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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Sneaking around
I'm a little tired. And I was going to use my fatigue as an excuse to not bother writing about today's Heralds of Galactus sneak preview. But, instead, I'll make the effort to give an incredibly brief take on how I went, and my thoughts on the set.

If you want anything remotely complex or exhaustive, look elsewhere. I really can't be stuffed going into the detail.

Now may be a decent time to link to my previous posts on this set:
I played both flights offered here in Canberra. With my worst Sneak Preview results in a long time (2 wins, 3 losses in each flight), it was the least successful Sneak Preview I've played in for a long while.

The prizes haven't yet made their way to Canberra, and if I'm lucky, I may get a tin, but no doubt I'll be scouring eBay for a mat.

As for the set, it seems to lack the "holy fuck" awe that was prevalent with the release of Infinite Crisis, though I do concede that I didn't draw as many cool cards. The set does seem to have a lot of potential, and I got a few decent cards and combos working for me, but seems to lack the magic og the previous et.

But Heralds of Galactus does tills seem cool. I haven't iven much tInhuthought about which teams I'd like to build, though I'm leading Inhumans and the core Heralds of Galactus are the best bits. It definitely has potential.

And now, the countdown is ticking down to Legion of Superheroes!
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Evening before the sale
One annoying this about working a shitload of overtime is that it cuts into my life in a big way. And this includes the little things, like going to Video Ezy's six monthly DVD sale, which started yesterday. It's annoying, because I was going to have to take a detour before work to go and check it out.

Anyway, I'm on my way to cards on Friday night, and stop by Video Ezy on the way to grab myself a Coke Zero, and by a nice, happy coincidence, see that they already have their stock out. They had some great DVDs; both ex-rental ($10 a pop, or five for $40), and some new ones (each under $10).

So I rifle through the DVD's, and grab myself a few bargains - five ex-rentals, and three brand new ones:
  • The Brothers Grimm
  • The 40 Year Old Virgin
  • Into the Blue
  • Jarhead
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • Amelie
  • Committed
  • Happy, Texas
It worked out really well, at under $64 for the lot of them. An average of $8.00 a DVD. And I really can't complain about that; especially when I didn't have to go out of my way to get hold of them!
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Prey for me. I'm an addict.

On Tuesday evening, I ran down the road to hire a DVD. On Tuesday nights, new releases are only $2.50, so why not? I had a look at the DVD's, and was tossing up between a couple. But something else caught my eye - Prey, for the Xbox 360. Having heard the game's kinda cool, I quickly dropped any notion of hiring a movie, and grabbed Prey off the shelves, and hired it for three nights.

Prior to hiring the game, I didn't know that much about it. I knew it's a first person shooter. And I knew that it has wacky, fucked up physics. But I didn't know much else. So I fired it up, and it turns out I was in for a fucking treat.

As the game starts, I learn that I'm playing a Cherokee Indian trying to escape his heritage. I argue with my uncle, and move into the game. I head into the bar, and am blown away by how detailed and realistic this is. Sweet, sweet, stuff.

I play for an hour or so, and manage to accomplish the following:
  • Kill a couple of guys harassing my girlfriend
  • Get abducted by aliens (the majority of the game takes place on the ship)
  • Go on a spiritual journey, and get my very own spiritual game
The game is wacky - balls to the wall action, completely screwed up physics including gravity and teleportation, mixed in with healthy doses of violence and humour.

The game was due back to the store on Friday night. This didn't make me happy. So I bought myself a copy on the way home, before returning it. And I've been playing it whenever I get the chance. Sadly, I've been a tad busy, and haven't had the chance often.

But the game rocks hard.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006
Extension of the art
Previous HoG posts:

Okay, this is the last Heralds of Galactus preview post. I promise.

That said, I may get around to writing up a bit about impressions on the set after playing it tomorrow. Maybe. As it stands, I wanted to get another two posts written tonight, which I wanted to get written last night. Hoping to see those tomorrow...

I'm not going to go into any details about these. They're all cards I haven't featured at all, but this is about how pretty these extended art Sneak Preview exclusives are.

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Best of the week: Comics bought 17 August
Late again, and I'll try and keep this fairly quick. A decent week all round.

Previous weeks:

Quote of the week:

"Dr Strange hit on me once. 'Got any magic in you? Would you like some?'"
- Monica Rambeau telling more stories about her Avengers days; this time how virtually everyone hit on her at some point, Nextwave: Agents of HATE #7.

Best of the week:

The Boys #1
DC Comics/Wildstorm
Written by Garth Ennis
Art by Darick Robertson
Cover by
Darick Robertson

When Garth Ennis was discussing his new comic The Boys, he was selling it as the book that "Out-Preacher's Preacher". Now, I'm a big fan of Preacher, and I'm a big fan of Ennis in general. And admittedly, upon hearing that from him, I thought "cool" - but I was also worried that with a comment like that, the book was going to be about pushing boundaries for the sake of pushing boundaries.

And yes, it does push boundaries. A lot of them. If you're at all sensitive to sex, violence, or the dreaded 'C' word, you won't be enjoying this book. But if you want something over the top that isn't worried about offending you, The Boys #1 is the comic for you.

This first issue sets the scene, and introduces a couple of the key players. It starts to progress the story - super powered people out to make sure super powered people don't go too far - but does so fairly slowly. But it's intriguing, and bodes well for later issues.

Checkmate #5
DC Comics
Written by Greg Rucka
Art by Jesús Saíz
Cover by Lee Bermejo

Man, this series keeps improving with each issue!

After the events of the first four issues, writer Greg Rucka treats Checkmate readers to a stand alone story featuring the recruitment of a new Black Knight.

And that is basically the entire issue. Granted, there are subplots continued from the previous issues, including Alan Scott after losing his job, but that's basically it. No big villains, no over the top plots, just a stand alone story about the competition between four people all vying for the role of Knight in Checkmate. Very nicely done.

Shadowpact #4
DC Comics
Written by Bill Willingham
Art by Steve Scott and Wayne Faucher
Cover by Steve Scott

After the first two issues of Shadowpact, I was about ready to cancel it. But on the strength of Day of Vengeance, of which this series spins off from, I figured I'd give it a little longer. #3 was better than the first two, but not brilliant.

And then #4 comes along, reminding me that yes, Bill Willingham can write. And yes, he can write fucking well. In a similar vain to Checkmate #5, Willingham has given readers a stand alone story.

And what is this story? It's a day in the life of Blue Devil, essentially. It's a charming tale; he's the local hero on his block, and yet everyone else in Metropolis can't remember his name. The other members of Shadowpact don't appear in the issue (though we do hear Blue Devil's side of a hilarious argument with Ragman), and instead it focuses on the character nicely; a great reminder of the old Blue Devil series from years ago. Let's hope that Willingham keeps a theme between arcs with stories focusing on the individual characters.

Better late than never:

Mouse Guard #4
ASP Comics
Written by David Petersen
Art by David Petersen
Cover by David Petersen

So, I finally got my hands on Mouse Guard #4. And how was it? It was great! It almost made "Best of the week", except I already had three surprisingly great titles on there. But Mouse Guard came so close.

The ante is really heating up in the series, and it's starting to take a darker turn. It's still kid friendly, though the tone is shifting. As an adult reader, it's great. And I don't see it upsetting the kids too much - they'll definitely worry for the characters, but that's a good thing, though. People seem to forget that, sadly...


Just one, this week: Iron Man. I stuck through all the shipping delays with Warren Ellis, but after he left, it's gone to shit. The story seems to be taking as long
and dragging on as much as it did under Ellis and Gradov, except it's doing so on a monthly schedule. Not a good sign.

I read the originals:
  • Identity Crisis - Yes, I love this story. It's controversial, with many people citing it as the lowest point of comic book "uglification". Yes, it features, murder, rape, and rewiring people's minds. But it's predominantly a human tale about iconic heroes, and what happens when they get scared. I can't recommend it enough.

  • Robin: Days of Fire and Madness - It's funny. In the "Best of" section, I have a Bill Wilingham comic, and go on about how much his writing rocks in the issue. But there's no rocking in the Robin issues featured in this trade - only reeking, and lots of it.

Other bits and pieces:
  • 52 was disappointing. It's all about the redemption of Booster Gold, but comes across as rushed - probably due to the constraints of a week being contained to a single issue
  • Claws was a fun read, but really doesn't seem to fit within any continuity
  • Ghost Rider continues strong
  • Runaways was a great follow up to last issue
  • The second Family Guy issue was hilarious
  • Unfortunately, Nextwave fell short of hilarious for the first time

Everything I got this week:
  • 52 Week 15
  • Angel Spotlight: Connor
  • The Boys #1
  • Catwoman #58
  • Checkmate #5
  • Civil War: X-Men #2
  • Family Guy #2
  • Ghost Rider #2
  • Green Lantern Corps #3
  • Ion #5
  • Mouse Guard #4
  • Nextwave: Agents of HATE #7
  • Nightwing #123
  • Robin #153
  • Runaways #19
  • Shadowpact #4
  • Tales of Leonardo: Blind Sight #3
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Friday, August 25, 2006
Soliciting - Marvel in November
And now for the Marvel ones.
Daredevil's about to learn the meaning of "bad touching"
Daredevil #91

Whoever knew Wolverine was so into the bondage scene?
Wolverine: Origins #8

A man in tights hanging around a group of kids? Nothing creepy there...
Spider-Man and the Power Pack #1

With a name like the Scarlet Witch, how could she NOT be a stripper?
New Avengers #26

How do we know Stan Lee's cool? The man can breathe in space. That's cool.
Stan Lee Meets the Silver Surfer
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Soliciting - DC in November
Okay, I may be behind with my comics, but I am still checking solictations and the associated covers. Some of the cool DC ones for November (Marvel to follow next post).

Batman gets intimate with a wolf.
Batman and the Mad Monk #4

Batman gets intimate with the Spirit.
Batman/The Spirit

Don't you love a woman who can swllow you whole?
The All-New Atom #5

Death defying stunts don't have the same impact when the aerialist's already dead...
Deadman #4

That'll teach him to refuse to sing along to Team Areica's "America, Fuck Yeah"
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5
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Heralding Galactus
Okay, more VS card spoilers, stolen from all over the net. I'm going to keep this brief, and hopefully my explanations will be even shorter than the previous post!

Other posts on this set:
Live Kree... or Die! is the first big attack pump listed in this post. The other one's down the bottom, since I figure bookending the post's cool. Nevermind, I'm a geek...

I'm not really a fan of Dr Minerva. The ability can be good, but it can also be too much of a liability.

Time Thief would be handy in a Dr Doom deck... But with a Kang deck being solely Kang. Well, that'd fucking rock.

Another couple of cards with some symmetry. Dr Doom lets you get plot twists, and chuck them at the top of your deck, while Lust for Power lets you put them in your hand. Groovy.

Pure legacy content can be a bit dodgy, but Haywire's a cool free recruit.

Negative Zone is the first of two cards in this post which are updates on old ones. The shifting of characters between zones is always cool.

The Substructure features the new "Terrform" keyword, and has activated ability letting you replace resources nicely.

Moondragon helps you get extra cards, which is always sweet. Unless you're being Emperor Jokered, and that sucks.

Man, I love Rogue. Beautiful art, and a great ability, especially if you can stun up the curve. Which looks quite possible...

Drax the Destoryer could really suck against a plot twist heavy deck.

Kindred Spirits is quite possibly my favourite tutor ever. You can even play this first thing, and get your first two characters out. Nice!

The Infinity Gauntlet and Mind Gem are both very disappointing. In a nutshell, I can't see them ever be worth playing.

Ethan Edwards is a minimun 9/9 while he has his counter, which is pretty cool. Depending on team ups, he can get bigger!

Worldship is a funky way to get rid of the little characters...

Thanos is a pretty cool 8 drop. Not Earth-stattering awesome, but still solid.

And last but not least, the other big attack pump: Armageddon. A huge +6 attack, but the threshold cost of 6 could be a pain.

And that's it, for these card spoilers. Expect at least one more post about the set, looking at the extended art cards on offer; and maybe another short one, should a few more spoilers make their way online.
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Thursday, August 24, 2006
The whole HoG
Okay, the VS Heralds of Galactus sneak preview is hitting over the weekend. I haven't yet posted any previews as yet (though I chucked a little bit up here).

Since there are so many to get through, and me being tired, I'm not going to put them a up tonight, and I'll only include brief bits about them this time 'round.

These first three are early publicity previews printed in Inquest.
  • Elemental Converters is pretty cool, though it could prove to be a little costly to simply draw a card. That said, it is only for use to turn 4 or later (another thing against it), so you should have a few cards you can use for the discard
  • Silver Surfer is a funky little tutor.
  • I Must Obey has a cool effect, but revealing that you have Galactus could be annoying, depending on what it does.
Creation of a Herald is another cool tutor. Getting rid of Galactus is something you may need to be wary of, but otherwise, it still works as a decent search.

The Fallen One shows that Cosmic may be a little more reliable than when it was introduced in the Superman: Man of Steel expansion.

Air-Walker has a fairly standard Cosmic feature, though it could come in handy. Nice defence, too!

The second verion of The Silver Surfer in this set could come in really handy if you have an awesome 8 drop for the next turn.

Karnak can come in really handy if you want a little dude to take down a big dude.

Jolen may be really annoying to play against.

Attilan and The Great Refuge couple of really funky locations, both of which act in a tutor type capacity for the Inhumans.

Extended Famly is a funky team-up, since it incorporates Cosmic.

Colonel Yon-Rogg shows us just how powerful weenie ushes can be.

And that's it for tonight. I'l post more up over the next couple of nights!
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