to be it for the night. It really was...

Then I found a stupid online test, and figured I'd fill it out and post the results, like I occasionally feel the need to.

And my results to Are You a Loser are *drumroll please*...

I am 13% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

That's quite surprising, really. I'm in the top 13% of cool!

And yet, I'm still lightly nerdy...

I am nerdier than 41% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Yup, boredom can make a guy do some pretty pointless things...

But now I'm off to bed.
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Do you ever get that feeling...
It's been a stressful couple of weeks. You're stressed. So stressed, infact, that you're so tightly wound, you can actually feel your muscles tensed to the point they hurt?

And then you get laid.

The sex is amazing, and you're feeling relaxed. Even though you can't even think about the situation without cracking atleast half-wood.

And it was a fucked up situation. Kind of odd, and really unexpected.

That's what happened to me yesterday. A weird situation, but awesome nonetheless. A great stess relief, and I ain't complaining.
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Infinite's end
And here we are, with the last four of the Infinite Crisis preview pics before the Sneak Preview over the weekend. I'll post my impressions after I play on Sunday (dunno how long it'll be after the day though...)

For anyone who cares, the previous preview cards, and my impressions are linked below:
  1. The first of an infinite number
  2. Infinitely cool previews
  3. Magic, and bad guys, and spies, oh my!
  4. Second Infinite Crisis card post without a pun!
Brother Eye

Brother Eye
is one of those funky locations with two different activate abilities - they can occasionally be annoying if two abilities are useful in a turn, but it's a card you'll generally get a decent amount of mileage from.

The first ability is great. It pumps up your attack, depending on how many locations you control. I don't know how well Checkmate could will work with locations, but it has the potential to be very powerful. And I can't help but wonder whether teaming Checkmate up with League of Assassins could be beneficial, with all their location play.

The second ability is cool, but not quite as powerful. You can move an army Checkmate character from your KO pile to your hand. The effectiveness of this depends on the effectiveness of the army cards themselves. Though, if you have funky free army recruit abilities and the like, it could be very cool.

Adrian Chase <> Vigilante, Street Justice

Ooh, another new keyword! I thought "Vengeance" was it, but apparently not. It looks like "Backup" is a funky ability for when your other characters get stunned. This leaves me thinking about ways to combine "Vengeance" and "Backup", for lots of bonus effects when characters get stunned, to screw over your opponents with. I'm nice like that.

I'm confused over the "use this power only during the build phase" part, though. Attackers stun defenders during the Combat phase, so I'm not clear on how it works, unfortunately. Still, it could be a powerful addition if it's not too hard to trigger.

Rook Control

Location #2 for the night, and another Checkmate one. This adds credibility to the viability of the first activate power on Brother Eye. Especially since this isn't unique, and could theoretically count as four locations (if you draw them all).

It's a nice card to let you move characters between your hidden and visible areas, something we've seen a bit with in the X-Men set with the Hellfire Club affiliation. Ooh, two chess-themed team affiliations which let you move characters around? Nice.

The Science Spire

Another location, and the only card tonight that's not designed for Checkmate.

While not a tutor that lets you search for a card, this is basically the next best thing. It allows you to burn through your deck more quickly, and get hold of those cards you need.

The cost seems quite expensive, since you need to return a character you control to your hand. But it isn't too bad. When a character becomes stunned, you still control them. If more than one character becomes stunned, you need to KO all but one character (providing you don't evade or have any recovery tricks up your sleeve, naturally).

What this equates to is that if a character would be KO'd anyway, you can use it for this card's ability. And returning a character to your hand's generally better than KOinf them, as the character's ready for use again.

And that's it for the previews. Pics have been released of the extended art cards being given away as prizes, and they're really pretty. I've looked at them in previous posts, but here they are in their EA glory. Oh, and I saw the decktin today, as well. Very very nice...!

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Sons who make their daddies proud - Episode I
I got an email with 27 great photos of boys being, well, boys. I've been meaning to post them here for a few weeks, but never got around to it, until now.

Since 27 pics may be annoying to load up in one post (especially given the other pics in other posts if you're reading this on the front page), I give you Episode I - the first of a trilogy, with 9 each.


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The rest of Tuesday
Tuesday was cool. I met Geoff Johns and Phil Jiminez!

But that wasn't the entire day. While I'm tempted to just spend this post geeking out over what cool guys they were, I'll leave it be. Besides, I was only at Kings for about an hour.

After Kings, we dodged some ANZAC Day parades, as we ran across the road trying not to be trampled by soldiers, horses and the like, in search of lunch. We went by a local food court, and I grabbed some kick ass pizza. Always good!

After pizza, we headed to Books Kinokuniya, and had a bit of a look around there. I tried to spend some cash, but it wasn't really working for me. I wanted to grab a copy of Y: The Last Man volume 5, and they were apparently in stock... But it was missing (they had volume 6, alas) Then I figured I'd grab the Perez Wonder Woman trades, but no joy - most of the volumes were out of stock. I've heard great things about Ex Machina, and figured I'd check those out - but they were out of all but volume 3. Typical. Eventually, I settled on the V for Vendetta trade. "Settled" probably isn't the right word, but considering Books K's prices, I would have liked to grab a bit more. Alas, it just wasn't to be.

Afterwards, we headed to Galaxy Bookstore, where I picked up Return to the Batcave on DVD for $10. I'd hunted around for it locally to no avail, so that was a given (read a bit about it). I saw the Masters of the Universe movie on sale there for $25, but the movie's kinda dodgy, and I decided against it. I'm starting to think that was a mistake...

The rest of the day was spent in Chinatown. There wasn't anything I was after DVD-wise, so I let it be (I've been hunting it for ages, but a friend found me a copy in Brisbane a couple of weeks back - I still have to watch it).

Then, after a decent day, we hopped in the car, and came back. All in all, a funky day.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Crisis creators
I was disappointed that I was unable to make Supanova in Brisbane this year. I'd never been before, but had heard it's a great convention (there'll be another in Sydney in October).

This year, two of the guests were Geoff Johns and Phil Jiminez, the writer and artist of Infinite Crisis. They also had Summer Glau from Firefly and Serenity, which just rubbed salt on the wound. But this post isn't about her...

Anyhoo, Kings Comics in Sydney had Johns and Jiminez instore for a signing. So, a couple of mates and myself hopped in the car at 7:30, and made our way to Sydney. By the time we made our way into the city, and all the roads that were closed for ANZAC Day parades, it was around 12ish. We got in, I grabbed a trade paperback to be signed (plus the stuff I brought with me).

The queue wasn't too bad - I was lined up for less than an hour, which is less time that I was willing to commit to the cause. Both creators are favourites of mine, so it was well worth it. I brought a couple of CDs with me with some comic scripts and concepts I was hoping to have critiqued, but unfortunately the guys wouldn't take them in fear of lawsuits should anything similar pop up in their work.

That was a little disappointing, but I really can't blame them. Both these guys were great, especially considering that they were at Supanova for two days, flew to Sydney the next day, and had five hours of signing ahead of them.

A lot's been said about how nice Geoff Johns is, and I can't disagree. The man's quiet incredibly, though some of that could be fatigue-induced. Phil Jiminez on the other hand, was great to chat to. I mentioned that I liked The Return of Donna Troy, which he wrote, and he was wondering why - he wasn't at all proud of it. He much preferred JLA/Titans which I'd just bought at Kings, as the former didn't turn out like he intended.

I also had him sign Infinite Crisis #1, which I got Geoff to scribble on, too. I also got Geoff's signature on one of my all time favourites, Flash #225. Additonally, I was pleasantly surprised by the free issue of Green Lantern (the latest one) from Geoff, which he also signed. If only it was one I didn't already have... :-)

The guys gave great, honest opinions about the industry, which was great. Both gentlemen, and both willing to offer advice to an aspiring writer. And I really can't thank them enough for that.

This post was going to cover the entire day in Sydney, but I'm tired. I'll get post it up here in the next day or two...
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Definition of Biopic from Wikipedia's page about them:
A biographical film or biopic is a film about a particular person or group of people, based on events that actually happened. These may present the events as they actually happened, or may alter the truth for other purposes.

My last post was took longer to write up than I'd anticipated, so I'll keep this one short and sweet.

I've never been a big fan of biopics. Movies that want to win Oscars by telling the life story of a celebrity, and embellishing the truth in attempt to pull at the heartstrings. Not a fan. But that said, I've seen two biopics that I've thoroughly enjoyed over the past couple of days...


The first of these is Domino, starring the always amazing - not to mention absolutely stunning - Keira Knightley.

Domino tells the story of model turned bounty hunter, Domino Harvey. This film says it all in the opening - "Based on a true story... sort of". And that's it in one. An unashamed "amping up" of a true story.

Directed by Tony Scott, and written by one of my favourite writers, Richard Kelly, it's a fast and frivolous action movie. I'd go as far as to call it an "action art film", with the directorial style resembling many a European indy film, and never letting up with camera angles to pull you away from the film, instead of in. Unfortunately, I suspect that this is what killed the film at the box office - by all rights, it should have done well.

The film has a great sense of humour, and wonderful performances all round. It requires you to suspend disbelief, and works hard to make sure you do.

"If you want to know what's true, and what's not - fuck off. It's none of your business!"

Return to the Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt

What we have here is a TV movie about the making of the old 60's Batman TV show. I'd been hunting around for this on DVD for a while, and haven't recently seen it on shop shelves here in Canberra for ages.

While in Sydney yesterday, I found it at Galaxy Bookstore for $10 (about the same price as everywhere), and had to have it.

It's an interesting beast - part biopic about the old TV series, and part comedy starring Adam West and Burt Ward as themselves. In a nutshell, the Batmobile from the series gets stolen from a charity auction, and it's up to Adam and Burt to recover it.

In doing so, they remember all about the old TV series, and through flashbacks we get the story about the rise and fall of the series. This manages to sugarcoat everything for comedic benefit, including the scrutiny the show came under for innuendo; Adam West's sexual harassment of Yvonne "Batgirl" Craig; and even the woman who tried killing Burt Ward after a one night stand.

This is great viewing for anyone who enjoyed the old series. And let's not forget about Julie Newmar, Lee Merriwether and Frank Gorshin's cameos, either!

"Gorshin Franks and Beans..." "Cesar Romero Salad..." "Vincent Fries..." They even have drinks. Look, a "Julie New-Martini."
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Second Infinite Crisis card post without a pun!
I've got a few posts to get through tonight, so I'll try and keep this relatively brief. In the past five days since my last post, quite a few cards from the Infinite Crisis set have popped up online. Anyhoo, incase anyone cares, here are my first three posts on this card set:
  1. The first of an infinite number
  2. Infinitely cool previews
  3. Magic, and bad guys, and spies, oh my!
By the way, if you're interested in Infinite Crisis comic-wise though, be sure to check out a post later this evening...!

Mourn for the Lost

In my previous post, the image I was going to chuck online was from this card. It looks like Bruce is beating off furiously over his parents' grave... "Batting the Belfry" would have been a suitable name... *ahem*

For all intents and purposes, the "non-triggered" effect, as I understand it, is any kind of payment power (ie one with an arow ->). This could be kind of funky. While you get a bonus for controlling a Gotham Knights character, it isn't necessary for the card, which is pretty sweet.

The card is a fairly powerful plot twist, especially with it's low threshold cost of 2.

Secret Six Victorious

What can I say? I'm a sucker for an alternate win condition.

The power of this card, though, depends largely on the Secret Six team's powers and abilities, as well as plot twists. Another factor which could hamper the card's ability is that there will only possibly be seven Secret Six cards in the set, which would make it difficult to have six in play.

The fact that the cards must also have the printed Secret Six affiliation complicates matters too, in this case. That said, if they didn't have to be printed, you could easily give the affiliation to weeny cards with evasion, and win the game easily.

Dr Polaris, Force of Nature

Dr Polaris is a slightly above average 3-drop.

His stats are 4ATK/4DEF, which aren't going to break the game wide open. He has flight and range though, which can always help.

The funky thing about him though, is his Vengeance ability - when he becomes stunned, you can exhaust any ready character an opponent controls. Not a huge ability, but enough early on in the game. And if by some reason he sticks around, his stun could really throw your opponents if you exhaust big characters they control.

The Penguin, Arms Merchant

While I was bitching about Mr Freeze not having the Arkham affiliation in my previous post, the Penguin has no such problem. Except he's a pure legacy card without a Villains United affiliation. I was hoping they'd cut down on these given six affiliations in this set...

His stats are a little above average - a 5ATK/5DEF, compared to the 4/4 of Dr Polaris above - but he has no flight or range...

His ability is simple, and nothing we haven't seen before. When he comes into play, everyone draws two cards, and discards two, or a location card. Simple enough.

Dr Fate, Lord of Order
and Fate Has Spoken, Magic
and Cloak of Nabu, Fate Artifact

It's the Dr Fate special! I had to show these three together, because they show what an ass kicker Dr Fate can be.

First up, Dr Fate, Lord of Order is a nice 8 drop. He has 20ATK/20DEF, flight and range. His ability is interesting, letting you search for up to three Fate Artifacts.

So, what's a Fate Artifact? By the looks of Cloak of Nabu, Fate Artifact, they're equipment cards (though there may be plot twists and locations too). This is a nice Concealed-Optional piece, which gives +1DEF for no additional recruit cost. The really nice thing about this is that you can equip as many Fate artifacts to one character as you like. With the Dr Fate card above, you can search out three for fun bonuses!

Theoretically, Fate Artifact cards will also be able to boost your attack. So, imagine having a little bonus attacked to Dr Fate, then playing Fate Has Spoken, Magic. If you've played no endurance, you can ready Dr Fate for a second attack. It'l cost you the cost of the character in endurance, but should be worth it, if Shadowpact has decent bonuses for low endurance. So, that's 40+ points worth of attacking with one character.

The Rock of Eternity

This is one location that's just wacky.

I'm trying to think of a proper use for it, but am coming up short. Granted you can ready exhausted characters, but you need to exhaust ready characters. JSA gets bonuses for exhausted characters, so they could make this worth it.

The annoying thing about this card is that they had to have been exhausted at the start of your attack step. If this wasn't the case, the card would be amazing with Dr Fate, Lord of Order. That just ain't the case, sadly.

Katar Hol <> Hawkman, Eternal Hero

Apparently people get confused between a character's name and their identity. Basically, the character has a name, which is used if there's no diamond. If there is, the name comes before the diamond, and the identity comes afterwards (ie [name]<>[identity]). An example of a character with a different name but the same identity us Carter Hall <> Hawkman, Eternal Champion, in a previous post.

Fate Has Spoken, above mentions identity as well, and this is the first set to use the identities for gameplay, with plot twists and characters that use it. This card is a nice example, allowing you to power-up a character that shares an identity, rather than just a name as per the norm.

His Ally ability is okay without being spectacular, giving characters who power up an extra point of defence.

Shazam, the Sorceror

Ooh, Alex Ross art! It's nice to see him doing atleast two cards in this set (the first being Superman, Earth 2 that I showed in a previous post).

Shazam, the Sorceror looks to be Shadowpact's champion. His power is a nasty one, and comes at the cost of not playing plot twists all turn. At the start of the combat phase, you can drop your opponent's endurance down to match yours. Nasty, especially considering the payment powers that come with Shadowpact.

I can see this really pissing off people playing stall decks. I have a favourite one of these, where I build my endurance up slowly, before going for a late game smashing. This card could single handedly throw my gameplan out the window...

And that's it for the cards... But before I go and start typing away at my other posts for the evening, UDE has released pics of a couple of the Sneak Preview prizes. Check 'em out below!

Sweet T-Shirt!

Awesome Playmat!
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Friday, April 21, 2006
Magic, and bad guys, and spies, oh my!
This'll be my one and only post for tonight, and I wouldn't be expecting any more over the next couple of days... though that's always subject to change based on a whim.

Anyways, last night was a pretty big one, and I was at work pretty early this morning. In a nutshell, I'm pretty fucking tired, and also want to try and get a but of writing done before going to bed. That is assuming, of course, that I don't just fall asleep at my computer desk. So, on with the cards!

The Conclave, Magic

Basically, if you're familiar with VS, this card is Fizzle for Shadowpact. If you're not familiar with Fizzle, it's a Gotham Knights plot twist from DC Origins, which lets you negate an affect from a non-ongoing plot twist. Aside from working for a different team, the major difference here is that you pay endurance, rather than discarding a character card. This works with Infinite Crisis' magic theme, and is - in my opinion atleast - generally a more acceptable cost. Especially if the advantages for low endurance are decent...

Blackbriar Thorn, Druid of Cymru

A simple card that isn't going to set the world alight. At 2ATK/2DEF, he's a fairly standard 2-drop, so there's nothing special there. His ability is okay, and depending on how readily available Magic plot twists are, gaining a few extra counters could push him up to be a decent character. On the other hand though, his art's nice. I'm a big Ariel Olivetti fan, and the full size image of this card is nice and big. Check out how recognisable Supes and Wonder Woman are at this size, and think of this detail when you see the smaller card itself.

Mr Freeze, Brutal Blizard

Man, this is a sweet card! Mr Freeze has the Vengeance mechanism, so when he becomes stunned, you are able to stop a target character (costing 5 or less) from readying. Not too shabby an ability at all.

The character's flavour is a little disappointing however, as he only has the Villains United affiliation. If he also had the Arkham Inmates affiliation, he could have made a great addition to that team, especially with their exhausting effects, etc. Ah well, he's still a cool card (pun most definately not intended).

Dr Psycho, Mental Giant

Stats-wise, for a 2-drop, Dr Psycho is far superior than Blackbriar Thorn (above). Granted, his defence is one lower, but his attack is two higher. And at such an early part of the game, that's a decent difference.

His ability is also a little cooler. It doesn't have the potential of Blackbriar Thorn, but it lets you stun a target character with a cost one or less, using the Vengeance mechanism. Pretty damned sweet, really. Especially considering his attack's so high, so if he gets stunned by a two drop, chances are he'll stun them back.

Besides, I love Olivetti's art, and the background in this image is amazing. I'd hate to be on any kind of drug while playing a foil version of the card...!

Ahmed Samsarra, White King
Threat Neutralized

I'm chucking these two together, because they really go hand-in-hand.

First of all, I'll make mention of Ahmed Samsarra's Activate ability. Basically, you can KO a resource you control, and search for a location, and put it in your resource row. Depending on how good the Checkmate locations are (or generic ones in the set), this could be quite powerful. Otherwise, you could include him in a League of Assassins deck, where he would be great for their location play. He has "Loyalty-Reveal", which is just a shortened way of the old "as an additional cost to recruit [character] reveal a card with [affiliation]".

He has a major drawback to playing him though, which is apparently part of every King in Checkmate - if he gets KO'd, you lose the game. This is where Threat Neutralized comes in handy. Basically, it's an ongoing plot twist, where, if a character would be KO'd, it's removed from play. This works well for Ahmed Samsarra and other Checkmate Kings, but it works for both players, so you can really screw up a deck that makes use of the KO pile. It's initial ability, a +1 ATK / +1 DEF pump also comes in handy, even if there are vasty more powerful pumps out there.

Lex Luthor <> Mockingbird, Evil Exile

This is the first Secret Six card that's appeared online, and it's pretty cool. As with The Phantom Stranger, Wanderin Hero (from this post), Lex Luthor <> Mockingbird is a character that probably works better as a plot twist. If you discard him from your hand, you can add recruit a character that costs less than your total resources for free.

There are a couple of drawbacks, though. First, the character can only come in during the recovery phase, and second, they come in stunned. So you can't just happen to recruit two characters in the build phase, and you won't be able to use them immediately. I'm hoping they have another Lex Luthor <>Mockingbird card that has an awesome Leader ability... But that's more from a fanboy flavour perspective.

I was going to include another image from an upcoming preview card, on the basis it looks plain dirty. But, Blogger's image uploader thing is running incredibly fucking slowly, so I won't bother. The pic'll be included in my next preview card update, so I'll mock the picture then.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Infinitely cool previews
And as you can probably tell, any post I'm going to do about the Infinite Crisis set, I'm going to get some kind of "infinite" pun in the title. I'll apologise now for any future posts on the topic...

Anyhoo, I'm trying to post these a bit more often than I did for the X-Men set, given the number of cards I jammed into each post last time round. And I seem to be doing okay, because I only have four cards this post (plus a bonus pic).

Superman, Earth 2

The JSA affiliation looks to be similar to the JLA and JLI ones in that it's based heavily on powering up characters with the Ally mechanic. In addition to this, the team also works with being exhausted, which comes naturally when attacking, reinforcing or using Activate abilities.

Superman's Ally ability is fairly adequate - exhausted characters get an extra +1/+1 when powered up. If you have other characters with cool Ally abilities out, it could add up to quite a decent sum of bonuses.

Superman's Boost though, is what makes him. JSA looks like it'll play heavily on Earth 2 characters, and each one in play with Supes' boost automatically gets to +1/+1 counters, which could be quite powerful. I don't know how many Earth 2 characters there are, but it'd be awesome if you can build a deck only using these guys.

The Phantom Stranger, Wandering Hero

Much like JLI's Captain Marvel 7-drop, this is one card that you're better off not playing out as a character (though, worst case scenario he's still decent - especially if you're defending).

You can discard the Phantom Stranger from your hand to power up an attacker or defender you control. It's a decent ability, but nothing to write home about, the Justice League of America set has a few cards which you can use for power ups.

His second ability is the cool one, though. Exhaust two characters, and put him back into your hand from the KO'd pile. This has some nice symmetry with Superman, Earth 2 above. Exhausted characters get an extra +1/+1 when powered up. Meaning that this card will exhaust the characters for you, and act as a power up for the bonus.

Carter Hall <> Hawkman, Eternal Champion

Another JSA character, and he has some more funky symmetry with the above cards.

The Phantom Stranger acts as a power up, providing bonuses for characters. If you want to use him again, you exhaust two characters. Carter Hall's ability, gives him +1 ATK/+1 DEF for every exhausted, non-stunned, non-army character you control. Meaning that if you get the Phantom Stranger from your KO'd pile when, Carter already had +2/+2. Attack with him, he's exhausted, and he's +3/+3.

This makes him an 11/10 already, before any plot twists to up him, which is pretty sizeable. You'll want to be able to take advantage of the JSA's abilities though, because before these bonuses he's fairly small for his cost...

Conjuration, Magic

And now for something completely different. It's not a character, and it's not for use with JSA. Instead, it's a plot twist for Shadowpact. In the set, magic based powers have costs. And this will feature most predominantly with Shadowpact.

The Shadowpact affiliation apparently has bonuses for having low endurance, and if it does this well, Conjuration can be one nasty card. It's payment is very expensive (15 endurance, almost a third of your total), so Shadowpact will have to give great bonuses to make this worth it.

In a nutshell, the card lets you recruit a Shadowpact character (only printed, so it won't work with cards teamed up with them, sadly) at a cost of one above what you can normally recruit (ie a 7-drop on turn 6). Also, it looks like (and I'll have to confirm this before trying it) if you have enough endurance to burn, and a second copy of this card in your hand, you can recruit two above what you should be able to (ie an 8-drop on turn 6) - naturally you'd really want to make sure that's worth it...

And I mentioned an extra pic, didn't I...?

I found this at Fanfare Sports & Entertainment, which sells original art by some comic creators, one of whom is JG Jones. They're selling the original painting for $500 (hey, I never said they're cheap) - and it's art for one of the Infinite Crisis cards.

If you're a fan of JG Jones' work like I am, they have a whole ton of his stuff for sale (most of it more than $500!). Still, it's cool to go ooh and ah over...
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